Friday, August 31, 2007

Went out for dinner

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Tonight, CT came home, bathed and we went downstairs to our house coffeeshop for dinner. Ordered crab soup bee hoon and a claypot bean curd dish.

Nowadays, there are more fanciful crab dishes. Though traditional crab dishes like chilli crabs and black pepper crabs are still popular, people are trying out more unusual ways of cooking crab. There's even white pepper crab as well as crab porridge.

Tonight, was the first time Caleb was put in his pram. It is a hand-me-down pram given to me by my ex-colleague who has 3 kids. Caleb seemed to like it as that kept him quiet and he was asleep for most of our time spent eating.

Verdict on the crab bee hoon: I still prefer the Ang Mo Kio Melben one. Address: Blk 232 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3. Mellben Seafood. Do book in advance or go earlier if you want to get a seat.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

putting caleb to sleep

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(pictures taken using my handphone)

During the late afternoon, the sun was finally up after a wet, rainy morning. So, I sun bathed Caleb. Here is a picture of him just after sunbathing.I was the one who took this picture as my handphone had a feature where I can take myself by switching the camera lens.

Since he was wide awake and refused to sleep, Vicky and I brought him down to the park to get some sunlight and to look at things around him. Here is Caleb in the park.

One amazing thing we saw when we went to the park was that there were quite a number of people cleaning up the park and these people are like regular folks, including kids. Some were trimming the plants, some sweeping the park and others, loosening the soil of the plants..etc.

Here are some kids just finished with raking the leaves and cleaning

I spotted the tools here where they leave it for residents to help out.So, it was rather pleasant to see residents keeping the park clean and tidy.

We took Caleb to the playground and he didnt like it. We place him on the rocking animal but he started crying.We placed him on the bottom of the slide to sit down, he also started crying. Haha..That is why at this age, we wished they would grow up so that we can play with them.

Shortly after, Caleb fell asleep because of the nice breeze. So, I thought, each time we bring him here, he would fall asleep. So, this is one great method to make him fall asleep if we have ran out of ideas.

I also rem CT said before that his friend actually drove the kid in the car to make him fall asleep as kids love to sleep in the car. When he said that, I recall how often I sleep in the car too when I was young..and really enjoyed it. Do you rem your sleeping days in the car too?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Exercise time!

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Whenever daddy comes home, he would play with Caleb and one of the things they play is trying to make Caleb stand. Since Caleb is now only 1 month old, we would all wish he can walk already..Thus, explains all the "exercising" his dad is doing with him.

Somehow, Caleb loves to play with daddy...and enjoys trying to stand, especially since he is a windy baby-he loves upright position.

Here's a video of Caleb's typical exercise session with daddy..Enjoy! :)

Monday, August 27, 2007


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Caleb has been vomitting lately. So this morning, Vicky and I brought him to the clinic to get him checked up. As what I thought, it is just due to the wind in his stomach.

Caleb is a windy baby and because of the air bubble still in his stomach and when we feed him, he would vomit out. So, we have to frequently try to burp him to help him expel out the wind.

At night, we watched "Dunstan Baby Language" and it really works magic! Now, Vicky and I know what Caleb wants from the sound reflxes he makes. But like what CT says, Caleb only mainly says Neh-which is the word for hunger or Eh-which is to burp him." So tonight, we saw a more satisfied baby as we learnt his language.

I leave you now with a picture I took in the car as we drove to visit my mother-in-law on Sunday.He was looking with his wide opened eyes.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


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Now, we spend our weekends visiting our parents and in-laws, instead of usual weekdays. And of course both families are really excited whenever they see Caleb and always comment about how he has changed and put on weight.

Janine was around and as usual, she was very hyper-- running everywhere and keeping herself entertained. It just brought to my mind about the thoughts of parents during the different stages of the child's development.

I believe every stage of development has its advantages and disadvantages. When we are pregnant, we wish the baby would come out quick to relive us of the weight and the kicking. When the baby is born, we wish they would grow up faster and be able to focus,support their head and wake up more to be able to play. When they can play, we wish they can learn to walk. And when they can walk, we wish they can not walk so much as it is draining our energy chasing them and wish more that they can learn to talk. And when they can talk, we wish they would shut up...The list goes on and on...

And right now Caleb is at the stage that we wish he can play with us. Newborns tend to sleep more and cry so much more because they cannot communicate. But of course, most parents would tell me-enjoy while you can before they get all active and then, you will start to regret. Oh well...the grass is always greener on the other side.

Here is my active niece, Janine keeping herself entertained as she climbed up to the piano chair to join her daddy.

And here is my sleepy Caleb putting his foot on daddy..

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Can women have it all?

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Just a couple of weeks back, I was watching "Oprah" and it was talking about an issue that strikes a lot of women out there-Can you be a great mother and a successful career woman? Is it possible for women to have it all? And of course, I was intrigued by that topic because it is a question that I have to face and answer it.

During this episode, Oprah interviewed a group of mothers —both working and stay-at-home about how they made their decision to stay home or work.One of them said ," Staying at home would be frustrating for me. I think it just might drive me crazy."

Lisa, the stay-at-home mother of two children, says, "I feel like I'm making my children a priority. If you're working outside of the home, they can't be your top priority."

Another says,"I think that every family should explore either the husband or the wife staying at home," she says. "You can never recapture that opportunity and explore and grow with your child."

Then after all these different opinions, there was like an "argument" between stay-at-home mums and working mums as one of the stay-at-home mums started judging the working mums that they are not there for their child.

During the "argument", Dr Robin, a psychologist stepped in to say that the bottom line is that all mothers want the same things for their families. Then she said,""America is an either/or country," she says. "We're a black or white, pro-life or pro-choice, Democrat or Republican. There's all this splitting that we do, and we lose the wisdom of both worlds. We lose the wisdom of being able to be women at our best—blessing the journey of someone who has found their way and not trying to make it your way."

Dr. Robin says women can't have it all. In fact, no one can. "That's an illusion that any of us can have it all," she says. "The goal isn't to have it all…it's to be attuned with yourself and with your children. Attuned means 'I'm connected.'"

If a stay-at-home mother becomes disconnected or exhausted, it's as if she isn't there at all, Dr. Robin says. The same goes for working moms. If a businesswoman is preoccupied with work and checking her handphone when she should be cheering on her child at a soccer game, then she might as well have stayed at the office.

My take on this is that we are all made differently and I believe there are moms out there who just cannot stay at home-They will get bored and feel that their brains are rusting and wasting away as the days go by. They need to get out there. While some others simply enjoy being at home and spending time with their children. They are just made differently. But one time common between them is that they all love their children and want the best for them.

Well, about my decision on whether to continue work or stay at home will all depends on my situation- am I financially able enough to be at home with my child without having to work?

Yes, I love teaching and I love being able to communicate with youths, but I also love my family. I am more a homely person. Nothing makes me happier than to rush back home and charge up my energy level by just being back. But if a student has any problems and approaches me, I wouldnt mind sacrificing my time and energy for them by staying late in school to talk to them. I guess I am prepared in whatever situation I am in and I just make the best use of it.

So be it working or staying at home to take care of my child, it is not important. What's important is probably knowing how to balance my time and wherever I am, I just give my fullest attention to it-If I am in school, I focus on my students; when I am back home, I focus on my family; when I am everywhere and anywhere, I always focus on God...with no regrets,remorse or guilt.

That is how I will live my life...or at least strive to. How will you live yours?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Quiz time

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This quiz is cute since I have always loved the characters in sesame street! Click on the title below to try it!

Which Sesame Street Character Are You?

You are part Big Bird. You are something of an eccentric, and not everyone always gives you credit for your inventiveness and intelligence. You may not always know everything, but people turn to you for your sound, unique logic. Plus, you have a big heart. Really big.
You are part Cookie Monster. You are a glutton. You often make attempts at controlling yourself, but why stop yourself from getting what you really want? Cookies. Inside, you are sensitive and vulnerable and it just may be the source of your problems.
Find Your Character @

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Macaroni tradition

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This afternoon, Vicky cooked Macaroni soup for lunch. Initially, she was asking me how to cook the chinese style one. Then I told her and she then told me that it was different from filipino style macaroni. So, I asked how is it cooked in Phillipines and she then explained to me. Then I went on to ask her to cook it for lunch so that I can try.

So basically what she did was to fry onions, shredded carrots and cabbage with butter in a frying pan. Then she prepared chicken stock in a pot (chicken bones with water). After frying the veggies, she placed it in the chicken stock with the cooked macaroni. And that's it! I must say it was very tasty because of the butter she used in frying the veggies.

This is a blur picture I took with my phone.

While I was eating, I asked her if it was exactly how it is supposed to be. She said in Phillipines, they add coconut milk to it. Yeeks..I cant imagine because I am not a big fan of coconut milk in my cooking since it is so fattening and fills up the tummy real fast.Imagine butter with coconut milk...!

I also started to think how the chinese style macaroni soup used to be a dish I had from young because it is a light and nutritious dish with veggies and shredded chicken breast. Then I became curious and asked Vicky if this filipino macaroni dish is also a dish which she ate from young and she said, yes.

I was then amazed at how macaroni dish is a traditional dish in diff cultures. Just like in America, where kids grew up eating macaroni and cheese. How interesting. Talking about mac and cheese, I am starting to salivate as I remember my mum making for me when I was young I loved the brown crispy parts at the edges of it after baking in the oven. Will bake it one day....maybe as a reward when I have returned back to my "before pregnancy" weight. Sigh..that will take some time.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

walk walk...

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Whenever Caleb opens his eyes, he would start looking around and focus on things. So, when I put him down on his bed to change his diapers, he start looking at the stuff dangling on top of him. He seems to enjoy it and starts kicking and moving his hands.

This is him staring at his toys dangling with his big eyes.

Since his eyes were opened so huge, we decided to bring him again to the park. But this time round, I went to the roof top garden park. As we brought him down, he squints his eyes from the light..

We took a walk along the park. Vicky then pointed out to me 2 birds on the tree. By the time I switched on my camera, they flew away as if knowing that I will take a shot at them. It happened again when we spotted the same birds on the tree and when I was going to take a smart. Finally, I got a shot of one of the birds.

During our walk, I also spotted nice flowers which was unusual because it was a bunch of red flowers with one pink flower with it. The rest of the bunches were the same- all had only one pink flower attached to the bunch of red flowers.

Enjoyed the nature walk I had..

Anyway, when we got home, Caleb was still awake. So we placed him down in the Moses basket to rest. I sat down beside him and just stared at him making expressions and moving..

Then he started smiling..

AT times, he would just stare at me when his wide-opened eyes, as if waiting for me to dance for him or make some monkey face to amuse him.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An evening at the park

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This evening, Vicky suddenly came up to me and asked me if she could bring Caleb down to the park since his eyes are opened. So, I said, of course..let's go together. So, I quickly grabbed my camera and we wear long pants for Caleb so that he would not catch a cold. The weather has been really chilly lately.

When we reached the park, his eyes were squinting because of the light. I guess he is not used to the light, though it was cloudy and close to 6pm already.

After a while, he got used to it, and opened his eyes slightly bigger.

Few minutes later, Caleb started to cry. Then, he fell right asleep probably because of the nice constant breeze.

We were actually waiting for daddy to come back from work and meet us in the park. But Caleb was sleeping too soundly and I felt it might be too chilly for us to stay down at the park..

So, after spending about 10-15 mins, we went up without waiting for daddy. So much for an outing to the park- only made Caleb cry and sleep. Oh well..

Monday, August 20, 2007

Growing up...

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Now that Caleb is past one month old, I noticed some more changes in him. He has learnt to focus better and love to see more things around him now as well as moving his hands more and grabbing.

Today, he actually move his hands and took down my spectacles while I was carrying him. Very soon, I would need to change to my plastic specs.

He is also trying to stand up while bathing today as he places his 2 feet in the tub with not as much support from us.

He really enjoys trying to stand up.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Day of rest...

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This morning was my first time back to church after one month. It was refreshing to go back with a new status-as a mum, bringing Caleb along. He was as usual, well-behaved when he is out and in front of people.

During the sermon, he poo pooed as we all could smell it. So, Vicky and I brought him out to change his diapers. We went out of the hall to find a good spot to change him and we manage to catch sight of a table in one quiet corner.

This is a picture of him as we just finished changing his diapers on the table. (taken with my handphone camera)

It was a great service as my church now is doing the book of Hosea, which talks about how Israel has been unfaithful to God and going against Him by turning to other idols, but how God still keeps His promises and continue to show His love to Israel.

At night, CT spent time with Caleb by playing with him and keeping him satisfied with all sorts of position.

It's a wonder how Caleb can still sleep in this position


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Yesterday after the party, I stayed at my parent's place till 730pm because CT had to drive all over Singapore to deliver the one month old cake to his relatives who did not come. Then, CT called me later and told me that the army called him last minute to go back and report. So,CT went back in normal clothes, with his slippers on and reported back to camp, while all his peers wore uniform and with the backpack. They all teased him and said," promoted already ah?" Then CT said, "Ya, promoted to civilian."

The army apparently has some kind of screw up in their system and CT's name appears in the letter but not in their computer. So, it was a last minute thing for them to call CT up to camp when their peers were called up much earlier. So, he had an excuse to wear normal clothes to report.

Anyway, I waited for him at my parent's place the whole time. We only managed to eat dinner at about 845pm after we went back.

Here are some of the presents that Caleb received during the party. I really love all the presents because it is useful and practical.

I always wanted the puzzle play mat and I am glad my cousin, shermaine got it for me before I bought it for Caleb. Thanks!

Then there are toys for Caleb too which I have absolutely none for him at the moment. So, that will come in handy. And of course, a baby seat would be useful to allow him to have a good posture.(which my ever-supportive ex-TJC swim mates whom I hardly keep in touch,bought for me as they would always oblige an invitation even if it was very last minute. E.g On my wedding day when I invited them just 2 days before my wedding dinner, and they all readily said ok. And now Caleb's party which I just invited them also 2 days before, and they immediately said they would make it without hesitation. That is the kind of friends I appreciate and love! It's kind of like the Nike slogan, "Just do it." I can't take people like donkeys when invite them, they will say,"" Lots of hesitation and will say, "See how", then they would end up not turning up for the invitation.)

Anyway,I can't wait for Caleb to grow up and start playing with all these toys. But at the mean time, just absorbing every minute with him and watching him grow.

IT's PARTY TIME! zzz.....

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Today, it was Caleb's one month old celebration at my parent's place. I invited mainly very close friends and family members. Altogether about 50 people. Ordered 9 dishes of food - bee hoon, chicken curry, mixed vegetables, sweet and sour fish, fried honey chicken pau, sotong yu tiao, chocolate puff,cocktail almond jelly, and fruit punch. My mother-in-law cooked glutinous rice while my mum contributed the traditional vinegar pork trotters as well as chicken rice wine. She also ordered 2 roast ducks.

Amidst all the noise and crowd, the main star was sleeping away.

There were a lot of kids in the party and it is interesting how shy they are to interact with one another. Well, my niece, Janine was busy amusing herself...running everywhere.

I caught her wanting to carry this golf umbrella.

And then she started wearing other people's slippers and kept falling down cos she wore the wrong side. But she would just stand up and continue walking and trying one pair after another...

After most guests left, we changed Caleb's clothes as he was perspiring a lot and put him on the sofa.

I must say he behaves himself quite well in front of people but gets cranky only once he reaches home. Ha..

Friday, August 17, 2007

Best Chicken Chop

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Today as usual, my mum brought for me food to my place-lunch and dinner. However, she bought lunch from outside rather than the usual home cooking. She bought my favourite curry chicken chop from Tiong Bahru, corner of Yong Siak St. The shop name states," Authentic Hainanese Chicken Chop".

It is the best I have eaten so far because the chicken chop is not only crispy but the curry gravy is a class of its own with a different taste to it because the cook added laksa leaves in it. Check it out!

Any nice curry rice in Singapore you have tasted so far? Please let me know..thanks!

Happy one month old Caleb!

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One month passed so quickly and it just seems like yesterday that I was telling CT how I wish Caleb could come out quickly to relieve me of my heavy tummy. Through this whole process of pregnancy, I hope that all mothers can realise that there has to be a God who is in control, orchestrates everything and puts everything in order.

Here is the miracle of pregnancy...
1st month: See the embryo with your naked eye-its brain and spinal column begin to develop

2nd month: All internal organs in place. Its genital organs become obvious and you can make out its major joints at the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees.

3rd month: Can make out its closed eyelids as its face forms. Brains and muscles are coordinating, and its fingers and toes are fully formed with nails.

4th month: Limbs and joints are now fully formed and its muscles getting stronger. There is a growth of fine hair (lanugo) all over its body and its eyebrows and lashes start to grow

5th month: Hair growing on its head and muscles increasing in strength. Can now feel its movements and the baby is growing fast

6th month: Baby's sucking its thumb and it can cough and hiccup.

7th month: Head is now proportion to its body and fat stores begin to accumulate. Lungs reach maturity and baby can breathe if it was born at this point

8th month: Baby's now grown to right proportions and you can feel its rigourous movements. In 90% of its cases, baby is laying with head down towards pelvis ready for birth

9th month: Baby now fills the uterus- movements are more like jabs. Soft nails have grown to the end of its toes and fingers and hair on its head may be up to 2 inches long. Baby is now ready to say "hello" to the world.

It really shows how from a tiny speck can turn out to be a I review my ultrasound scans..See how fast the baby grows inside.

At 7 weeks...

At 11 weeks

At 14 weeks

At 18 weeks

At 21 weeks

After that, the baby became too big to take a nice scan. But from these pictures, it is a miracle in itself as you see the baby grows.

Another miracle even before my pregnancy was many months back, I wrote about how the name, Caleb came about and for those who missed it, can click HERE! CT and I knew at once when I discovered I was pregnant that we would give birth to a boy and the name would be Caleb Goh.

So I really would like to thank the Lord for giving CT and I this dear little boy to us and though he cries a lot and gets very cranky, it was always be a joy to look after him and take care of him. (In fact, I would be worried if he doesn't cry)

What I enjoy most is that when he cries in bed and after I pick him up to cuddle him, he would make himself comfortable and fall asleep on me as he places his two tiny hands on my shoulder. Then all else seem to stop as I stare at him making coo-ing sounds and smiling to himself with his eyes closed. I can easily stare at him all day if my hands didn't ache.

There are many moments when I put him to sleep on me and after a while, I place him back to the bed, he would know and start crying again. Ha. Then I have to repeat the whole process again and again till he falls asleep on the bed.

These few days, he has been drinking his milk and suddenly, he would burst out crying while drinking. It is really mind-baffling why he behaves like that. Then he would spill all the milk out.

Recently, I have also been giving him gripe water. It is this really smelly clear liquid that I give to him so that he can expel wind. I myself cannot take the smell of the liquid.I only give it to him when he does not burp after drinking his milk. He hates drinking it. Vicky would feed him with a spoon and put it in his mouth each time he opens to cry. Then she would squeeze his nose to make him swallow. It is a painful process as I watch him struggle and cry so loudly.

Anyway, I am thankful he has grown from 48cm to now, 52 cm. His weight has also increased a lot from 2.3 kg (at birth) to now, 3.6 kg.

Here is the skinny old wise Caleb at birth...

And here is a chubby picture of him now. (Just taken yesterday)

Caleb, just want to let you know that daddy and mummy loves you very much and constantly pray for you and giving thanks to God for this wonderful gift of you.

Wish that you will grow up to be like the character, Caleb in the bible (book of Numbers) who is courageous, faithful in God and trusting in Him.

Happy one month old my little boy! MUACK!

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