Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big Boy

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Every time I write about my children, its always about how time flies by and how they have grown up. Its a fact and because of that, every morning when I wake up, I would always think how would Caleb or Danielle surprise me today with their development as Caleb may suddenly spurt out a new word or Danielle may do a few turns here and there- who knows?

Caleb has really grown taller. I cant say he has matured because he was already matured to start with (well, thats what I think)- at least for the looks.

There is just something in him that makes me think he is really sensible and mature. I really dunno but he does seem different from most babies who are chubby, cute and huggable, with few strands of hair on top.

Sometimes he can stare into space as if he is deep in thought and reflecting or he might stare into you like he knows what you are thinking. Its scary. Ha.

But anyway, recently, he is into building. He loves loves loves LEGO! He could sit still and play for hours which is a good thing. But he can play longer if someone sits down with him and build together as well.

So these are all the toys that people have given him for his one year old birthday which I can finally take out from my store room.

These two toys, he has grown tired of it already, but its the LEGO toy that still interests him. Hmm..probably because he is better at it.

Recently, we went to my parents' place and spotted a rainbow. So from then on, Caleb has been saying "Rainbow". He does learn things faster now. I am amazed.

I am really enjoying time spent with him everyday as he has also taught me a great deal about patience, love and joy.


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