Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Narnia Kid's camp

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One week more and I would be back to school...It is the school holidays now.

Today, went to Marianne's workplace to help out in a kid's camp, jointly organised with "Focus of the Family". I was there to help take pictures. There were about 70 kids who signed up and the camp started about 2pm. It was according to the "Chronicles of Narnia-the Lion, Witch and Wardrobe" Theme. The kids had loads of fun!

The camp commandant was Jerry-the finalist from Singapore Idol who professed he was a Christian in front of the media. He did a great job as he was full of enthusiasm.

Anyway, we also had tea time for the kids where they sit according to their groups on a mat and have butter cookies, sandwiches and drinks. We tried to make it similar to the show where Lucy had tea with Mr Tumnus, but of course, with some local flavour added to it by having sardines sandwiches and packet drinks! haha..

One of the last games involved the kids using Narnia money to buy things from the supermarket and decorate someone or something to make Narnia come alive. It was fun seeing the kids involved in different creative works.

Ended the camp about 6pm. CT met me at Marianne's workplace and we had dinner nearby before we took MRT back home from City hall. It is about 30 mins journey back home to punggol via MRT and LRT. Quite convenient.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Camera Phone

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I was given a new camera phone by my dad. Actually, he owns it and when I saw it lying in the house, I traded my phone with his as he does not know how to use the complex functions.

The Nokia camera phone has proved very useful to me as I love taking pictures and it is difficult for me to bring my bulky manual digital camera all around wherever I go. So, sometimes when I see something interesting, I just simply snap.

One friday morning (a few weeks back) when I was supermarketing with my mum at Giant (one of my favourite past times), I saw this interesting fish called the hairtail fish. The tail of the fish is practically as long as a hair..very unique. So, I quickly used my camera and snapped a picture.

Last week, I have also been taking my Punggol LRT to the MRT station to have lunch and dinner appointments with my friends. Took pictures of Punggol as well before it becomes more developed.

I believe, in a few years time, the empty plots of land near the MRT station would be shopping malls...

That is what I enjoy- to see something develop and grow. Very interesting. But right now, I am very happy with my countryside lifestyle in the over-populated Singapore.

Took picture of my visit with my dad again this week to "Society Of Physically Disabled" for his physio session. He was made to remove the top cup and place it on the other side by turning his body. Took him a while to do that.

Just yesterday, I visited Marianne and my god-daughter as Marianne did not have to work. So, I went for a short while and was amused as Marianne bathed Phoebe. Amazed at the fact that she has so many toys to play with when bathing, and also that she understands so many more things now and how to speak up.

I was even given a bath as Phoebe splashed water on me and she kept laughing. Ha!

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