Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chronicles of hairstyles

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I thought it would be interesting to dig out past photos of my children to compare how they have grown or rather, to specifically look at how their hairstyles have changed..

Let's take a look at my firstborn son,Caleb. Take a look at his journey..

Before 1 year old

Before Haircut (5 months old)
After haircut

Shaved (7 months)
1 year old


His WORSE haircut

2-4 years old


5 years old-present



Here's my second child, Danielle's hairstyle journey

Before 1 year old

 1-3 years old


4 years old- present

If you notice Danielle's hairstyle, it is basically the same throughout. Only trim. Its just one style.

But on the other hand, it's Caleb's hairstyle that has gone through many changes that I have lost count.

So, who says guys only have the same hairstyle from young?

(Had fun looking through my children's photos as I think back about their past when they were young and how much they have grown....Time flies)

Monday, April 21, 2014

All-inclusive and Barrier-Breaker

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The Easter Season has just passed and as I open up Facebook on my handphone, I see many of my friends posting pictures of how they spent their Easter with homemade craft eggs or "Find the Easter Egg" game with their children etc etc.

I just suddenly had an epiphany ('Ah-ha') moment while doing laundry at home (Yes, doing housework can make one quite philosophical) And to confirm that thought, I went into the internet and typed "Easter in Singapore" on my search box and was surprised to find out the insane amount of activities they have lined up for Easter all over Singapore. (And mind you, these activities are only held in Singapore)

I have taken a screenshot in my handphone of the number of activities shown in a website.
Click on this picture to go to the site!
Various baking workshops conduct lessons on how to bake muffins decorated with easter eggs or bunnies, Easter parties and egg hunts all over the island. Even restaurants serve food according to the theme of Easter. Major tourist attractions were also decorated with eggs and bunnies e.g. Universal Studio and Gardens by the Bay (joining Miffy for the egg hunt)

Of course the bigger event during Easter this year was the one in Sentosa-Harbourfront.

Anyway, the epiphany (Interestingly, the definition of this word is,"the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi. How apt as Gentiles refer to Non-Jews which means US) that flashed through my mind was why are Christian festivals like the Good Friday Season and Christmas celebrated by people all over the world, regardless of race or religion?
(I am sure I don't have to prove my point of how big Christmas is in Singapore, right?)
And as I was pondering about that question, I was convicted that it is because God's love and message is all-inclusive and He does not discriminate. God removes all barriers and in His eyes, everyone has equal privilege to enter God's kingdom and household.
As I celebrate Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday in church, I am reminded of Christ's love for all. He came into the world to save all of us despite of our disobedience and sinfulness. Christ's perfect life reminds us that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). All our righteous acts are in God's sight like filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6). How can anyone boast or look down on another sinner? Have you turned to Christ in repentance and faith? If so, whatever your background, God has made you clean. He declares you fit to be in His family line with the greatest of His saints.
Simply believe ...


Tuesday, April 15, 2014


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Since having children, I have been rearing pets not only for my own enjoyment but also for the hope that the children can learn how to be caring, and responsible.

I have had a number of guppies, tetras, fighting fish etc in the past but kind of got tired and grossed out each time they die so often that I decided to switch to something more durable.

My friend offered to pass me her pet terrapine which I thought it would be good to have since its life span is about 20 years. I have a friend who got sick of having a terrapin because it just doesn't die that he left it in a pond outdoors in some park. Hope I do not have to reach that stage of getting sick of a pet as that will probably contradict the intention of getting a pet in the first place- to be more responsible.

Here's Terry, our terrapin
The recent pets I had were 2 hamsters given by my friend, Marianne whose hamsters just keep giving birth! I thought it would be fun and also Danielle said she would take care of it and it would be hers.
We named the two hamsters, Olaf and Elsa (No guessing where the names came from). Olaf is the grey one while Elsa is the white one.
Olaf looking all peaceful while napping
Elsa in the Lego house built by Caleb
Since having them all as pets, I definitely have been more busy. I can't say my children were not responsible in taking care of them. But they are still at the age where I have to do the guidance and the carrying as Terry's tank is made from glass (inherited from our fish tank). Both children helped to feed them and Caleb, especially love playing with them.
He would take them out of their homes to play with them. That's why you can see from the above picture of Elsa in his Lego house.
All along, I have been wanting a pet dog as dogs are more responsive and can be trained. They seem to understand humans and know what we want. However, given the size of present day flats, it just doesn't seem practical to have one.
Danielle loving her hamster

At the moment, it is still manageable to take care of them and clean their mess given the free time I have at home.

I guess sometimes pets are akin to having babies of your own. Now that my children are grown up, I probably still feel the need to take care of something. :)

Friday, April 04, 2014

Organic Play

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My children, aged 6 and 7 are not the typical kind of children who goes all crazy over parties or any activities organised. They rather stand at the side lines watching or simply do what they want to do, without being told or instructed what to do.

So initially, I was quite hesitant to sign them up for this event but went ahead since it was my friend, Sarah ("The Playful Parents") who organised it.

This event was named "Organic Play Party" as play to be organic in nature and spirit. So what does that mean? Mess of course!! It is fluid and uncontrolled play time for my children. Something which I felt was different-away from shopping malls or the confines of walls but it was held in the void deck and multi-purpose hall of HDB in Tampines.

There were about 5 stations for them to go to and play. First station was bubble fun where they learnt how to make their own bubble dough. Its a softer version of play dough made with conditioner! So, it smells really nice.

The second station was where you use marbles and different sizes of ball, dip them in paint and roll them on the drawing paper. Caleb had fun in that station as he gets his hands dirty!
There was also a music station where they could take any items provided to make music. It was quite creative as the child could discover various ways in making sound.


The next station was the dirtiest station where they did the water-filled balloons in paint and simply throw them. I was surprised both of them had fun playing. Danielle even commented that this was her favourite station!

I was practically cringing each time I see paint get onto their tees..yes, I dread the washing. Ha. But I kept reminding myself that it is is meant to be dirty and fun!

Finally, the last station was where they could make use of their bubble dough to decorate using pasta, straws, leaves, rubber bands etc. I like this station is its not dirty and it instils creativity as well.

At the end of it, I was glad my children gave this a try and took part in the activities.

 All in all, I am glad I brought them here to experience what play should be about-simple (in transforming public places into playful places) and how simple objects found everyday at home can be transformed to experiences with some imagination.

Sometimes I feel we are crowding our children with so many things that they forget how to be a child anymore-how to play, laugh and have fun with the simple things in life, nature etc.

Are we striving too much in wanting extraordinary things to happen in our children's lives? Why not focus on the ordinary instead?

I love what it says below..

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