Saturday, August 18, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore once again...

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This has probably been my third trip to Universal Studios Singapore...and I have to say, I haven't paid the full entrance fee each time I am there..It's either for free or at a discounted rate. Guess I am just a sucker for discounts. Anything just to save money! Before we entered the park, we had dinner at the Malaysian food street just outside the park. It features food all over Malaysia.
Here's what I had.
This time round, the park was only opened to those exclusive ticket holders to the STAR event after 7pm. CT and I went on a mission to try the new rides like Battlestar Galatica as well as the Transformers. So that's where we headed when we arrived but along the way (since they closed the right side when we entered which was a faster route to the Sci-Fi City where the rides I wanted to take were all there), we had to stop by at Mummy's Return just for CT to experience it. It was amazing as usual. I love the ride for its effects.
There were two separate rides in Battlestar Galatica-one with legs on the floor while the other, with your legs hanging. I tried both and frankly speaking, no roller coaster ride seems to thrill me. CT and I were practically talking during our roller coaster ride like it was a casual Sunday night on a Ferris Wheel or something like that. The HIGHLIGHT of the night was TRANSFORMERS!!!! It was AWESOME..TTM(to the max)!!

I expected a 3D ride to just be wearing 3D glasses and moving on a fixed vehicle which moves up and down but I was dead wrong. Its a 3D kind of ride which really takes you to places and the cool part of it was how close Bumblebee or Optimus Prime was to you and you just feel so close to them like you were inside the movie or just being part of the whole action next to the Transformers!

Throughout the whole ride, I was telling CT how cool this is!

We ended the night at 11pm with our last ride in Jurassic Park. It was a wet ride where we got drenched. Did that on purpose since its best to get wet last! It was all fun and we had a great time! This is definite one activity I really love doing with CT as we both love the adrenaline!

Just some observations which I didnt like in the park that is, the staff in charge of the rides will not allow you in if you have bags (for the rollercoaster rides)...and for the more dangerous ones like Battlestar Galatica, you are not even allowed to have anything with you at all..not even a coin in your pocket! That is how picky they are or rather Kia Si.. (scared to die). During the ride, they even asked CT to take off his spectacles but CT insisted that it wont drop off and it wont be any fun if he were to take off his spectacles but they insisted and poor CT, couldnt enjoy the ride as he couldnt see the view from high above.

I have been to many theme parks and I have to say, Singaporeans are really a kia si bunch. They are probably afraid that you drop something and start inconveniencing them or suing them for something you lost. I am not sure...but its just irritating that they are overly protective that it was so inconvenient to find a locker each time you excitedly want to rush and queue up for the roller coaster ride.

Friday, August 10, 2012

National Day Long Weekend

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During this National Day long weekend (Wed - Sun), I not only had a great time celebrating my wedding anniversary, but also had a good time with my brother and parents as we celebrated National Day together by eating pizza, KFC and watching the parade together.
Also celebrated my helper, Wina's birthday which falls on 8 Aug. The day after National Day, I brought the family out to Lower Seletar Reservoir Park for some fun. The children had a great time at the water area.
After that, we dropped by at Northpoint Shopping Centre for lunch at Subway! I was pleasantly surprised that the children requested to eat that!
Thank God they are not picky eaters and I, for one, am not willing to spoil them as well. So its either they eat what I eat, or they just go hungry.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Our 8th Wedding Anniversary

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This year is a rather special anniversary as its our 8th wedding anniversary on the 8 Aug! CT booked a room at V Hotel, Lavender that very day for a night's stay. Before we checked into the hotel, we sent the children off for their National Day's School Celebration.
Here's a picture of our room. Small but comfortable and modern.
We chose the hotel as it was convenient to take the train down to Bugis as the entrance of the train station was just next to the hotel. Went to Bugis for lunch, shopping, dinner and to catch a movie "The Dark Knight Rises". For lunch, CT recommended this place ( Honguo 红锅) that served their famous,"Cross Bride Vermicelli"! Its a love dish made by the wife to his scholar husband. In order to retain the heat while delivering to her husband, she uses a layer of chicken oil to cover the dish. How apt for such an occasion!
I love the meal! Very tasty and simple!
Here's what CT had and our appetizer. All very yummy!!
After lunch, we walked around and saw the display models of Dark Knight Rises. How cool!
For dinner, we sent Aston's Specialties for some steak which we loved!! I ordered a Wagyu Steak!
And here's some of the stuff I bought during our shopping spree.. CT bought for me this necklace which I LOVED!!!
And here's the rest of the stuff.. For the children..
For myself..
For CT..
The next morning, we went for an early swim at the pool!
After the swim, we relaxed here..
Then we had a full breakfast nearby before heading back home to see our dear children. I had the greatest date with CT on this day and we had lots of fun. More importantly, I really appreciate CT for who he is and how he has provided for the family. Thanks dear!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Hand, Foot & Mouth

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This was a season of Hand, Foot & Mouth for the family. Caleb first got it, followed by Danielle, then it was me. Because it was one after another, Caleb and Danielle both stayed at home for about 2 weeks.
It was an experience as I had to find things to occupy them at home. Thank God at that time, I was introduced to mushroom farming and so I ordered two types of mushrooms to grow at home- black fungus as well as oyster mushroom. Coincidentally, Danielle's syllabus in school was all about mushrooms and because of this, she couldnt go to the mushroom farm for her school excursion. So, it was apt to bring mushroom farming right at her house!
Here's the fruits of our 'labour'.
The children had so much fun harvesting the mushrooms to eat for dinner.
Other than mushroom farming, the children would be busy reading their books, drawing and playing their toys. Check out Danielle's artistic drawing! I love it!
And Caleb's Lego house which is always full of creativity!
They were pleasantly surprised that during their time at home quarantined, they received a letter from their cousins, Janine and Joyanne!
I have to say despite getting sick, we all had a great time spending quality time at home. Anyway, thank God the children did not have any fever or discomfort!

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