Saturday, April 30, 2005

Another week passed quickly

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Today, Gek Teng knocked on the door at about 11am just to chit chat. So, we were talking and watching "Family Feud" Gameshow together on TV. It was nice to have someone around, compared to being alone a month ago.

After she left at 12 plus to go back and reheat her lunch, I also went to get my leftover fried "Church's Chicken" and heat it up in the oven. Yum. I still enjoyed it though I left it in the fridge for 2 days.

After eating, I vacuumed the whole floor and carpet. Did not take much time and effort as my apartment here is smaller than my house. I have only one toilet here and 2 bedrooms and a small kitchen. So, it is easier and faster to vacuum. At 4pm, I tuned into "Oprah Winfrey" show as I saw yesterday that today's episode will be very interesting. It is about a woman who married this guy and 10 years later, the guy told her that he wants to become a girl. And in the interview, both "husband" and wife were on TV, showing the "husband" having long hair and a total change as "he" went for a surgery to attach a vagina and breasts and took female hormones. It was disgusting..BUT I learnt something from this interview.

What impressed me most is how faithful and determined both parties are willing to stay together. Oprah asked the wife why is she still willing to stay with this "guy", in the same house and in the same room and on the same bed? She answered that the body has changed but "he" is still the same person inside-sensitive and nice. She also said that in her marriage vows, she said,"for better, for worse..till death do us part." Wow..I was amazed. She said she cried when her "husband" told her that "he" wanted to be a girl. And she is not a lesbian. So, now, they do not have any sexual relationship anymore but still stay together. They are like friends now, sharing some of the clothes in the wardrobe, going out together shopping.

It is easy to stay with your partner if everything is normal..but when there are a lot of ups and downs, it is not so simple to in this case. How many wives will stay in this kind of relationship with another person who has had a sex-change?? It is difficult, isnt it? For me, no matter what happens, I will always be committed and stay true to CT. The interview has really got me thinking, but has also inspired me in some way to be like the wife-dedicated.

CT came home at 6pm and we left the house at 630pm for dinner. Went to "China Super Buffet" about 5 mins drive from our place. Oh..the food they served is the best chinese buffet food I have tried here. So far, I went to 2 buffets already. This is the 3rd one and the best. They have raw oysters and great fresh sushi too! They have snow crab legs and crawfish (it is a mini looking crayfish). I enjoyed the bulgogi beef (korean beef). Very nice! I will definitely bring my family and friends here when they come. It costs 12 US$ per person (plus tax). That is less than S$20. Very cheap for buffet. Like I said, buffets here are cheap.

After enjoying the dinner and great fellowship, we walked around the area. Went in a big sports shop and an electronic shop. Shops here are very big and one level as they have a lot of space here. Went home at 10pm and watched VCD.

Last night me and CT watched one disc already. Tonight, we watched the 2nd disc. It is a swordsman type of show starring Taiwanese, HongKongers and Singaporeans actors, based on a computer game. Quite exciting. Slept late tonight since it is friday!

Friday, April 29, 2005

Finally went out!

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Today, I went to Kok Fong's wife's apartment at 12 noon as arranged. Her name is Gek Teng. We walked out of our apartment to the main road. We walked inside and did not cross a road. We just stayed on the side of the roads we were at. We walked for about 15 mins and settled into a "HoneyBaked Ham" store for lunch. I had a classic honeybaked ham sandwich with iced tea. It tasted good. It is not cheap. About 6 US per person. Well, I guess I am used to paying that amount here. Cannot compare here and Singapore.

After that, we walked a while and went into "Dollar General" store for some shopping since Gek Teng has not been before. After that, we walked home. Then, I went to her apartment and just stayed there and chatted. We checked up on prices to rent cars and watched TV together. She passed me her VCDs which she brought over as her DVD cannot play the VCDs but mine can. Think there is some code to break but she has not yet known how to.

I went back to my apartment at 4pm and watched "Oprah Winfrey show". I do watch this show once in a while if the topic that day is interesting. Today was very interesting as the show was filmed in the prison as Oprah interviewed a woman who ran over and killed her cheating husband. She was telling her side of the story of how she found out her husband was cheating on her by being sexually involved with his colleague and how the husband agreed to end off his adulterous relationship to save his marriage. But on the day he planned to break off with the mistress, both adulterous pair was seen in a hotel instead. So, the wife followed them and started confronting the woman and was very angry. The mistress took off in a car and the wife followed and happened to run over the husband. She claimed that she did not see his husband but from a video clip taken by a PI during the scene, she was running over twice.

But her side of the story sounded very convincing as she has proven to love her husband very much. When she knew he had a mistress, she quit her job, went for gym everyday, even planned to go for plastic surgury just to be more attractive for her husband. Experts who studies the video and situation felt that it was not possible for the wife to see the husband where the husband was standing.

It was quite sad as the daughter now hates her mum as the daugther was in the car when she ran over her dad. But her 2 other boys forgive her. So now, she cannot wait to get out of prison to raise her kids. She is being imprisoned for 20 years. Sigh..I believe that when a person is agitated and confused, he or she cannot think straight and they have the ability to do anything even if they do not want to.

After watching this, I feel that it can happen to anyone and it is very real. Like how people commit suicide because of BGR or for other reasons. In a moment of spur, anything can happen.

It is easy to say, stay calm whenever in such a situation but to do it, it is another story. All I know is that God is only a prayer away and He loves all of us. With that assurance, I know I cannot bear to break His heart and I can always turn to Him. Well, you can too!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Wonderful day

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At about 4pm, I went out of my apartment finally and walked to the post box to check my mail. After that, I decided to visit Kok Fong's wife. I knocked on her door. She was busy preparing dinner. So sweet. Hehe. I went it and started talking to her and asked her what she has been doing. She told me she was chatting with her friend through internet.

We talked for some time at her place and then, she wanted to see my apartment. So, she walked over to my place and we talked further. We stay nearest to each I really thank God for placing us so close to each other. We talked about how we met our husbands. So, it was a nice talk. I just wanted to get to know her better and know what she likes to do. She enjoys doing sports. I asked her out tomorrow. So, we meeting at 12 noon tomorrow to walk around and have lunch outside. Cool.

She left my place at 6pm and CT came home at 620pm. We went out for grocery shopping. Teck Meng went together with us. Went to Winn Dixie and this week's special had a lot of items half-priced. I have a Winn Dixie discount card, so after paying, the receipt writes how much I have saved with the card. And I actually saved $11 US!

After that, went to this fast food place called, "Church's Chicken". I told CT I wanted to go there as I kept seeing it on TV advertising for the chicken and there was a special- 10 thighs and legs going for US$6.99. So, we went there and took away the food so that I can come home to watch "American Idol".

The chicken is really nice. Brought it home and the skin was still crispy and the meat is so tender! I loved it. I think it is one of the best chicken I have ever tasted. By the way, in America, they have dark and white chicken with difference in prices. In the beginning, I was wondering what does dark and white chicken mean. I thought it was a racist thing. Ha.. but what it actually means is that white chicken is more expensive as it has the parts which Americans love-breast meat and drumsticks. Dark chicken is chicken wings and thighs. When I order, I go for dark as I love thigh meat. Whenever I go KFC, I always ask for thigh as I feel it has lots of meat and skin!

American Idol tonight is another upset. All my favourites were in the bottom 3 tonight. So sad.. I shall not reveal too much since I know Singapore shows American Idol later.. Oh well, just glad my favourite is not out.....yet.

Right now, watching a movie TV show which is not shown on movies, but is meant to show on TVs. It is about a school teacher who has been sexually assaulted by her student. However, she is being arrested instead as the police believed the student and the teacher loves her students so much that the witnesses think she was making the initiatives. Quite poor thing to be accused for something you never do.

Ok..signing out as I shall concentrate on watching the show! bye

Entertainment day

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Tuesday is always a day where I get to watch my fav shows like American Idol and Amazing Race. Made wantons today and fried them. Well, I did not expect to fry them.I wanted it to be put in the soup as dumplings soup but after making them and leaving them out in the open for so long, the skin started to get soft and started breaking apart. So, I had to fry them instead if not, all the meat and stuff in the dumplings will come out of the soup.

So, now I learnt..make the dumplings only just before you are going to cook them. I bought the wanton skins from the asian market here and it is slightly thicker than what I used to have in Singapore. Oh well, no with it!

CT called me today and told me that his company will not buy insurance for the wives and thus, I am unable to drive ths company car which they provided for CT. I was disappointed as I need a car to drive around and esp for my friends and families who will be coming down to visit. CT came home and promised me that he will get me a car somehow. He suggested renting the car whenever I need it as I do not need it all the time. So, it will be pointless to buy a second hand car which is old and expensive for our budget.

I think renting will be a good idea. Oh well...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Dauphin Island 3-in-1 picture

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Dauphin Island collage

There are altogether 3 pictures taken and I combined them together to create such effect. Think it sums up what Dauphin island looks like. This was where I went on Sunday, about 45mins to 1 hour drive from my apartment. Not too far away.

For more pictures, do check out my US trip photo album at

CT practising hard!

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CT being disturbed from his guitar playing as I told him to stare at the camera

This morning, packed sandwiches, a banana and cookies for CT's lunch. I went back to sleep after he left as I was still dead tired. Woke up at 8 plus am. After that, I had cereals with milk and strawberries for breakfast. For lunch, I made a hot dog.

Did not do much today but watch TV..Saw "The Siege" starring Bruce Willis and Denzel Washington. Was preparing for dinner during afternoon as well. Boiled chicken herbal soup from 2pm onwards on low fire. Cooked bean sprouts with beef and celery with carrots and prawns. Then, there was the soup with chicken drumstick. CT called in the afternoon and asked what I was cooking for dinner as he said he could not wait to eat dinner.

When he came home, he told me how much he missed eating rice. So, think he enjoyed tonight's dinner. Before dinner, I told him to bring one big bowl of herbal soup to Jamie, his colleague as Jamie was not feeling well for the past 2 days. So, I purposely boiled soup for her to improve her health. I am sure you will not be able to find herbal soup sold in restaurants here.

CT asked me out tomorrow to have dinner outside. Boy, he is really learning.. Well, he seldom do so.. But I turned him down..ha..cos tomorrow got American Idol. Anyway, we usually go out on Wednesday as that is our grocery shopping we can go out then. He totally understand as he wants to watch as well.

Now, he is again practising his guitar. He does it everyday so far. He seems so pretty excited. He plays the songs in the instructional guitar book and each time before he plays..he says that he is dedicating this song to his wife. Ha..

I think he is pretty quick in learning..and very focused. Just look at the took me so long to ask him to look at the camera as he was busy playing his guitar..

I miss Phoebe...

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My god daughter, Phoebe

Was looking at my photo collection and thought I post this up. Phoebe will soon be 1 year old on 18 May . Sad that I cannot attend her first birthday. She is cute, isn't she? I took this picture the last time I saw her before I came to America.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Another tiring day..

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Woke up this morning feeling really tired..Think I did not sleep well last night. Anyway, woke up and had a light breakfast before I left for church. After service, went home to change into something casual as CT will be bringing be to Dauphin island. It is south of Mobile, next to the Gulf of Mexico. Today's weather is very sunny but very chilly. So it was a bit hard to dress as I cannot be wearing shorts and t-shirt with a jacket. So, I had to try to withstand the chill and just wear my shorts and tshirt out.

It was about 45 mins drive there. Had to cross a steep a rollercoaster. Nothing to do much at dauphin island. Went there and drove to a small cafe to takeawar hamburger and fries. I ordered a 5 oz Angus beef hamburger while CT ordered a chilli cheese hamburger. We took away and went to the beach, sat on the big rocks and had our lunch. I was starving as it was about 2 pm already.

There were a lot of people at the beach getting their sun tans and bringing their dogs for a swim and walk. As I said, the weather was rather chilly, so we did not feel we were getting tanned...but trust me..we were getting more tan by the minute as it was very sunny...but i was freezing..what an irony.

After lunch, we quickly walked back to the car and drove around the island. It is a small island with one golf course and lots of beach apartments or houses. Quite a messy place. I would say it looks like an americanised Malay kampung. Ha.. It is because the beach houses are built on wooden stilts.So, it looks like kampung houses.

The sand is really fine and white. Yesterday, some of CT's colleagues went here as well and their car got stuck in the sand that it took them one hour before they could get out of it.

After driving for a while, we parked our car at Fort Gaines. It is a fort built during the WW1. We parked and walked around the area.. Walked along the concrete pavement along the beach and saw lots and lots of pelicans, sea gulls and other species of birds. The pelicans reminded me of "Finding Nemo" show.. Anyway, after the walk, we headed back to Mobile as I was quite sleepy. We took another route home as I wanted to see more stuff. But in the end, I fell asleep on the way home. Haha..

Immediately rested when I reached home till 6pm. Rather full from lunch. So, we had fruits and salad for dinner. CT said he did not we ate that. Had strawberries, watermelon, banana, "Ben and Jerry New York Choc Fudge" ice cream and ham with coleslaw for dinner. Nice for a change but I foresee I may get hungry quite fast.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Tiring day..

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This morning,woke up and made hot dog for breakfast. After that, went to the Asian Market to buy some food. I bought kaya buns, one bag of bean sprouts, ginger and coconut milk to make curry. After that, went to "Guitar Centre" to look at guitars. The shop is quite huge with lots of musical instruments especially guitars..well..of course!! Since it is called Guitar company! hehe.. But they have many sets of drums as well. I was amazed at the guitars. I just love looking and feasting my eyes on them.

I went to a guitar room with lots of acoustic guitars and started jamming. I took the most expensive ones to play, which costs about 2000 US$ plus. It was real cool. I went into this shop as I was on a mission to help my friend, Marianne to get a guitar and it is tough as she only likes semi-bodied ones..the ones that look real lady like. Hehe..with nice curvature and slim bodies.. I also wanted to get a guitar myself as my fingers are starting to itch after not playing guitar for a month! I wanted to buy one here so that I can play during my free time and serenade to CT! Oh well, times have changed..girls now serenade to the guys! :)

CT was a bit unwilling at first to buy a guitar for me since I have one at home in Singapore already. I told him that this guitar could be my travel guitar and if we are going to drive around to visit other states, I could bring it with me and play for him in the car. In the end, we got a really nice guitar for only 105 US$. It is a Fender-made guitar. Though it does not look very nice, oh well, who long as I can play something here..

After the guitar shopping, I went to Walmart and did some other grocery shopping like buying bananas, eggs, pasta, rice..etc.. What a day of shopping and buying..

After that, I went back to my apartment to cook. Did not want to eat out as it is unhealthy and since I had so much food in my fridge, I felt it is better to cook. I cooked bean sprouts, with dried prawns, onions and green peppers. It is not bad I must say..There is no salted fish the only substitute I could come out with is to add dried prawns..which added to the fragrance. I also cooked beef with ginger. It was nice.

After that, CT was playing with my guitar. He took out a free copy of a guitar guide and followed the instructions to read the notes and play. He is learning and seems enthusiastic about it. Even as I am typing this, he is plucking away the guitar. Now I wonder if the guitar was for me or for him! haha..

At 3pm, we left and went to Bob's house. (CT's colleague) We went there to meet up with his so that we could go together to our bible study group member's(Natalie and Jay) house for dinner. We toured around Bob's nice house with a huge backyard (garden space). His 3 kids were playing and were so excited to play with us. After that,we went to Nat and Jay's house which is only about 7 mins drive. It is an older house, and not very big. But it feels very cosy.

Dinner was fabulous. Before dinner, we were playing with the kids. Our bible study group is a couples group...and all had kids who were about 8 months - one year plus. So, they were really cute!! I was entertaining them and it was fun seeing them amusing themselves with the toys. Had BBQ chicken leg, BBQ sausages (slightly spicy), mashed potatoes, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, garlic bread for dinner! Plus great desserts...some lemon pecan nut pie and strawberry shortcake. Wow..I was amazed at the huge portions of food and how great it tasted! Enjoyed every bit of it!

Jay, the owner of the house, proudly showed us his collection of rifles!! He had about 20 rifles stored in this bomb shelter looking storeroom. They were orginal rifles used by the Nazis,Japanese..during WW1 as well.. It was amazing just looking at the collection. There were even machine guns. There are actually rifles selling in Walmart. (But of course, Jay did not buy them from Walmart!) So different from Singapore.

One interesting thing we did is that we played a game, called "The Newlyweds"...though all of them are not, except us. There are couples who are married for twenty over it was very interesting. So, obviously, me and CT did not do too well since we only know each other for not even two years..and just got married for 8 months so far. The girls had to leave the room while the guys were asked some questions. After that, we came back and had to guess what answers our individual partners gave. After that, the guys went out and we were asked some questions and our partners had to guess our answers. There were questions like, " What is your partner's fav food, fav restaurant, fav perfume, dream place to retire- beach, farm, moutain or city...etc..and questions like what is your partner's fav sport and what is your partner's mum's birthday. And I was surprised CT knew my mum's birthday!! He guessed it right! Mum, I am sure you are proud he knew that! He said he was making a guess. Ha..

It was all for fun and we had so much laughs. It was a really nice time. CT was having a good time with the kids..playing chess and ice hockey with them. Not the real ice hockey..but the table one where you find that at arcade centres..the one where you need to push the disc into the hole..

Went home at 9 plus pm. Now, dead tired..Got to wake up tomorrow for church. CT told me he would bring me out after church tomorrow to dauphin island..hmm..will def keep you guys updated!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

I've got company!

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Went out at 8pm with CT to the airport to meet up with the rest of his colleagues. Kok Fong's wife will be coming today and we all meeting there to welcome her. I could not wait to see her as we will probably have to keep each other company during the days..when our husbands go out and bring in the dough! hehe..

After fetching her, we went to "Golden Corral" for dinner. It is a buffet family restaurant which costs only about 9US dollars. It was the best buffet dinner I ever had. The steak they served is fresh from the grill and it is very very nice. I had 2 pieces of huge steak. The fried southern Chicken is also very nice. All of us enjoyed the food so much so that we all did not have space for the sweet sad..hehe. When my bro comes, I will def bring him here. It will be well worth the money! Ha..

After buffet, we drove around in the small streets which linked us back home. It was quite fun driving around. There were few flashes of lightning when we drove. Had a great time chatting with one another and having great laughs. Think we made quite a lot of noise in the restaurant. I think Chinese do talk very loud when they gather. :)

After dinner, I felt too full to sleep. So, watched "Jerry Maguire" on TV until 12 midnight.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Great day of company

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Today, I washed the bedsheets and blankets as ever since I moved in, I have not washed it. Do not know how long it has not been washed since the previous occupant. Anyway, after that, did the usual stuff-email, watch TV.. My mornings are kind of routine already, or rather, my TV programmes. At 9am, there is this makeover of 2 rooms in your house..and the rooms to start out with is really a mess and hardly any space to walk about. I am not sure whether it is an American thing to just throw their clothes and stack them up. Initially, the rooms all look like a messy store room. But after the makeover, it is superb. The designers created so much space and bought new furniture for the room such that it looks so warm and it just makes you want to spend more time in the room now. I love that show.

Few days ago, there was another programme that featured car makeover. It seems that there are a lot of makeover programmes from a person's beauty, to car, to house etc.. So, there was a van that is rusty and lots of dog fur that needed a makeover. In the end, the car is a beauty. They repainted it with shades of colour which looks really nice and inside the van, they added beautiful lights and change all the seats, and even fitted a HUGE flat screen computer in it. There was even a pac man video game table for people to play and all the seats were fitted with TV screens at the headrest. At the back of the van, the space inside was used for the dog. They created a TV on the floor for the dog and two holes to be fitted with dog food and water for the dog to eat and watch TV!! When I watched it, I could never imagined a vehicle to be like that!!

This afternoon, I prepared chicken stew for dinner. Added chicken, carrots, onions, celery and potatoes. I love cooking stew as you simply throw everything in and let it cook slowly. It is a simple all in one dish. However, today, Teck Meng (CT's colleague) will be coming over for dinner as me and CT do make it a point to invite his friends over so that they do not have to eat out so often.. So, since I had company today, I cooked egg with onions and chinese sausages. If I have spring onions, I would add it in as well. Also open up a can fish with black dace. I love this can food cos it is very tasty.

TM came about 7pm and we ate and talked. It was a great time at the dinner table. After chatting, we had watermelon to end it off. Then TM suggested visiting Kok Fong, who stays near my place. So we all went to his place to take a look. His wife coming tomorrow by the way to join him. So, we went to see how he was coping... His place is similar to mine but more areas are carpeted..even the dining area. His sofa is bigger as well. Quite nice. He treated us to ice cream. After a while, we decided to go out together just to roam around.

Kok Fong drove and we went to Dollar Tree, about 12 mins drive. All the things are one buck. I love it. I bought 2 rolls of aluminum foil for 1 buck and 2 big bowls for one buck. After that, we went Walmart which is just across. TM bought a foldable arm chair with leg rest for only 13 bucks. I told him he can bring that to the beach and just relax on it. I bought a nice summer t-shirt. It has orange,pink,yellow stripes on it. I love the colours cos they are cheerful colours and it is vibrant. It costs only 5 bucks..and good quality.

After we reached home about 10pm.. I felt so happy just going out. Cannot wait for tomorrow as Kok Fong's wife will be coming at night and we will have dinner out.

Grocery Shopping day

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Today, having a headache. So, rested and did the usual stuff. Did laundry as well. CT did not take the car today as he took a lift from his colleague. They take turns. So, I walked out to the car and washed it as it was very dirty. Difficult to wash as I do not have a pail. So, I brought my cooking container, filled it with water and went to wash the car. Quite sad case. Hehe..

After that, I drove the car to the post letter box to check mail. I know you must be thinking how lazy I can be, but hey, the post letter box is quite far...well, not quite actually. It is walkable but I wanted to drive! I miss driving. But, will only drive inside my apartment compound as I am not allowed to drive it out as the car insurance does not cover me.

Needed to drive the car away from original parking space as the car was parked under a tree which made the car very dirty. So, after cleaning, I parked the car elsewhere..

There was a lot of mail today in my letter box. It was all CT's and some advertisement mails. CT finally received his Alabama driving license card. Looks good. Has his computerised signature in it.I am really praying I will get one too!

Every wednesday, I would go grocery shopping. As usual, went to Winn Dixie Marketplace which is about 10 mins drive from my place. Winn Dixie has weekly specials and it is awesome! This week, they have 10 for $10 specials. So, a lot of items in the place was only 1 buck! Real cool. Bought a ready made salad bag for 1 buck, 1 pound of carrots of 1 buck etc..Great deal!

Came home after shopping about 7 plus pm. Had pizza and made grilled chicken breast fillet as well for dinner. Marinated the chicken breast with cajun, red pepper, black pepper, salt, paprika. It taste great...not dry at all..very tender. Anyhow try and glad it tasted good. Ate coleslaw salad as well which I bought from Winn Dixie. Yum..

Stay tune for more 'exciting' food ahead! ha..

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

New Pope Elected!

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It is 11am now here in Alabama and the news on TV showing LIVE waiting for the bell to ring to signify the new pope elected. Many people outside the Vatican City staring at the chimney as the colour of the smoke shows whether the new pope has been elected or not. So, there was a lot of waiting and anticipation.

The bell just sounded and the crowd cheered.The new pope has been elected.The name of the new pope is to be announced shortly. Now, many channels here showing live on what is going on..What a scene..

I am watching the news live now because I was actually watching "Price is Right" and "Family Feud"-gameshows when it got interrupted by this!, no more shows to watch but this. However, though I am not a Catholic, it is interesting to see the excitement. The camera now zooming into the window. More people are rushing to the scene to watch and hear the announcement.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Catch it!

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2 weeks ago, I catched the Oprah Winfrey Show on TV. Oprah was interviewing Simon Cowell, the judge from American Idol. Simon Cowell introduced to America for the first time, a group of singers whom he thinks will make it big. It is unusual for Simon to compliment somebody, so all of America watching the show was waiting in anticipation to see them perform first time in America.

The group consists of 4 hunks-from France, USA, Switzerland and Spain coming together to form a group called, "Il Divo". They performed "Unbreak My heart" song (originally sung by Tony Braxton) in Spanish I think.. They are like the modern day tenors..Their voice is really nice. When I heard them sing on TV, my goosebumps popped up...really touching. So, I would like for you guys to watch out for them!

Here in America, the latests movies come out first as afterall, most movies that we see are American movies. So recently, there are a lot of shows coming up that they show on TV as advertisements. One would be "Kingdom of Heaven". It is an epic by the director of gladiator. Probably CT's kind of show as he loves epic movies like gladiator and braveheart. So, I will prob catch that. Of course, you cannot really get Chinese shows here..or you get it here rather late. They will be showing Kung Fu Hustle here in US soon..

Ok, anymore entertainment updates, will definitely post it up!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Great weather

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Baked chocolate chip and walnut cookies today since I did not know what to do during my free time. I made bite size cookies and I prefer small and cute looking ones. CT could bring to work tomorrow to share with his colleagues. This is actually my first time baking as I do not have a sweet tooth. But I know CT likes to eat cookies and it will be good to share with his colleagues, so I decided to bake it for them. Never had such time and motivation to do it until now. Ha.

As I was watching TV this afternoon, I saw a info commercial on TV which caught my eye. I saw the same advertisement before and wanted to purchase the item, but CT did not allow as we were overspending. But over the past few days, we have saved a lot, so he promised me that he would allow. It is actually a product called "Smartware". It is great for cooking as it will evenly cook the food and will not burn at the bottom. For e.g if I bake cookies, the cookies will be evenly cook and the botton will not be dark brown.. I can also cook steak, fish and chicken on one tray of the smartware and the odour will not affect the rest of the food. So, it is good as no oil is involved and the food will turn out nice as it will not be burnt. And when I bake cakes or bread with the smartware, it will come off easily after baking because it is like rubber..and it is flexible to just pop it out. I bought it for US$39.95 but they are giving me a US$25 Wal Mart gift it is rather worth it!

Can't wait to use it. Need to use it as I think CT is gaining lots of weight. He did not use to eat lunch but only biscuits when he worked in Singapore. But now, he eats breakfast, lunch with fruit and a snack. Much more than last time. Hehe..So I told him I will reduce his food intake or cook healthier food.

Today's weather is great. About 24 degrees.However, did not step out of the house. One thing I feel is that time passes very quickly. Before I know, CT is back from work already. In the past, after teaching during the day, time passes also very quickly but I was always busy and moving around. But now, I just stay in my sofa and walk up and down in the house. Ha. Very different.

Was out the whole day

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Woke up this morning at 7 plus am. Had ham sandwich for breakfast before we went church. Our church is only about 15 mins drive. Took the highway, so it is rather quick. After service, I took CT for lunch at the Oyster restaurant I went to with Tracy during the weekday. I ordered a flounder fish dish while CT had seafood platter. The weather today is great..though I know most Americans were complaining it is rather hot. But since I am used to Singapore weather, this is nothing. The weather is probably about 23-26 degrees. Very nice and sunny.

After lunch, we parked the car downtown for free and took a "moda" bus, touring around downtown area for free as well! Moda is a free public bus transport specially for tourists I think. During the bus ride, there were people in it talking to one another and we all introduced ourselves. You do not get to see such warmth from people you do not know when you are in Singapore. We were all cracking jokes and having fun in the bus.

After the ride, we went to the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center to see the "Dead Sea Scrolls" exhibit..featuring the oldest surviving texts of the bible. It is actually from Jan 20 to Apr 24. But because of the crowd, they extended to May 8! It was definitely a unique cultural and inspirational experience for me. This is the world famous dead sea scrolls written over 2000 years ago including the earliest surviving texts of the books of the bible, known to Christians as the Old Testament. These priceless documents first discovered in caves near the Dead Sea in 1947, are considered one of the greatest archaeological finds of the 20th century.

It is especially meaningful as it is biblical. There were a deuteronomy fragment with text of the 10 commandments, sections of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah.
The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition demonstrates how the Bible was written and faithfully transmitted from generation to generation to today.

The dead sea scrolls provide a window into an incredible time in history-the time when Judaism as we know it today is formed and the time when Christianity was born. The scrolls were hidden in the caves for 2000 years, preserved by the unique atmospheric conditions of the area and the dark cave interiors. It is just amazing how I actually got to observe such treasure.

It makes me wonder why so many still do not believe in Christ and accept Him when there are so many historical evidence of it, displaying the authenticity of the bible and of Christ who died for us and resurrected on the 3rd day.

We spent about 2 hours looking at the exhibit and admiring it. After that, we drove on the small streets to admire the houses along the way home. The houses here in downtown Mobile are very old. Heard it dates back to the "Sound of Music" era. Very nice to look at these old houses.

I went home and prepared dinner. Actually we were supposed to have dinner with the whole group of colleagues, but we spent too much time in the exhibit that we could not make it. I cooked lady fingers with sambal blachan, steam egg with minced meat and the rice was cooked with chinese sausages and sesame oil. We enjoyed our simple home cooked dinner. Heard that the rest went to a Western restaurant and ate fried food again. Oh not miss that!

Really enjoyed today as it was a fulfilling and educational day. I just feel proud to be a Christian after looking at those scrolls and wish more will come to know Him.


Sunday, April 17, 2005

Another group of Singaporeans..

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Today, another group of from Singapore came-the 3rd batch. They are the technicians working for Tate & Lyle. There were about 30 of them altogether-plus wives and kids. Lots of kids in fact..Hmm..hopefully, I will have the opportunity to play with them and spend time with them.

We went to the airport to pick them up in the afternoon. After welcoming them, we had lunch together at Morrison-a western restaurant. There were a lot of people in Morrison. All staring at us when the whole group of us-probably about 47 people altogether entered the place. The 3rd group of technicians are mostly made up of Malays and most of them smoke. It is strange how the 1st and 2nd batch do not smoke, but when the 3rd batch came in today, almost all of them were smoking. All of a sudden, the air became so polluted. Sigh..

After lunch, we drove 5 mins to Walmart Supermart just nearby for them to do their grocery shopping. Well, as usual, I would buy something! As long as I step into a supermart, I will definitely buy something. itch. Dunno..always feel there is something to buy. Guess, it shows that we are just humans--always having wants..never ending wants..

After grocery shopping, we took them to their apartments. All staying in Cabana Apartments, where all of us stay too. It took some time to get them settled into their individual apartment because of the huge group. We had to drive them to their apartment with their enormous amount of luggage. Each and every colleague have their own apartment. They do not share room with anyone. So, the company is real generous I must say.

At about 530pm, I played tennis with CT, Chen Twok and Jamie. We played doubles. It was great fun as CT was running all over the place. He enjoys I let him do all the work.Hehe..We played for one and a half hours. Then, the rest went out for dinner, while I told them I would like to have dinner at home. Too much of outside food not so good. Me and CT enjoy home cooked food and guess we are the homely kind of people...and enjoy cooking from scratch rather than nowadays, where supermarkets have TV dinners, ready-made stuff. It is practical, but I feel, nothing beats a true home cooked meal..enjoying the comfort of our home ( guess I am just referring to my TV!) We watched "Big Daddy" together while eating..I love that show. Saw it many times. Starring Adam Sandler on how he had to take care of this boy..and the difficulties he faced and how he fell it love with the boy after a while. Real sweet.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Looking forward to a great weekend!

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Today, did not do much but rested a lot. CT woke up to make himself breakfast. I was pleasantly surprised as he usually does not do so. He told me he made himself toast bread with ham and lettuce. He even packed his own lunch and brought along an apple for himself. Feel really proud of him as he wanted me to sleep in, so he did all that so that I do not have to worry for him.

I woke up when CT called me at about 9 plus am to check on me. Did the usual thing-email, watch TV. Whole afternoon watched TV and read a book. Heated up last night's food to eat for lunch. Enjoyed it as it was not fried and it was Chinese food. Also started on watching another VCD serial show- a Japanese one. The quality is not really good but oh well..does not matter. As long as it keeps me company.

CT came home later today. He informed me already. He needed to stay back to do more work since it was the last day of the week. Watched "Mr Deeds" on TV starring Adam Sandler. It is a comedy show. Real funny.

When I come here, I watched a lot of TV shows- from gameshows, to movies, to old TV sitcoms like my favourite, " I love Lucy" or the incredible hulk series. They show a lot of old time favourite shows here...even Charlie Chaplin.

Don't worry. I will definitely not watch TV all day long for months and months here. I will definitely do something more constructive once in a while. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Saw many things today!

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This morning, Tracy came to pick me up at 9am and drove me all the way to Loxley, AL to a Veg and Fruit Farm. The things there are cheap and huge. I bought lots of things like eggplant, lettuce, ladyfingers (okra), french beans, huge onions, tangerines, plums. They even had boiled peanuts which tastes a bit spicy. Tracy bought them so I tried. Quite interesting. After that, we drove down the road to look for fresh seafood, but could not find a good one. So Tracy brought me to Tanger Outlets at Foley, AL. It has 100 over branded stores in one area. We only drove around to see the shops. Did not go down as I did not feel like shopping. More interested to just see. So, we window shopped in the car as the shops are all along the road.

After that, Tracy drove to the beach along the gulf shores. There was a lot of construction going on as there was a hurricane few months back, which destroyed many things. So, it was not as pleasant as it should be. But the beach is beautiful. It is a long stretch and the sand is white. There were a few people suntanning and they brought their kids to play in the sand. There are also beautiful sea shells on the sand and some still alive. So amazing.

After that, we drove back to mobile area to have lunch at "Original Oyster House". It is a wonderful place which serves great food. To see the carpark so full and the crowd, it must be good. Tracy recommended the place. It is not cheap as it costs about S$25 per person. I insisted on paying for the lunch. I had a seafood gumbo (soup with rice), fresh oysters, and broiled scallops with coleslaw and turnip greens. They cook the scallops like how french restaurants cook their escargots (snails)--with garlic, herbs, butter and wine. Very nice. Cooked to perfection. Tracy ordered a seafood platter. I tried her fried oysters--also very delicious as the batter is very nice. Taste like fried chicken but with oyster inside instead.

After lunch, Tracy took me home. Had a wonderful day of sightseeing. Tracy says she will discuss with me and Jan (the other Singaporean who has been here for 15 years) on Sunday during church to arrange a date to meet up. Jan seems pretty excited to meet another Singaporean as it is unusual to spot a Chinese in Mobile, moreover a Singaporean Chinese!

Do take a look at my album as I update just a few more pictures!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Tour of Fairhope

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This morning, woke up at 5am to fry the beef patty, cook portabello mushrooms to add to the beef and a swiss cheese on top to melt it. I made the beef patties thick-more shiok to eat! hehe.. So, early in the morning, I felt so stinky already because of all the cooking. But, for someone I love, it does not matter. It was for his lunch.So, I had to also prepare light breakfast for him. Cooked sausages and toast bread for him to eat.

After CT left, I went back to sleep a while more until 8 plus am. Cathy came to pick me up at 1045am and brought me out. She came in a Toyota Solara car. There is no such model in Singapore but boy, it is beautiful car. I love it! It is a sporty version of the camry, 2 doors. The rear mirror even has a digitised compass to tell you which direction you are heading. Quite cool. Well, I love cars and love driving them. So, that explains my excitement.

Cathy brought me to Fairhope today. It is another town about 45mins to 1 hour drive. It did not feel long as the whole time, I was talking to her. So, in fact, I felt we reached our destination quite fast. She brought me first to the piers, the waters of the gulf...Was disappointed as the water was kelong water. She said it is not usually like that. So maybe it is because of the rain..that stirs up the bottom of the sea. Walked along the pier where there were 2 people fishing. Cant believe they still fish when the water is so dirty looking.

After that, we walked to the park along the beach where there were ducks and geese. One of the geese bit Cathy all of a sudden and scared her. She told me that when she brought her family and grandchildren to the park, when they started to feed them, the geese flew to the kids and scared them in a funny manner. Oh well,animals are like that.. you cannot expect them to always be so friendly.

The area is quite nice with a fountain and flowers. Cathy says that during summer, the flowers will bloom even more. So, it will be nicer. Fairhope is like another town, but it is a more expensive area. So, the houses are more expensive and when we walked in the town and visit the small shops, it is all so expensive. Nothing caters to tourists.
Had lunch at a deli and ate salad. I enjoyed it a lot as it is healthy and delicious. Had a 3-in-1 salad: seafood salad, coleslaw and fruit salad with 2 biscuits. Cathy ordered the same. She insisted on giving me a treat, though I actually planned to give her one.

After lunch, we walked around and then drove to the marina area where you can see boats. Then she drove back to Mobile area and went to Sam's Club. Boy, it is super big! Only members are allowed to go in...but members can bring a guest in. So at the door, you have to flash your membership card. It is like a huge warehouse which sells everything! From medicine to groceries to household goods to cameras and computers etc.. It is special because the price is very reasonable and everything is in bulk. They do not provide plastic bags when you check out. They will place it straight in your trolley cart. I asked Cathy why is that so. She said because this place is like a warehouse, they do not supply. They can only give you boxes to contain the things you buy. All the goods they sell are still in boxes.

Another strange thing I noticed is that quite a number of people there use their cheque to purchase. So, they would write the amount and sign the cheque on the spot and give it to the counter lady. I asked Cathy why did she do it. Isnt it troublesome to write a cheque? She said she is used to it. Hmm..

I came home really happy as I got to see many things today. Came home about 4 plus pm. Bathed and received a call from Tracy, Bob Ewing's wife (Another wife of CT's colleague). She asked me out tomorrow to go to a fruit and vegetable farm. Of course, I said, YES! Cant wait!

At night, went out for grocery shopping together with CT and Teck Meng. Went to Winn Dixie and met James and Cecilia there. All 4 of them wearing Tate & Lyle uniform polo shirt. So, it looked real cute to see them wearing the same thing. The company supplies them uniforms which is real nice. It is nice polo tees and wrangler jeans..altogether about 9-11 sets! So, CT has so many jeans all of a sudden! Quite generous of the company.

After shopping, went for dinner at Dairy's Queen. Teck Meng recommended and said it was better than KFC chicken. SO, I had to try. Dairy Queen in Singapore sells only ice cream. But it sells chicken and burgers etc here. We ordered a 18 pc chicken set and onion ring basket. TM says that the chicken is not that big. It is only chicken breast fillets. So,we thought 18 is ok. But it was not what I expected. I find it quite huge and so we dabao back for our meals the next day. The onion rings here are nice as they put real onions inside. It is more authentic. Onions have a natural sweetness in them. So, I enjoyed it. It does not smell.

Came back to watch the results of American Idol. Felt so bloated when came home. Also felt heaty because of the fried food I just had. So, I made honey drink for me and CT. After that, when I went to brush my teeth, I was bleeding. I think it is my gums. I was scared as it kept coming out after many gargles of water. So, CT used a tissue to compress it. I quickly went to boil some young ginseng root with salt to help. Seriously, I do not know if it helps to cool down my body...but I like to try what I have. Hehe..

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Did not do much today

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This morning, did the usual thing like cook breakfast and pack CT's lunch. Went back to sleep after that as it was way too early for me. Woke up at about 10 plus am. Felt so groggy when I woke up. Watched "Price is Right"- one of the gameshow I watch when I am in Singapore. I enjoy the show.

CT called me a few times to check on me. He also told me that he needs lunch tomorrow and he like to order a beef burger jokingly. Well, I took him seriously and started marinating the ground sirloin beef with worchestier sauce, black pepper, salt,saute onions and McCormick Steak seasoning..and then I form two huge thick patties and store in the fridge for me to cook it tomorrow morning before he goes to work.

I enjoy Tuesday because there is American Idol at 7pm-8pm and Amazing Race from 8pm-9pm. I support Anthony in American Idol as I think he is consistently good- good looking and good in singing. I enjoy the songs he chooses..I think latin songs suit him..

Anyway, as usual, at 9pm, we fixed that time to do daily devotional. Like to share with you one sentence from the book- " Jesus requires us to view other people as highly-valued children of God, well worth our time, attention, and energy." The book talks about loving others and how we should sacrifice our time, energy, status, money etc for them...because of what God has done for all of us by sacrificing his son, Jesus . It is unthinkable to know that someone sacrifice his own son for us, so that we can be with God. Christianity is all about God's initiation..and how He has loved us FIRST..what He has done for us even before we were all born...

My greatest wish is for all to know and experience His love and peace just by believing in Him...

Monday, April 11, 2005

Start of the week

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Woke up at 530am and prepared breakfast for CT as usual. Had tuna and cucumber with toast. My lower lip has been hurting as few days ago when I was eating my dinner, I bit the same spot about 3 times real hard as I was eating too fast and my teeth kept biting my lip instead of my food. So, it is real sore now..

CT will not be driving this morning as one of his colleague just passed the test and he likes to drive. So, since CT prefers to be driven, he is taking a ride from his colleague, James. James got a toyota mini space wagon car. His car is different from the rest. Dunno why the rental company gave him a full-size car, even though the company says they only give mid-size car. The rest of us got either a Pontiac Grand Am or a Chevrolet Malibu. CT's car is actually a 3.4L car. It is a sports car, that is why it is not that big. We will definitely change car in May before my parents come as this pontiac car 'eats' a lot of petrol. Within 3 days, CT must always pump full tank again. So troublesome. Some got a Chevrolet Malibu which is 2.2L...still quite good.

After CT left, I was watching the news and doing my usual emailing. My mum emails me quite often. So, I usually excitedly turn on my computer to check. At about 9am plus, I felt so tired that I went back to sleep till 11am. Hehe..Did not have a good sleep last night that is why. Had macaroni and cheese for lunch. Had difficulty finishing as it was just too filling. Was reading the driving test manual whole day as I am still hoping I would have the chance to take the driving test and if I am given the chance, I would be well prepared. To me, studying is always a more difficult task than practical. I am not very good in studying the books as I have a bad memory. CT is exactly the opposite. I guess that explains why I am a teacher. A teacher puts the studying into action by teaching the students, while the students do the studying. So, I do understand the difficulty my students go through-having to study so many subjects and being so busy with their activities in school.

Cathy called me today. Just met her yesterday in Sandy's house. She called me and arranged a day to take me out. She said she would come down this Wed morning to pick me up and we'll go out together. She is a Christian housewife whose kids are all about 20 plus already. So, she is rather free. Most American women with kids do not work here and each household would have at least 2 cars. Cars here cost about US$20,000. Very cheap as compared to Singapore.

CT came home about 620pm and went out for jogging after that. He usually jogs after work with his colleagues around the apartments. Glad he is exercising. Cooked chicken with gizzard, and spinach with pork slice. Enjoy eating Chinese food. It is healthier than eating Western as the american food puts a lot of dressing, a lot of potatoes and sometimes, it is fried. Eating home cooked chinese food makes you feel like you are back home. However, I miss eating laksa, mee poh, prawn mee..Oh well, it is ok as I am flexible.

Tonight, it has been raining very heavily. Was watching Miss USA for a while before CT called me to do devotional together. So, had to submit to him and we did our daily devotional together. This daily devotional is what our bible study requires us to do. After doing our devotionals, we meet together as group on Sunday and discuss what we have learnt and how we can apply. It is good because as group, we hold one another accountable and despite being newcomers, we felt welcomed just on the very 1st day.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Met a lot of people!

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This morning, woke up early to go to church. Drove about 20 mins to First Baptist North Mobile Church to meet up with Bob Ewing (CT's colleague) at the entrance at 9am. When we drove our car into the carpark, the ushers brought us to a special visitor parking. Bob came up to greet us and brought us to a room for bible study. He invited us to his church as he will be leading a bible study which starts a new book this week. So, it will be good for us to join in. The group he leads are a couples group. They came forward and introduced themselves..difficult to remember names since so many of them.

The bible study was great. We are doing a book entitled "Better together- What on earth are we here for?" The first study talked about what matters most and we learnt about loving others. Learnt about love and how nothing will matter if I do not live a life of love. Words without love is empty. It is just noise. Relationships are more important than accomplishments. Mature love is tested love.

One thing Bob said during the study made me feel really awesome and stunned though I know already. But the reminder made me think.. He addressed to the class that, "Before all of you were born, God had already planned that on this day, you were planned to be in this study group with everyone else here." It seems too WOW to be true..but that is what the bible says. God planned everything right from the start and if you do think about what Bob said, well, you will realise how God has a purpose and a plan for you. You just feel assured that you do not have to worry as He is in control since He has everything planned out.

During church, got to know Bob's wife, Tracy. We hit it off quite well and she seems really excited to bring me around since I am always stuck at home. During the service in the sanctuary, one old lady came up to me and hugged me. She looked so happy and excited to meet me. She introduced herself as Pam's friend and Pam told her about us. Boy, I have never seen such love and friendliness. I felt so humbled and happy to have known such people. After service, Bob brought us to the pastor and introduced us to him and his wife. All of them so happy to see us. Oh, we meet someone else. There was a lady, Jan who approached us and said she heard there are 2 Singaporeans she came up espeically to greet us and she told us she is a Singaporean too but has been away for 15 years and she is married here with 3 kids now. She was so so excited. She even told me that few days ago, she was even telling her husband that it would be great if she could meet some Singaporeans here. Oh boy!! God's plan is awesome..So timely..

Jan intro us to her husband and kids and Bob suggested having a meal at their place and inviting us and Jan's family together as Jan stays very near Bob. CT told them that I can cook some asian dishes especially for Jan. my heart, I was thinking, why he sabo me?? hehe.. But when I think again, I just see a loving man, being proud of his wife's cooking. I am only glad to cook for them. Just hope it will turn out ok. Hehe..

After service, we had lunch at " O Charlie's" with Bob and family. I spent the whole time talking to Tracy, his wife. I was telling her about Singapore and the prices of food, house and car in Singapore. Food here is more expensive but cars and houses are cheap. So that is the difference. What I liked about " O Charlie's" is that kids eat free there! Singapore government should learn this to encourage couples to have children! Before we sat down, there were even colouring books and crayons for the kids. So cute.Bob paid for lunch. We felt embarrassed but I always remember that one needs to be humble to accept someone's favour. It is not about paiseh-ness, but humility. If you do not accept someone's good intentions, then it can be pride. I feel it is quite true..Do think about it!

After eating a heavy western lunch, went back to the apartment to bathe and changed. Sandy, CT's colleague invited us to her place for dinner. So, we left at 330pm, picking some of his colleagues up in the apartment and made our way there. It was about 25 mins drive to her place. Boy, her house is so big and elaborate. Sandy loves to collect dolls. She has dolls everywhere and barbie dolls in cabinets. Seems like a pretty expensive collection. Her bed is so high, you need steps to go up. It is quite interesting. Her master bedroom toilet is even bigger than my 2 bedrooms combined! She has 2 guests rooms and lots of photos on the table. She has a dog. It is a pointer. Quite big and friendly. The dog has a big field to run about. We had hamburgers and sausages for dinner. It was bbq. Very nice. I shared with CT as I was still full from lunch. There was homemade coleslaw and potato salad as well.

Do take a look at my pictures, under the "At Mobile" folder.

We spent a lot of time chatting and playing with the dog especially. The dog was almost as tall as me when it stood on his feet. You can take a look at the pictures. Sandy invited some of CT's American colleagues as well. I got to know the wife of CT's colleagues, called Cathy. When she found out that I am at home all day, she also volunteered to take me out! So hospitable.

After the dinner, me and CT had a good talk back at the apartment and he told me that God has placed us in America so that we can grow closer to each other. We only have each other and he feels that a strong foundation is important. So, by staying together in a foreign land, allows us to grow closer to each other and depend on each other. I feel it is true as we spend more time talking and praying. CT has learnt to be more loving and one morning, he even woke up earlier to make hot milo for me. I was touched. ( though it was a funny method he adopted to make the milo)

He told me during our time together that "the indication that he has really learnt how to love, is my happiness." Thank you Lord for CT.

What an eventful day!

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This morning, woke up and had pork porridge with egg for breakfast. Cooked it last night and this morning so that the porridge will be soft and nice. Cooked quite a bit so saved it for lunch as well. After breakfast, went to colonial bel air mall. It is a huge one storey mall with lots of shops. Went there to renew our car rental and to post a postcard. The shops in the mall were not open yet, so after walking around just to see, we made our way to the bank.

Most banks here do not open on Sats. Only one bank. Feel really strange that most banks do not open on Sats. Thought they should cater to working people. If they close by 5pm on Weekdays and close on sats and suns, then does it mean the working people do not go bank? hmm..

The bank is in Winn Dixie Marketplace. So, of course, I took the opportunity to go grocery shopping again. Bought fresh salmon and catfish fillets. Since we did all these in the morning, I could get fresh seafood. After shopping, I did not see CT. He was nowhere to be found. So, I waited outside the supermarket for him but he still did not come out from the bank. I was worried. Did not know what to do but waited. After about 20 mins, he came out and said he was brought inside the office for arrangements. That is why I did not see him.

After bank, we drove and explored the area near our apartment since the weather was so good. After a while, we went back to the apartment as I needed to put my fish in the fridge. We had lunch-leftover porridge and I cooked egg with chai poh. I enjoy simple meals like these. Not particular. After lunch,we rushed down to springdale mall (just opposite bel air mall) to catch a movie. We rushed as CT told me that the movies are free seating. So, better go earlier. So, we were there half an hour early. Catched the show, "Coach Carter". Guess wat? It costs only $US2 per person!! That is about S$4 per person. Another shocking thing is...guess?? hehe.. CT booked the whole theatre for me!! haha..Yeaaaah right... Truth is, we were the only ones in the theatre!! Not many people watches cinemas there. I think maybe the movies are slightly outdated..maybe..I dunno..We felt strange being the only ones watching the show but I enjoyed as it felt exclusive and the show is great!!

The show is starred by Samuel L Jackson who is a basketball coach and how inspiring he was. I strongly recommend this show for all teachers or aspiring teachers and all students as well. This show really made me re-think my strategies next time when I go back to teaching. Do catch it and get the DVD/VCD when it comes out!

After the movie, we went back to apartment and swam. The weather is about 20 over degrees, so it was good weather to swim. A few of the residents were playing and sunbathing in the pool nearest to my apartment, so I went to few blocks away, to another swimming pool. There was no one in the other pool but some were sun tanning. So, me and CT went in. Boy, though the weather was sunny, water was still freezing. But we still went ahead. Guess, we're used to harsher water conditions.Hehe..

After the swim, took a shower and went to "Bangkok Thai Cuisine" restaurant for dinner. It was slightly crowded, so I thought the food would be nice...but after trying it, we felt it was cathered to the americans. It was not spicy enough though we requested more spice! Ordered shrimp cakes, beef with vegs and green curry chicken. The servings were quite huge but we ate all up as we never waste food and boy, we were hungry after the swim. I will not recommend the place as it is not authentic thai and the price is quite expensive. Probably S$ 20 per person.

Anyway, I truly enjoyed trying new places to's all part of the adventure! :)

Saturday, April 09, 2005

The weekend is coming again!

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Today is Friday and I cannot wait when CT finishes work as we would usually go out on Friday for dinner with the rest of colleagues. Heard we will be going Cracker Barrel Western Restaurant tonight-about 15 mins drive from my place.I already know what to order as I checked on the internet! hehe. Guess you can sense my excitement.

I am always put in charge of giving directions to CT as I have so much time at home to check the map on internet. So, I usually navigate. Well, if I have a choice, I would like to know the whole place at the back of my hand and drive so freely around. My dream has been always to drive a nice convertible with my husband, play oldies in the car and drive along the highway with absolute no cars on the road. That is my dream. Hehe. So carefree!

Just vacuumed the whole house and prepared lunch for myself. Had noodles with cabbage and fried eggs. As you notice, most of my writing includes food. Well, I love food-love to to to go grocery shopping. Yes, I have lots of interests. I definitely believe in living life to the fullest and learning as much as I can before I become old and immobile. (well, not say I am very mobile now..since I am car-less) I think it will be a waste if I look back in future and have only accomplished so little. So, I wish to do what I like to do, and of course, always considering the people around me as life will again be meaningless if everyone is so self-indulgent.

Reminds me of this song by DC Talk, called, "What have we become". I really love the lyrics especially. Check out the chorus!

What have we become? A self indulgent people
What have we become? Tell me where are the righteous ones?
What have we become? In a world degenerating
What have we become?

Friday, April 08, 2005

Another day ahead..

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Last night when CT came home, we went out to Winn Dixie and Wal Mart for grocery shopping. Bought 3 big packets of ready made caesar salad for only US$3. It was a buy 1 get 2 free offer. Had one packet for lunch today. It was raining heavily last night with lots of flashes of lightning. I remembered reading a joke from Reader Digest long time ago about this girl who was with her dad one day and they witness a lightning. At once, the girl told dad to smile as God is taking a photograph of them. :)

That is a joke which I tell CT or tell myself just to make myself happy as I dislike thunder and lightning. Kind of scary. I feel I am a little like my dog, Ashley who always runs to the second storey and hides in one corner of the bedroom, in shiver. To me, aside the joke, I feel thunder reminds me of how much I should fear God. In the bible, , it says,
"When the people saw the thunder and lightning and heard the trumpet and saw the mountain in smoke,
they trembled with fear.
They stayed at a distance and said to Moses, "Speak to us yourself and we will listen.
But do not have God speak to us or we will die."
Moses said to the people, "Do not be afraid. God has come to test you,
so that the fear of God will be with you to keep you from sinning."
(Exodus 20:18-20)
I think this verses reminds me of how powerful God is and how I should obey Him, not being frightened of Him, but being in reverent awe of Him..
Had wonderful dinner last night. I cooked pan fried pork chops (marinated with salt, paprika,parsley,italian seasoning, black pepper). It tasted great and juicy. Bought a roast chicken also from Wal Mart to go with it and for CT's lunch tomorrow. CT complimented me and said it was like eating in a restaurant. I told him that the dinner only costs about US$3-4, but when eat out, it will be at least 3 times the price.
This morning, woke up and cooked noodles for CT's breakfast, watched some TV, do some internet. Another thing I do also during my free time is to do Math Questions. So far I did some revision papers and Prelim Papers. I feel inadequate to do Sec 4 Math papers as I forgot most concepts already. Sigh..weak! hehe..
But after doing a paper, I feel great and accomplished! I saved many of my resources in my computer. So, got lots of papers to do..Motive is so that I will not let my brain rust. Got to train it up and hope to become smarter and more equipped to teach when I get back to Singapore. Yeaaa!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Another storm ahead

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Ok, no country is as safe as Singapore where there is only rain or sunshine. In USA, there is hail storms, snow, thunderstorm, tornadoes , hurricanes, cyclone etc.. What is the difference? Well, I would have no clue when I am in Singapore as who cares? But now that I am in US, I decided to check it out on the internet and find out more. Thank God for internet- it is a cool thing with vast knowledge!

They are almost similar. Hurricane occurs in and around the ocean, tornadoes occur on land. Cyclone is a generic name for any type of low pressure center that spins counterclockwise. It seems that in different places, they call it differently. So, that explains why people are confused.

Well,right now this morning, there is a tornado and thunderstorm warning here in Mobile. What I am impressed about US is that there weather report is very detailed. They even have a special weather channel. They talk about the wind directions and a week's report on the weather. And the report is very accurate as they study the wind directions and all.They say that today, there will be a thunderstorm with 100% rain from noon. How accurate. Unlike Singapore, they will report and say, rain over certain areas today. Duh! Too general.

With or without a storm, I will still stay at home indoors and enjoy my TV and computer. Well, that is not the only thing I do, but will prepare for dinner, read a book, and watch my VCDs.

Worried about the storm? Well, no. Always stay cool, calm and collected because God is with me. If He decides to take me away, then He will take care of everything. Nothing to worry. Wish more people can experience this peace, that is all.

CT's work picking up

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Yesterday, CT woke me up and told me to go check on one of his colleague's apartment to see if he had locked the door or not. So, after I took my breakfast, I went for a walk only around the apartment compound. Walked to his apartment which was about 5 mins walk and then walked to a common area post box to see if I had any letters. Taking a morning walk is rather nice as the weather was great. About 20 degrees.

Whole day yesterday, I spent time corresponding with my mum, Bette and Pam through emails. I think email is a wonderful invention. Bette is this lady who is from Daysprings Church in Mobile here. She seems really nice and even asked if we can meet up for lunch. Pam shared with me how good God is in her life and confirmed with me what happened during CT's driving test-how God showed His power even though all odds were against CT to take the driving test because of lack of documents.

I know many people in Singapore whom I told about CT's driving test were praying for him. Thanks. I think it is really heartwarming to know that though I am here with CT miles away from Singapore, wherever we are, God is just a prayer away-24 hours and there are brothers and sisters in Christ and family members praying together with us. This is really what I mean by God's family..

Cooked curry chicken last night and boy, it was good. Not that my cooking is good, but guess, after not eating curry for so long, anything tastes good. Chicken curry is one of CT's favourite and I could see his eyes sparked when he opened the pot. It makes me happy to see him happy. Also cooked mint leaves with egg. One of my favourite simple dish.

CT's work has been picking up and he has been feeling rather cheemed and confused from the lessons he attend at work. I do pray for God's wisdom to be upon him and to guide him in understanding.

Watched American Idol and Amazing Race last night after dinner. American Idol not very exciting as the theme was on musicals. Not my favourite theme. But Amazing Race was exciting. I vote for Rob and Amber, even though they won Survivor already and though all the contestants dislike them. I just feel that they need to stick around to make the game more exciting. So, I hope they will stay till finals but hope someone else will win.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


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CT came home early today with his Pontiac Grand Am Sedan car. It is a 2.2L silver car. Though it is a new 2005 model, I do not really like the interior. Ha..But am thankful already. I cannot post up the pictures as I have not gotten new batteries for my camera. So, be patient ok?

We went out for dinner to KFC! I know most of you must be wondering why celebration go KFC?? Well, I have all along wanted to go KFC ever since I touched down in USA. Why? Because everywhere I go, I would like to try the KFC in the country to see what is the difference. I love KFC chicken,coleslaw and mashed potatoes. So, I like to compare. So far, I enjoyed the KFC in New Zealand best. Last night's KFC chicken was quite small, surprisingly. But they have side dishes like macaroni and cheese and lots of others. And instead of bun, they have biscuit (it is corn bread, which they call biscuit). I was still hungry after eating, so CT pampered me by bringing me to Wendys (another fast food restaurant) and we grabbed a burger.

We rushed back to watch the basketball finals- Illinois Vs North Carolina. It is nationals college basketball. A big thing in US. However, we came back slightly earlier before the show starts, so I was surfing the channel and watched Fear Factor. I saw someone familiar in Fear Factor. That is, Allan Wu--Wong Li Lin's husband, the TCS actor. He actually flew all the way from Singapore to go into Fear Factor and as in the finals between him and a African-American. In the end, he lost. So sad.. But I must say, he looks bigger in muscle than the americans! Proud of him.

Illinois lost the basketball match by a small margin. It was very exciting as they keep tying..They did not play well. So, not surprised. CT used to study there, so we were supporting Illinois. Oh well. That is life- there will be times when you succeed and times when you fail. Always remember that whatever failure you face, just get up and win the race. Dont give up. (My dad used to encourage me with that!)

CT passed his driving test!!!

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This morning, woke up at 615am to cook a great breakfast for CT to start off his day. Cooked scrambled eggs wth fried bacon bits and toast bread. Was praying together with CT last night and this morning for his driving test. Pam came to pick 4 of them up to the driving centre. CT left the house at about 710am and he came back at 8am to get his passport. He said that they needed his passport.

When he came back, he said that he did not know whether he could take the test or not since so late already. I kept praying and told God that we do need a car to go church and to run errands. But I left it up to Him as His will is always the best. So, whole morning, I was waiting for CT to call me back to tell me the news.

He just called and told me a long story of the many obstacles he faced when he went to the driving centre. He said that the officers there needed more documents from him though his 3 other colleagues went through smoothly. This was because, they approached different officers. But they allowed him to take the theory test first and after 27 questions, they told him to stop as he has passed his theory test already.

His colleagues were the 5th-7th in line to take the practical test. When the first 2 went for the test, they came back with bad news. They failed. His third colleague passed and finally, CT was in the 15th in line to go (they finally allowed him to take after some talking, despite lack of document) and he passed!

After the test, he went to Bel-Air Mall to collect his new car. He said over the phone that it is a nice silver car. Hmm.. I can't wait to see. Really like to thank God for his blessings upon us.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Did exercise today!

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This morning, CT left home at 930am for driving practise. Pam came in her truck to assist CT in his driving as he will be taking his test tomorrow (with her truck). US is different from Singapore. In US, you have to provide your own car for test. Unlike in Singapore, you use the driving centre's car or the private driving instructor's car...not your own.

I went to play tennis with CT's colleagues at 10am. Had a good time. Enjoy exercising here as I do not perspire. I hate perspiring as you feel so dirty and all. That is why I prefer to swim in Singapore when all my perspiration all go to the water and will still feel clean. Played under the sun for about one and a half hours.

Had lunch at Jaime's place. Ate left overs from last night's potluck session. No complains as it is chinese food!! hehe..desperate for healthy chinese food. After lunch, went to flea market about 15 mins drive away. Driving from place to place here is not that far. At very most, is one hour. But usually, would be 10 to 20 mins. So it is rather convenient. The flea market is a huge space with 800 over stores, selling cheap stuff. I grabbed cheesy hot dog and fries there as lunch was not enough. I bought a very nice house slippers for US$3 only and about 16 AA batteries for US$1. They sell things from plants to fruits etc.. Just like pasar malam in Singapore but much more stores. Oh, bought a pair of sunglasses as well.

Some of them bought watermelon and strawberries. Came home tired. CT went to study for his driving test tomorrow while I went to prepare dinner. Dinner was delicious as it was purely chinese. I bought chinese vegetables recently, so cooked chai xin with stewed pork chops, and tau kwa with minced meat. Yummy.

Tomorrow, will be the college basketball finals and CT is pretty excited to watch it as his school is in the finals- Illinois Vs North Carolina. CT used to study in UIUC (Illinois) for his Masters. So, you definitely know who we are supporting for tomorrow's match!

Ok,going off now to watch my TV. They always have lots of movies on TV! Cool.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

What a day!

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CT's colleagues just left. The potluck dinner went so well. The food was awesome! We had bak ku teh, emporer chicken, xiao bai cai, egg with minced meat, japanese curry chicken, cabbage carrot pork soup, fried vermicilli, fried bee hoon, steamed rice and japanese longan jelly for dessert. The emporer chicken was the highlight. It was so nice and tender. Just like how it is cooked in restaurants.

The food prepared was by the 2nd batch of colleagues. The 1st batch went to a sports pub for dinner. They joined us later bringing lots of bottles of beer.Only 3 from the 2nd batch drank. Most did not drink. They came and helped us finished off the food. We were watching TV.. from "Road Trip"-a comedy to "Whose line is it". Very funny. Had a great time. A few of them would be playing tennis tomorrow. I hope to join them to get some exercise. Hehe..

All of them just left and I am now watching a great show on TV. It is ice skating. What is different from this ice skating is that they have celebrities singing life as the music. They had Micheal W Smith just now singing and playing the piano to the song, "Friends". One of my favourite songs as it is so meaningful talking about friendship and how it will be forever only if the Lord is in it. After that, Kimberly Locke (ex-American Idol finalist) sang a very nice song.

Ok, got to go and tune all my watches and clocks to one hour later because tomorrow will be the start of daylight saving time. Strange but true..Sorry..still cant accept how come I can just turn the time like that. Who on earth can set such rule?? hehe..

Nites! Muack to all my friends and family back in Singapore!

Weekend's here!

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Last night went for chinese buffet. They served snow crabs...and a lot of other varieties..Paid only US$8 per person. That is only about S$13-14. After that, went next door to "Dollar General" shop where everything sells for one buck Bought this huge packet of cotton buds (1000 pieces) for a buck! Cool! Then drove 5 mins away to Walmart Supercentre.

There are about 6 Walmart stores here in Mobile. Some are supercentres, while others are neighbourhood stores (smaller). Walmart is really popular here as it is cheap and has a lot of things. Spotted xiao bai chai (vegetable) and grouper fish! So happy..Bought the veggies as think the fish not so fresh to steam...and moreover, I do not have a big pot to steam my fish. Ha.

This morning, CT went jogging with 2 other colleagues around the apartment compound. I have been trying to encourage him to exercise as he is putting on weight. Partly my fault as I feed him a lot of rice! (Just wanted him to have a good dinner after a day's work) CT's plant (workplace) even has a gym, so hope he will get his exercise routine going!

At 11am, some of us met to go to the Asian Supermarket. It is a store which sells lots of asian products. I bought mint leaves, chai xin, tofu, dried bean curd skin and wanton skins. Prices are quite ok (understandably more expensive than in Singapore). It is only 5 mins drive away from my apartment. So it is quite cool to have such stores. A walk away is another asian supermarket...but it kind of has a strong smell with lots of idols when I entered and the place is more cluttered. So, did not really like the place.

Just watched CNN and they reported that the Pope had passed away. For the past few days, the news have been reporting a lot on 2 things- about Terry Shaivo and the Pope. Pope's death made me think that when I am that old,whether I willregret anything before I die, whether my life has been meaningful and fulfilling. I remembered what John Chapman, an Australian pastor said during my church service in Singapore. He said that if one has lived until very old and do not know the meaning of life, it is very tragic. So, I feel, living a meaningful, fulfilling and purposeful life is essential.

CT is now with Pam and his colleagues practising driving. Pam hired a car for them to try out. I wanted to go to play as I have not been driving for so long but there is no space and moreover, I will probably be the last to take the test since mine is a special case. I guess driving any car is not a problem. Maybe the only minor problem is to pass the theory test and to get used to the directions of roads.

Tonight will be a fun night as CT's colleagues will be coming over for a potluck. Can't wait. :)

Oh, the pools in my apartment are open already! So, I can swim anytime.

At 2am tomorrow, it will be the start of daylights saving. This is my first time understanding what it means. It means that tomorrow onwards, the time here will be changed and brought forward one more hour. This is to make use of the sunlight more as it is coming to summer! So, I will be 13 hours behind Singapore time, instead of 14 hours. Cheem right? I never knew such thing can exist--anyhow change time! hehe..

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Flood watch

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For the past few days these week, I started on my Korean drama VCDs which I brought over from Singapore. I knew I had to bring it along because there will not be any shows in a different language other than English here.

During the day, I would watch the news on TV, check my mails, read the bible, surf internet and watch my VCDs. Right now, I am watching this Korean show called, "Loving You". It is a love story between a couple, who went through many obstacles time and time again. It is rather touching and the acting is great. Of course, cant forget about the pretty and handsome actors/actresses. This story talked about the innocence of a girl and how a third party girl who gets in the way and plays in the mind of others to make them think how cunning this innocent girl is. But despite what other people think, this innocent girl still kept her cool and did not bother about them.

It is remindful of what Christ did and how we should all be like Him--long suffering and meekness. Sooner or later, people will know the truth, just like the Korean show. Most of us when accused, becomes so defensive and get heated up easily because they do not like to be wronged. I feel it is a weakness on our part if we get so heated up and start raising up our voices. It is definitely more respectable if one show tolerance.

Whole of yesterday and today, there has been severe thunderstorm. It had been raining,lightning and thunder. This morning as I was watching TV, there was a warning flashed on the TV, making a very loud noise, saying that there is a flood watch warning in my area. I was a bit frightened as I was all alone. But I knew nothing would happen so I continued watching my TV. :)

The rain finally stopped at about 11am. The sun is up now. So happy. I just love the sunshine. Cant wait for summer to come when I can go for a nice swim. There are 3 swimming pools in my apartment. Each pool in one compound. So all blocks are within walking distance to the pool. The pool is about 15m only..good enough!

Whoa. I am finishing my korean 16 disc serial. Took me about 3 days only. It is rather addictive as the episode always end on an exciting note, so I had to carry on inserting the disc to find out what will happen next. Ha.

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