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Wow..looking back at my last post..I just realised it had been 4 months since I wrote my was since I went back into teaching. Yep, that is what the busyness of work can do to me...

Oh well..

Right now, I am quite used to teaching and getting more and more 'arrows' from work. I have learnt to turn complains to gratitude. I guess I just see those 'arrows' now as my boss' trust in me for giving me such responsiblity.

There was once my HOD got me to attend a HOD and Level head Math meeting because he wasnt free. And just last week, it was Math week and I had to oversee 3 areas of the programme. I was in charge of the Lower Sec Assembly Programme, organised a Sudoku Challenge for Sec 1 classes as well as went with the Sec 5s to Temasek Poly for a Math Seminar.

I do not mind getting all these duties..but sometimes, it can be last minute...which I dislike. Also have been busy with my Girl Guides..going for campfires on Saturday nights till 10pm..Staying every Tues in school till 7 pm as it is CCA day. Another campfire coming up this coming Saturday at Chai Chee Sec.

CT is also not around for the past 2 weeks already. He would only be back on our wedding anniversary day-8 Aug! I still stay in my house in Punggol alone with my fishes...

Oh talking about my fishes, here are they!

I started off with guppies and neon tetras till all the guppies died and left a few tetras. It was due to lack of Oxygen. Haha..

Anyway, above are the fishes which survive for a record time of about a month! Hurray! The first picture is a dwarf gourami, more specifically called a Blue Coral Dwarf Gourami. I have another Gourami but more active, so hard to get a shot on is a Flame Dwarf Gourami. He kept attacking the Blue Coral one so I had to split them up and put the flame one in another tank.

The second pictures are my tetras. They are the neon tetras and black neon tetra. Very lovely schooling fishes.

Though CT has not been around and I miss him alot, I still cook at home all by myself. I cooked steak with salad, pan fried salmon with salad, porridge with steam egg and fish and 2 nights ago, had rice with egg and veggies...

Had problem putting up my pictures for the moment. So, will do so when it works..

Have been so busy with work that when I come home, I just relax. Diff people have diff ways of relieving stress. For me, it used to be sleeping..but I have not been doing so as I feel sleeping away my time is too wasted. So, I play games instead. I have been playing my playstation 2 which my wonderful friend, Esther got for me.Thanks Esther for the wonderful gift!

Sometimes, I would play Maplestory, a MMORPG game..which stands for massive multiplayer online role playing game. It is a game which my students play and so, I meet them online at times and talk to them.

I have realised it does help as my students score better and listen more attentively in class now that I have struck a rapport with them. Cool!

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