Saturday, March 07, 2009

Gathering at Loyang

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, March 07, 2009
This evening, our ex-church friend, Ophelia, invited us over to their 'new' place. Its 'new' because they moved from one unit to another unit in a different block but within the same compound. They got a cheaper rent. Boy, their new place is so huge and spacious. The whole atmosphere is like a resort/chalet style of house. So nice.

It has been a while since the kids met up and Asher was so excited to see Caleb as he enjoys playing with him. Kieran has grown so much taller and mature. He has lost his baby fats.

Danielle was the only baby girl there. She was sleeping initially

but after so much noise from the boys, she woke up and sat all by herself on the sofa while the boys were running about and playing.

Ophelia gave me a playmat for Danielle and she laid down on it.

But after a short while, the boys wanted to play with it too.

After dinner, I took Caleb for a walk. Went to the small minimart in the compound. We happened to hear a very loud croak from the garden area and when we went nearer, the sound grew louder. I think it was a bull frog. Sounds really scary. We shined the light in the drain where the frog was and it stopped croaking. Didnt manage to see the frog as it was too dark and it was hiding too deep into the drain. Sigh.

Overall, we had a great time catching up with our ex-church friends.


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