Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Unique food

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, October 13, 2009
I feel so blessed to be living in Singapore because we have access to all sorts of food. In the supermarket, I managed to buy a box of kiwi berries. Its quite sweet and Danielle, especially, loves to eat it! However, its best to remove the skin as it might sting your tongue (the same kind of sting you get from eating pineapple).

Another unique food I recently ate was duck's tongue. It isnt my first time eating the tongue of a bird-be it duck or goose, but it was definitely my first time eating from a packet!

One of my colleagues actually went China and brought it to school to give away. Since I am rather adventurous with food, I didnt mind trying even though my other colleagues shun away.

In the end, I ate all up though I didnt really like the taste. It tasted like salty glue. I treated it as a challenge and wanted to train my mind to eat it even though my brain tells me that it doesnt taste like food.

My colleague even wanted to puke after watching me eat as I spit out the bones bit by bit into the dustbin! Ha! I had fun grossing them out.

They handed me theirs and I brought home to test CT out and I was amazed at how CT actually liked it.

Maybe because I prepared him for the worse that eventually, when he ate it, it didnt taste so bad.

The next day, I went back and told my colleague, who gave me the duck tongue, that my hubby actually liked it and in the end, he passed me the whole big packet, but it was duck gizzard instead. I preferred the gizzard instead as its chewy and the texture is nicer, though the same 'salty glue' taste was still there.

Eventually, I gave the rest to my mum who absolutely loves it! Hmm..all I can say is, one man's meat is really another man's poison or rather, "it's all in the mind.."


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