Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome 2010!

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Had New Year's Eve dinner at mum's place. I specially requested for steamboat as its fun, healthy and meaningful!

Just before dinner, the children, including Janine went up to the roof garden to play.

Janine is such a big girl already. I cant imagine both Caleb and Danielle becoming her age and size. But then again, Janine is just one year older than Caleb. Can you believe it? Most would think Janine is about 5 years old considering how tall she is.

It has been a while since I last came up to the roof top garden. Noticed a lot of water apples (jambu) growing!

Both Caleb and Janine were playing with each other. They seemed to have a love and hate relationship. One moment they can play like they are best friends and other times, they can end up scolding each other and refusing to share any of their toys. I am glad today is a good day!

Here's what we had for steamboat..

Love veggies!

And much more..

Then there were all kinds of dip. But two special Japanese ones which my mum bought from Daiso. Its quite nice!

As usual, every new year, we would be able to see fireworks just outside my bedroom windows.

Happy New Year to everyone! May we all have a great 2010!

Monday, December 28, 2009

New developments in my area

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I have always been VERY proud of where I am staying. I love that it is developing and has so much room for more developments.

Just a couple of weeks back, I was driving in Sengkang and Punggol and there seems to be construction going on everywhere.

Here's the construction of Kopitiam Square which is a combination of wet market and food court with lots of stalls! This is just located opposite Compass Point Shopping Centre, next to MRT station.

By the way, I took all these pictures while driving my car...I actually wind down the windows and used one hand to snap these shots while my car was still moving. Haha! I feel like a journalist who would do anything for my readers! ;p

Then there's the construction of HDB flats in Punggol, near the MRT

There was construction of school which looked really huge

as well as Treelodge, which is Singapore's first green mark platinum public housing to be built here in Punggol.

Then we dropped by at Punggol Marina to see if anything has changed. Great place to bring the kids to just run around and see the view!

They also have prawn fishing at the club now where you can catch huge prawns and BBQ them on the spot!

Then more developments took place at Punggol beach where they are FINALLY starting to clear the trees facing the beach to make way for restaurants and pavements.

I felt excited as I saw so much construction happening around me. Cant wait for it to be ready!

Recently, Sheng Siong Supermarket came to Punggol and besides that, there is also a bakery shop and food court- more places to eat!

I enjoy going to Sheng Siong to show Caleb the different kinds of live fish, crabs and shell fish!

Recently, I even bought a very unique looking vegetables at Sheng Siong as I heard from the woman working there that it tastes very nice. Even Vicky confirmed it as she has eaten it before.

You just fry with garlic and oyster sauce.

It is very nice!!! I loved it as its crunchy and sweet! However, I have been trying to go back to the supermarket to buy it, but to no avail. Its really a rare item!

Just next to Sheng Siong, there's a playground. So we took the kids there one night while Vicky was on leave.

Caleb and Danielle was having loads of fun!

There was also an area for adults or the elderly to exercise. Its different from most HDB area as the machines are more interesting.

They even have machines suited for wheelchair users.

Throughout these few weeks, we have been travelling new places in Punggol and Sengkang. And just today, we went to the Riverside Park in Sengkang.

Its still quite empty but very spacious! Great for the young ones to run about without fearing much for their safety!

There were also a number of ponds with lots of fish! There was a father and son there who were feeding the fishes with bread and they also gave us one slice for us to feed them! So fun!

There was not much things but plants and space! So if you are interested, I would advise you to go during early mornings or late evenings where it is cooler as there is hardly much shade!

Caleb was running alot there!

CT was also having fun trying to climb this statue!

As we were leaving the carpark, I saw this on the floor. Isnt this interesting?

After walking and running in the park, we went to the newly constructed Kopitiam Square which I passed by about 2 weeks back where it was still undergoing construction.

The parking there was still free..but in future, you can only park by using your Kopitiam Card.

There's the wet market and food court which has lots of yummy food stalls!

Just a few days back, I was asking my colleague from China who just moved from Pasir Ris to Punggol if he liked staying in Punggol and he answered," Yes! I love it!"

I feel so assured allowing my children to grow up living here as there are just so many things to see and more stuff coming up which I cant wait. For example, a horse stables for children to ride, a golf course, Punggol beach and water park as well as Sengkang's fruit island etc etc.

As my flat now cost twice as expensive as I bought it..I also cant wait when it will rise to 3 times the cost I paid for. I believe it will be soon. This is definitely the best investment I have made!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thank God for ...

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Every Christmas is always a time of thanksgiving as the new year draws near. It causes me to be in a more reflective mode as I look at my past and realised how much I have grown (not fatter), but wiser and the life experiences I have chalked up along the way, the lessons I have learnt- as a parent, as a wife, as a teacher etc.

Here are some of the things that I am really thankful to God for..
1) A shelter over my family's head
2) My husband, Chee Tiong and 2 children, Caleb and Danielle

3) My parents who have been an inspiration
4) My brother who protects and loves me like a little sister
5) My mum-in-law who cooks for us unconditionally or buys stuff for us..
6) My sisters-in-law who buys stuff for our children whenever they go on holidays and treats me as part of their family
7) My colleagues in school who has been great company and fun to be with as we share our breakfast or talk nonsense
8) My students who treats me like their friend and confides in me
9) a car to go from one place to another
10) my church mates who have been a great prayer support as we go through our weeks working and slogging
11) for getting into my church worship team this year after an audition and interview
12) for CT's new job in Somerset
13) for having enough money to buy food and buy the things I need
14) for helping Caleb adjust to school well, despite a total of 2 hours in his school bus every day
15) for protecting my children despite them being so active and falling down occasionally
16) for transforming my husband to become a more loving husband and father

etc etc..

I am blessed. I am contented.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas is finally here!

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Christmas morning has always been exciting for me since young as I would wait in anticipation to open up my presents. This morning is no different.

Both of my children seemed to sense and know that it was Christmas as they gathered at the tree, rummaging through the presents first thing in the morning. I had to tell them to wait and open after our breakfast first since I know they will take quite a while to open up all those presents.

For breakfast, I made pancakes for the children as they loved it a lot! Caleb had 2 pancakes with syrup and a packet of milo! He finished everything!

So after breakfast, the real fun began as we opened up our presents! Here's what I bought for both of them...

I remembered from past experience that I needed a huge plastic bag to stand by as there will be lots of wrapping paper or boxes to discard.

It was messy,but fun not just for the children but also for the young at heart!

For lunch, we went to the new kang kar mall at Hougang. Its not really a mall since its only made up of a 2-storey NTUC supermarket and a kopitiam food court, but that's what it is called! I had dried kway chup which is really nice!

CT also ordered dessert after our main meal. The food in Kang Kar mall is quite good.

After lunch, the children went back to play with their toys. They had a great time busy playing with them!

Started preparing my dinner for the party at about 4 pm. Here's the outcome of the potato with cheese and bacon dish which I prepared yesterday. I should have brought it to my sis-in-law's place to cook as its much nicer when the cheese is hot and just melted. I was so tempted to eat straightaway.

I also turbo-boiled chicken thighs. Marinated with honey, lemon, salt and pepper.

I also made my own garlic spread to add to the french loaves. Its very easy to make your own spread and its nicer than buy frozen ones from supermarket. I added butter, salt, fresh herbs (chopped parsley) and dried ones, a little olive oil and chopped garlic.

I also prepared steamed cauliflower topped with cream of mushroom, crispy bacon and coriander. Here's the recipe:

1) First you steam the whole cauliflower till its soft throughout. You can use a stick to put through to test.

2) Turn on the stove and put in a can of campbell cream of mushroom. Just add about half cup of water to basically make sure there's no more soup inside the can. You want to ensure that the sauce is not too watery. It should be slightly thicker than your usual mushroom soup. You can add white button mushrooms if you like to the sauce. Try not to add mushrooms that may come out water.

3) Fry chopped streaky bacon till crispy (you can do this way before hand. I actually prepared this the day before, but heat up in the toaster just before you want to eat it)

4) Then you just pour the cream of mushroom gravy over the steamed and cooked cauliflower

5) Garnish with lots of crispy bacon bits as well as coriander!

Very easy, tasty and presentable dish! Great for parties!

There was also mushroom soup for dinner which I bought from Fassler. I love their soups as its cheap and tasty! They even sell lobster bisque, clam chowder, french onion soup etc etc..

Vicky also contributed by preparing her filipino macaroni salad which consists of cream, macaroni, fresh fruits and canned fruits. Very easy to make. I have to say, its an acquired taste. I didnt quite like it the first time she prepared it but I couldnt stop eating now..

Here's what we had for the party with my sister-in-law and family, mum-in-law as well as my family!

My sister-in-law, Ally contributed roast pork which was super yummy! Its bought from Serangoon. Supposed to be famous!

Caleb kept himself entertained by pushing Danielle around in the walker. Guess he would prefer Keelia's company since they are about the same age. Too bad Keelia wasnt around..

Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable evening with family! Merry Christmas! How did you spend your Christmas?

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