Monday, October 31, 2005

Drove nearby

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Last night, collected our rented car for this week as I bring Esther around. Rented an economy car-the cheapest and the company ended giving us a nice big car. It is a Dodge Stratus 2.4L car. It is silverish green car. Quite nice. This morning, we drove to the battleship park which is one of the few tourist attraction here in Mobile. However, it was closed due to the Hurricane Katrina effects. So, Esther took pictures of the battleship and planes from afar.

After that, we went downtown but got lost somehow and ended up in some residential place. We happened to land up in some old haunted house where they have tours. It is actually a mansion where the former US president visited before. However, it is close on we got down the car and took pictures. I love the trees cos it looks spooky! Just right for Halloween, which happens to me TODAY!

After finding my way out, we went to shops nearby- Wheremusic shop to see CDs and DVDs, Barnes & Noble bookstore, Best Buy to look at electronics and then had lunch at Morrison. It is like a cafeteria style restaurant where you pick what you want by pulling the tray....Ikea Style of eating. I like it cos no need to wait for your order. Very fast. I ordered a angus beef steak which the texture is like meatloaf. Quite nice.

After lunch, we went Walmart shopping where I bought some clothes for dad. He needs some clothes that is easy to got some. Hope it can fit and it is appropriate. In Walmart, there is everything you need at a good price. So, it is the best place to get stuff.

We went Petsmart shop after that which is a shopping mart for pets. Esther bought some stuff for her doggie and as we were at the checkout counter, there was a chihwahua. It seems like a popular pet here. It was so cute cos it was dressed to the occasion. It was wearing a Halloween sweater and hat...and the cutest thing is that its nails were painted orange and black! Haha...

Forgot to mention that at Walmart, I went to look at the games section as I love party boardgames like Twister, Monopoly etc... So, I was looking at this game called Imaginiff..I was attracted to it cos it won some awards..I told Esther that I wish I could buy it but CT may not like me to buy cos he may think I would not make use of it much.

Esther kept asking me questions like, " Would you use it? How many times would you use etc..." So, I put it back and then Esther started picking it and she read the reviews and started getting interested..So funny..In the end, she bought it for herself! haha..

We went home at about 3pm and played tennis for an hour till about 5 plus pm. It was fun! Esther is a very good tennis player as she plays very often and taking part in competitions even in Malaysia. So, I asked her to help me correct my strokes and give me some tips... It was fun playing with her cos I had to be super alert esp when she returns the ball so fast and at corners! It was my first time having aching arms as I played cos her returns are really powerful..hehe

CT came home late tonight. I cooked dinner. Had curry chicken with potatoes and chye sim with pork slices and carrots. After dinner, we played the game which Esther bought. It is a very interesting game where they have questions like " If _____ were a colour, what colour would he/she be?" There are questions like this...and the black is to be filled up with a name which your pin lands on. The person who chooses the answer which majority chooses, they win.

As you can see from the board, there are names which the person is not with us like my bro-KY, my sis in law-Pam.. It is because we need to fill up the board with names who we all know. So, we added mutual friend's names as well. So, if the grey pin lands on that name, that person would be the subject of the question..

At the end of the game, we realised that we know one particular person very well as we always have the same answer for him! haha...

Oh, from the picture above, you see Esther holding a pig? I bought it for her in Walmart as she seemed to like it. SO, I told her that I would get it for her Christmas present.

This was how we celebrated our Halloween..hehe..and so happened, I wore orange and black tonight..what a coincidence.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


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This morning, went church and we did not have our usual sunday school session as the leader could not make it. So, instead, we went for 9am service in church. It was a great service as pastor talked about scars-physical and emotional. I was sure the message spoke to some people...

Anyway, after service, we went to "El Chico" for lunch. It is a mexican restaurant and I know that mexican food is very filling. So, I suggested ordering only 2 mains and 1 appetiser. When the food came out, the appetizer was so much that in the end, we left the restaurant feeling so full and had to take away food. I enjoyed what CT and I ordered- a mexican grill that came in a hotplate with chicken, prawns, beef fried with onions and green bell peppers. Very tasty.

We went home after that to change out of our Sunday church wear and drove to Pensacola, Florida. We were heading to the today is the last day of the fair. It was an hour drive and when we reached, we saw a fair parking lot...went in and had to pay 4 bucks for the parking. (1st time, i had to pay for parking here in US). The problem was that from the parking lot, we had to walk a distance to the fair grounds. Kena cheated as the fair had their own parking as well and it was the same price. It is just that we saw this signboard first, so we turned in and parked already. Oh well..

There were so many rides in the fair...all look so thrilling. But in the end, we sat none cos had to pay a lot for the rides. Instead, we played a couple of amusement games to win soft toys. CT won for me and Esther 3 soft toy flowers. I love it. It is a huge fair with many stores selling food as well. Paid $4 for admission (usual price was $9)- think maybe cos it was the last day.

There was also a farm area with animals. I spotted this interesting chicken like animal but so fur-ry. Check it out and be amazed!

I love this was a great place for me in the fair. We also went to this place where they featured brown bears from the movie," Brother Bear".

Very cute and cuddly bears...

Another interesting part of the fair is the food. I spotted a stall selling "alligator on a stick". How can I miss such opportunity to eat this kind of food right? So, I ate and CT thinks the part we were eating was the alligator's tail. Haha..yeah, it was long and slightly fatty in the meat. Hmm...

The last part of the fair, we went to a circus tent place where there were more animals. There were 2 giraffes inside and we stood so near it. Huge...

After the fair, we left at about 5pm and the sun was setting already. We quickly drove to the this fishing area at the side of the bridge and stopped there to take pictures. It was a nice view. There was actually a long bridge that would lead to the real beach area, but we thought if we drove across it, by the time we reached, it would be dark already. So, we stayed at the start of the bridge and took some great shots!! There were ducks and people fishing. Very cool.

We reached home at only about 7 plus and it felt like 9 plus pm. Heated up all our leftovers from last night and today's lunch as well as I cooked 2 packets of "No MSG" Koka noodles for dinner tonight. Glad we finally finished our leftovers.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Esther arrives!

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This morning, woke up at 8am plus, had maggi noodles for breakfast and then, we prepared the house for Esther to come. Went library at 10am plus to read books and return all our library books. We stayed in the library till it was time to go airport to welcome Esther. Her flight was supposed to touch down at 1220pm, so we left the library at 1200 noon to reach there at 1220pm, since most of the time, flight is delayed or at least, it takes a while for the passengers to come out.

So, we reached there on the dot but realised, we were late. Esther was out pai seh. The weather was very nice today...about 24 degrees, sunny. We first went back to our apartments for Esther to unpack and settle down. Then, we had lunch at Vietnamese Restaurant. I had chicken rice which is very tasty, Esther had beef ball noodles while CT had some lunch special-sweet and spicy noodle soup. After lunch, we went to the Flea Market which opens only on weekends. There are 700 over booths and we met CT's colleagues there.

They sell puppies there as well..very cute! It is like a pasar malam place..

Look at the small chihwahua...I had to ask Esther to hold that since she owns one in Singapore..hehe..

Went Walmart after that for grocery shopping for the week. Esther sounded so excited because she missed being in US. She used to work in Walmart as well, so she felt she was back home...

After that, we went back and I played tennis with CT. Esther did not go with us as she wanted to spend more time unpacking.. We only played one game and CT won 6-4. I played with my new tennis racquet which Esther bought for me. I love it..the colour is nice as well! It is a Prince Racquet.

We played for only about an hour plus and ended at 630pm. Then, we got ready to go for dinner at the Mobile Greyhound Park. I have not been there myself, but wanted to go and see the dog race as well as to eat because of the advert on TV, promoting the food.

I totally regretted cos everyone was smoking while eating. Of course, we did not bet and I think we were the only ones not betting. Haha.Before each race, we only guessed who would win. I did not like the place also because the service was lousy...super slow. We waited probably about an hour for the food..sigh..

We had chicken tenders in basket, salad, hamburger with fries, and alfredo shrimp pasta. The food was not fantastic...guess the purpose is for people to bet, while eating is secondary.

Reached home at 9 plus pm.

Friday, October 28, 2005


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I am getting excited cos Esther will be coming tomorrow and we have rented a car for next week while CT works. CT always say, if you want to experience nothingness, come and visit us. Haha.. I feel it is not as bad.

Today, another visit from Garfield. He was resting outside my apartment balcony. I quickly grabbed my camera and took some shots of him. He was licking himself and seems like he was guarding my apartment like a guard cat! haha...

Through my windoor door at the balcony

Tonight, we had dinner over at Chen Twok's place. His parents have prepared dinner and invited all the engineers over. We had a wonderful home cooked meal. There was curry chicken, emporer's chicken, mixed veggies dish, fried egg with minced meat and ginger (with gravy)- My favourite dish for the night..very unique! There was so much ginger that it made the egg slightly spicy. Very nice. And lastly, we had pork soup with 6 different kind of ingredients. We also had dessert- chin chow with lychee and fruit cocktail. Yum. Very enjoyable dinner.

After dinner, we watched "Sixth Sense" on cable TV cos it was the Halloween they have been showing horror/thriller movies. I love this show. One of my favourite shows cos of the thrill and twist!

At about 9pm, we went to catch a movie with some of CT's colleagues. We caught a $2 movie show which was old movies. We saw " 40 year old virgin" show. I expected only a funny show to have a good laugh but it was a crappy, and crude show. Sigh.. There were some funny parts, but all in all, I felt degrading and stupid coming out from the theatre after the show.

We were at the theatre very early as we thought the show started at 920pm, but it was actually 950pm. So, we went in early and entered another theatre to watch "March of the Penguins". Chen Twok's parents were with us as well. The show was great about the life of penguins- a documentary. I love these kind of shows as it is educational and I love the videography aspect of it and the nice scenery. But the consensus of the group was to watch the "40 year old Virgin" cos they all wanted a good laugh rather than a boring show.

Went home at midnight. Weather was nice and cooling. Dropped dead once I reached home..exhausted.

New dish

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Today, I tried to make something which I have not cooked before- Ngor Hiang. I never did it cos I did not have the time to. Since I have time in the morning and afternoon, I decided it was the right time to make it. I brought the skin over from Singapore ...bought it very long ago.

The twist is that I did not want my kitchen to be I put it in my oven instead. It looks good but the taste was just different..somehow..

I added minced meat and water chestnut. Did not have spring did not add that. It was crispy, so I felt it was just as good as deep frying it and wasting so much oil.

So, how does it look? Looks real hor? haha..

Thursday, October 27, 2005


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Woke up this morning feeling very sick as last night my throat kept hurting. It was very sore. CT had his breakfast and went out early in the morning to get medicine for me and bought some lime from Walmart as well so that I can drink lime juice with salt and honey.

He went to work only after that. So, he called and told his colleague before he left to get medicine as they were supposed to go work together. I was def touched as he took the trouble to drive and get medicine.

I woke up at about 9 plus am and took my medicine, made myself lime juice and drank. I felt slightly better after that. CT also got lozenges for me besides the pills.

I rested a lot the whole day..slept after lunch and woke up at about 3pm. My throat was much happy!

When CT came home, I promised him that I would cut hair for him today.The part I do not like about cutting his hair is not the process but the aftermath..when I have to clean up the messy hair on the floor. We had to set up the place first and then prepare the's how it looks!

And prince charming with his 'shining' armour.. (made up of old Singapore newspapers)

The cut did not go as well as I planned but both me and CT are fine with just glad it was over cos it was tedious with my blunt tools and pathetic shaver..

One of the things bored housewives do..

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I have a favourite cat I like in my apartment area. There are so many cats here that I saw one which I really like and he ( I prefer I think it is a HE) usually hang out around my area. I named him Garfield cos he is an orange cat and he is fatter than any stray cat here..

Today, he came by my house and I saw it walking as I peeped through my window door.

Here are pictures of Garfield...

Garfield hanging outside my apartment

Garfield staring at me as I came out of my apartment to take pictures

Garfield "bo chup" me and decides to walk away

Tuesday, October 25, 2005 is cold

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Dress up as the weather is getting colder. Temperature can get to below 10 early in the morning at 6 plus am. However,am glad it does not stay that day but increases to maybe 20 degrees in afternoon. Took a picture of CT before he left for work. He is always carrying his lunch, working bag and now, he has to put on his jacket with his name on it.

Had a bad sore throat this afternoon. However, when CT came home and said he is going to play tennis, I straight away went and played in the cold night before dinner for about 1 and a half hour. I enjoy playing tennis...and feel I would like to improve.

Anthony and Bon (CT's colleagues) were playing and I played with CT at the other court. I won the first game while he won the second. I was getting cold and hungry, so, we stopped after playing one set after the 2 games and CT won the set. Oh well..close fight.

Cooked egg plant blachan with salted fish and dried mushrooms, as well as pork slices with sze chuan veggies. I quite enjoy the new pork and sze chuan veggies dish. Angeline gave that to Gek Teng before she went back while Gek Teng passed them to me before she left. Funny..cos everyone pass on and on.

After dinner, we watched finish the Jap VCD-last episode. It is a good show with family values. Despite the quarrels and upsets, the show talks about the family staying together. Quite touching.

I went straight to sleep after watching while CT stayed up to read his book. I was feeling very weak from my sore throat as it made me feverish. Feel cold and yet hot at the same time..sigh..

Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday blues

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Whenever Monday comes, I always just feel so lazy..hehe..I told CT that housewives get monday blues too cos it is after the weekends. Anyway, since it is Monday...I did not do much. Moreover, Gek Teng is not around for me to chat with already. So, I did my usual stuff as well as playing this computer game which I brought over from Singapore. It is called, "The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions".

I used to play this game when I was in RGS. We had computer lessons in RGS and me and my gang always sit at the back playing this game while the teacher is teaching cos it was in the computer. Yup, I was a very rebellious and naughty student. Somemore, I am now a computer strange.

However, now they have updated versions of the game. So, it is graphically more appealing and more interesting. I love this game cos it is a very logical game, which makes you think. It seems like some kind of engineering game.

There are a dozens of tools that perform an action: balls that bounce, cats that chase (and don't bounce), pulleys, ropes, generators, and yes, mandrill baboons on conveyer belts, bananas a-dangle in front of them. Then players are given a problem to solve with all of this crazy energy.

I am still doing the EASY puzzles and am stuck at some sad.

CT came home and helped me solve 2 puzzles. Yay!

Today, I cooked something new- macaroni chicken soup. I have not cooked it here in US before.. Cooked the soup in the afternoon- added chicken breasts, chicken stock, carrots, ginger and garlic. Then just before we eat, I throw it chye sim to cook. Remove the chicken breasts and shredded it as well. Also fried shallots and cut up spring onions to add. Lastly, added croutons to the dish.

I told CT I very long never eat this dish already. Ate this when I was young..always when I was sick. CT agreed with me and was wondering why I cooked it since we were both not sick. I told him, we better eat healthily before Esther comes, when we will bring her out to eat US food! hehe..

CT's contribution to this blog

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After CT left for work this morning at 7am, I couldnt sleep anymore as there were too many things on my mind. I was thinking of my dad and decided to call him since I did not get to talk to him yesterday. My brother picked up the phone and we talked. Then, he handed the phone over to dad. I had a great time talking to dad as they told me that he was eating dinner-Hokkien mee, rojak etc..Yum.Mum wasnt in as she went for wedding dinner.

After talking on the phone for about 10 mins, I did my usual morning stuff. CT came home at 1245 pm and we went for lunch. Tried out this restaurant which we have not been before- "Smokey Bones". We keep passing by the place and I kept saying that I always wanted to go there cos it is perpetually crowded.

We waited quite long for the food which was good in a way as CT and I spent a lot of time talking. He was sharing about the book he is reading, called "The Jesus I Never Knew" By Philip Yancey. This is what CT learnt... (I told him to share in this blog). He is sharing on the beatitudes from the bible in Matthew 5..I wanted him to share this in my blog because I find it very insightful. Read it!

Basically, the beatitudes set a high standard from God which people in the world will get offended. Jesus says if the enemy hits you on the right cheek, turn your left cheek to him also. If he robs you of your money, give him your cloak also. He says be perfect as my Father is perfect. Who can do this?

Many will not comprehend and this is hard to swallow for many as well.Some has literally tried to do just that but failed miserably... Gave up everything, become poor despite family objection then ended alone etc just to do what the beatitudes say, to meet God's standard.

However, this just tells us that no one can meet this standard except God himself simply because that's what God is- perfect and holy. We must not miss the other part of God, the grace that He has given us through Jesus. We are forgiven by faith in Jesus hence we don't have to worry about not meeting the standard. We qualify for His kingdom not by meeting the standard but by Jesus sacrifice for us.

But does that mean we can use this grace to do what we want? Nope, we should still strive for these standards but not by ourselves, it's with God's help through the Holy Spirit. We need not despair if we fail which we will from time to time. But we need to know that God will lift us up when we fall so that we can carry on. He set His standards not to condemn us but to show us His character. He shown us His grace through Jesus as a call for us to come to Him and to depend on Him and it is only through that we can truly be right with God. Focus is not on ourselves but on Him.
This also reminds me that God doesn't leave us in a lurch but will always have a way out for us.

One more chapter talks about miracles done by Jesus. Miracles does not always produce faith because many saw Jesus's miracles but still do not believe. That's why faith is needed, to believe in what is unseen. God will never force us to believe so we have to choose. Jesus never use miracles to make people believe or to impress them, instead in many instances, He asked people who saw to keep quiet about it.

When CT told me all these, I was like, "Wow". It is so true...because we hear of people actually doing all they can to become more 'spiritual' but yet, end up miserable. I am sure the one who created us cannot put us into this world for this kind of purpose. So, I was awed by what CT said about the above and how it offered such logical deduction.

Anyway, our food finally came after prob 30-45 mins wait..

CT ordered buffalo burger with bacon & cheese with mashed potatoes as a side, while I ordered pulled smoked beef brisket , which comes with garlic bread and 2 sides- collard greens (like mei chai with pork) and coleslaw. The meaning of pulled is like slices..thin slices and it seems they really pull the meat. Hmm..

Here is a picture of our lunch!

CT's buffalo burger is very yummy and juicy. I enjoyed his so I snitched few mouths from his burger. Hehe..

After lunch, we went grocery shopping at "Food World". Saw huge cans like Campbell soup "Cream of Mushroom" can which is 1.4 kg. It is for families and I think Singapore should have such things to encourage Singaporeans to have bigger families..

I placed a normal sized can beside the "Cream of Mushroom" Can to see the comparison and difference.

After grocery shopping, we went back and watch our Jap VCDs. Then, I felt sleepy and we took an afternoon nap till 545pm. Woke up to play tennis till 8pm. We played 3 games. For the first game, I was ahead of CT by 4-0. Then he caught up to 4-3. In the end, I won the first game 6-5. We had a lot of deuces- about 8 in a row. Amazing.

The second game and 3rd game, CT won me by a little bit..I felt very good cos my strokes improved. I think the nice weather had a part to play. It was low 20s and I think playing at night is much more peaceful. CT's technician colleagues with their wives and kids came and sat beside the tennis courts to watch us play. So funny.

After the game, I felt so thirsty that I grabbed a cup and added so much ice in it and poured my coca cola in. After a while,I suddenly remembered how when I was in Disney, I drank Coca Cola smoothie. IT was like Big Gulp from 7-11...all shaven ice. So, I poured my drink into my blender and blended the ice. So cool..It turned out exactly as I wanted it.

After cooling down, I took a quick shower and then, spotted an insect in our toilet..I quickly called for CT and asked him to kill it for me. It looks gross cos of the long legs.

CT did not want to kill cos he felt the insect never do anything to us...should just leave it alone. I was not comfortable cos it looks too horrible cos of its legs. So, I thought of splashing water on it and drown it. I scopped water with my hands from the tap and splased but kept missing it and splashed all over on the walls and tables instead. Then, I thought of using my anti-bacterial anti-grease spray which I use to clean tough stains and spray on the insect.

I did it and immediately, the insect went flat on the table..I felt so sad when I saw it die slowly..sobsob..I felt so sadistic..that I quickly ran out of the toilet and told CT to clean it up. I told him I felt bad...

Sigh... what a sadist..

Saturday, October 22, 2005


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This morning, after CT left for work at 7am, I went back to sleep cos I was very exhausted. Well, it is supposed to be the weekends and I would usually wake up at about 8 plus am to 9am. Finally, I woke up at 9am and decided to call my dad cos I know it is his first day back home for good.

I called and mum picked up. She told me that dad having a fever and had no time to talk. She told me to call tomorrow. So, I put down the phone, got my camera cum handbag, MP3 player and took my morning walk to Asian Mart. Since CT had to work till evening and I wanted some exercise, so, I walked and walked. The weather was about 18 degrees and I was just in shorts and Tees. It was very nice weather...air con temperature-sunny.

I plugged in my MP3 earphones and listened to my music collection while walking. Saw few people walked pass me. One was this guy who was dressed in winter clothings...all wrapped up plus headgear..looks like a homeless guy. I timed myself and it was about a 15mins walk one way. I enjoyed the walk as not only I listened to music, I was talking to God. It was like a date with Him..I prayed to Him about taking away the fever of my dad and all. With few guys walking past me, I was not afraid.

Bought some Asian Vegs-Chai Sin, Bean sprouts. Here is how it looks like.. The shop sells meat as well like duck, intestines, some bones etc.. But I never dared to buy those..cos I am not sure how fresh it just looks gross..haha..

While walking back with my veggies, I was bored and decided to take some pictures.. I was walking on the service road (side road from main road) where not many cars drive in.

This is the road I walk on to go back..After 10 mins walk, I have to cross the main road which is on the right of the picture. I enjoy the walk as I get to see houses on my left..I love seeing people's house and how they maintain it and their garden. :)

Spotted wildflowers on the way back as well. They grow sparsely on grasses. Very small..

When CT came home at about 4pm, we went to library to return some books and music CDs and borrowed some mags and travel books. After that, we wanted to play tennis but it was crowded...We met Chen Twok (CT's colleague) and his mum walking to throw their trash. His parents just came today from Malaysia. I was pleasantly surprised his mum spoke English cos Chen Twok speaks mainly Chinese.

Anyway, I made sushi tonight for dinner. It was a complete Jap experience where I made sushi, made green tea with the leaves(not bags), miso soup..all very yummy.

First, I had to slice this...

Then, the remaining skin below..I used it to fry till crispy and cut it up into small bits to add in my sushi.

Then I used the remaining oil to fry 2 eggs (beaten) and cut it up into slices as well.

Got a cucumber and removed the skin, seeds and sliced it up as well..

Miso soup tasted so so nice with seaweeds and tau pok (all included in the packet).


Here is my wonderful dinner!!

We made about 4 rolls of filling.

After dinner, we watched our Jap VCD and had company from a moth! hehe..

It was on our blinds in the living room..

Friday, October 21, 2005

Proud of CT

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The whole day, I have been planning where else to go in US before we go back Singapore in Jan. CT has been working OT on weekends and from that, he has earned 4 more extra days of leave. So, he is thinking of going somewhere in beginning of Dec and when next year comes, he likes to take the first week of Jan to go another place. In Nov, there is a holiday as well-thanksgiving. So, we are planning another trip as well..So kind of busy planning.

We figured it would be cheaper to travel from here than in future, when we travel from Singapore. So, try to make use whatever days of leave he has and holidays to travel. There are few options- to go Niagara Falls and Canada, Go Hawaii, Go Colorado for skiing. In the end, I think CT is leaning towards Colorado as he knows I prefer skiing to just going to a place and taking pictures. I told him anything is fine with me just as long I am with him. (goose bumps)

In the afternoon, CT sent me a newspaper article of himself. His company donated to the red cross for the Hurricane and CT was one of the biggest donor out of the Singapore engineers. So, he appeared in the newspaper...front page somemore! proud of him.

When he came back, he brought back the newspapers as I told him to buy the newspaper. This article is in today's newspaper.

Tonight, Kok Fong and wife treated us to dinner for helping them out during Gek Teng's "confinement". We went to Zea Restaurant- a zen-looking restaurant where the waiters and waitresses all wear black. The food is great and tasty. So, they wanted to go back there again. Me and CT ordered crispy duck with brown rice and veggies. We share as the portion is huge. One dish like that is about US$20. The price to eat out is about this price. So, quite ex. But we can it is about US$10 per person.

After dinner, CT and I went grocery shopping...since he is working on better buy first. When we went Walmart, CT was rushing to go I asked him to go ahead first. So he locked the car door and all while I was still in. However, I wanted to come out already and I opened the car door..the alarm went off!! Goodness...I was so scared and embarrased and HELPLESS! haha..I guess everyone was looking at me cos it was so noisy and the lights kept flashing. I pressed whatever buttons I could press, I open the doors and shut it..etc..No use..What a scene..

CT heard the noise and rushed back here and rescued me. He said, see lah..the car make noise because it wants us to walk together. I told CT to go ahead first cos he looked like he was going to pee in his pants already and I did not want to rush with him. So funny..what kind of logic.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

more parcels..

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Today, CT's colleague, Anthony called me and the first thing he said was "Good morning" and his voice sounded hoarse that I thought it was my dad. Haha.. I said, "HELLO" (enthusiastically) and suddenly realised it was not my dad when he started telling me about the parcel coming. What a boo boo.

His girlfriend, Salynn ordered a parcel for him and will deliver to my place as he is usually not around becos of work. Just when I went out to get mail this afternoon, I saw the UPS truck heading my way and I quickly turned around and walked back to my apartment as it really stopped at my apartment car park.

It was a long box..think it is bowling ball as well as I told Salynn about my friend, Esther buying bowling balls from Ebay at a good price...Salynn and Anthony plays bowling as I think she got that! haha..

It is fun receiving so many parcels but yet, none for me..sobsob..haha.. If they were all mine, it would be like Christmas--so fun. Esther, who would be coming down, has ordered so many packages and she would have a great time opening them up and checking her presents!! Here is a picture of her goodies!!

She said there are more to exciting. Haha..

I guess lots of online shopping websites like ebay or Amazon is cheaper if shipped within US. There are really a lot of great stuff to buy from there and at a gd price cos sometimes, they sell it second-hand. I recently bought a used story book(in good condition) for my god-daughter in Amazon. America is a great place to do online shopping and they have websites that has great rebates and all. I hardly purchase stuff online in Singapore..but when I am here, I practically look at Amazon website or my computer website to see if any good deals to buy.

The weather now has been cold in the morning. There was once, the temperature actually dropped to 9 degrees at 6 plus am. CT told me that he can blow "smoke" in morning. So cool..i love such weather. So, he brings a jacket to work and tonight, while watching TV, I tried it on and CT took a picture of me. His jacket is so stiff that he made me look like a sumo wrestler..gdness!

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