Sunday, April 10, 2005

Met a lot of people!

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, April 10, 2005
This morning, woke up early to go to church. Drove about 20 mins to First Baptist North Mobile Church to meet up with Bob Ewing (CT's colleague) at the entrance at 9am. When we drove our car into the carpark, the ushers brought us to a special visitor parking. Bob came up to greet us and brought us to a room for bible study. He invited us to his church as he will be leading a bible study which starts a new book this week. So, it will be good for us to join in. The group he leads are a couples group. They came forward and introduced themselves..difficult to remember names since so many of them.

The bible study was great. We are doing a book entitled "Better together- What on earth are we here for?" The first study talked about what matters most and we learnt about loving others. Learnt about love and how nothing will matter if I do not live a life of love. Words without love is empty. It is just noise. Relationships are more important than accomplishments. Mature love is tested love.

One thing Bob said during the study made me feel really awesome and stunned though I know already. But the reminder made me think.. He addressed to the class that, "Before all of you were born, God had already planned that on this day, you were planned to be in this study group with everyone else here." It seems too WOW to be true..but that is what the bible says. God planned everything right from the start and if you do think about what Bob said, well, you will realise how God has a purpose and a plan for you. You just feel assured that you do not have to worry as He is in control since He has everything planned out.

During church, got to know Bob's wife, Tracy. We hit it off quite well and she seems really excited to bring me around since I am always stuck at home. During the service in the sanctuary, one old lady came up to me and hugged me. She looked so happy and excited to meet me. She introduced herself as Pam's friend and Pam told her about us. Boy, I have never seen such love and friendliness. I felt so humbled and happy to have known such people. After service, Bob brought us to the pastor and introduced us to him and his wife. All of them so happy to see us. Oh, we meet someone else. There was a lady, Jan who approached us and said she heard there are 2 Singaporeans she came up espeically to greet us and she told us she is a Singaporean too but has been away for 15 years and she is married here with 3 kids now. She was so so excited. She even told me that few days ago, she was even telling her husband that it would be great if she could meet some Singaporeans here. Oh boy!! God's plan is awesome..So timely..

Jan intro us to her husband and kids and Bob suggested having a meal at their place and inviting us and Jan's family together as Jan stays very near Bob. CT told them that I can cook some asian dishes especially for Jan. my heart, I was thinking, why he sabo me?? hehe.. But when I think again, I just see a loving man, being proud of his wife's cooking. I am only glad to cook for them. Just hope it will turn out ok. Hehe..

After service, we had lunch at " O Charlie's" with Bob and family. I spent the whole time talking to Tracy, his wife. I was telling her about Singapore and the prices of food, house and car in Singapore. Food here is more expensive but cars and houses are cheap. So that is the difference. What I liked about " O Charlie's" is that kids eat free there! Singapore government should learn this to encourage couples to have children! Before we sat down, there were even colouring books and crayons for the kids. So cute.Bob paid for lunch. We felt embarrassed but I always remember that one needs to be humble to accept someone's favour. It is not about paiseh-ness, but humility. If you do not accept someone's good intentions, then it can be pride. I feel it is quite true..Do think about it!

After eating a heavy western lunch, went back to the apartment to bathe and changed. Sandy, CT's colleague invited us to her place for dinner. So, we left at 330pm, picking some of his colleagues up in the apartment and made our way there. It was about 25 mins drive to her place. Boy, her house is so big and elaborate. Sandy loves to collect dolls. She has dolls everywhere and barbie dolls in cabinets. Seems like a pretty expensive collection. Her bed is so high, you need steps to go up. It is quite interesting. Her master bedroom toilet is even bigger than my 2 bedrooms combined! She has 2 guests rooms and lots of photos on the table. She has a dog. It is a pointer. Quite big and friendly. The dog has a big field to run about. We had hamburgers and sausages for dinner. It was bbq. Very nice. I shared with CT as I was still full from lunch. There was homemade coleslaw and potato salad as well.

Do take a look at my pictures, under the "At Mobile" folder.

We spent a lot of time chatting and playing with the dog especially. The dog was almost as tall as me when it stood on his feet. You can take a look at the pictures. Sandy invited some of CT's American colleagues as well. I got to know the wife of CT's colleagues, called Cathy. When she found out that I am at home all day, she also volunteered to take me out! So hospitable.

After the dinner, me and CT had a good talk back at the apartment and he told me that God has placed us in America so that we can grow closer to each other. We only have each other and he feels that a strong foundation is important. So, by staying together in a foreign land, allows us to grow closer to each other and depend on each other. I feel it is true as we spend more time talking and praying. CT has learnt to be more loving and one morning, he even woke up earlier to make hot milo for me. I was touched. ( though it was a funny method he adopted to make the milo)

He told me during our time together that "the indication that he has really learnt how to love, is my happiness." Thank you Lord for CT.


Hebrew_Star on Tuesday, April 12, 2005 said...

WAY COOL!!!! That's the Southern Americans for you!! Now you know why I LOVE the South? ;o)

Glad to know that you are getting along there well and hope your trips out of the home with the ladies will be an edifying one. :o)

I am also very happy for you and CT - it is a very good time to grow closer...Praise God!!! Also there, it is not so stressful... air is cleaner, you feel lighter and fresher and trouble-free...

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