Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

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Eversince I gave birth to Danielle, I have been thankful each day for my two lovely children (Though they each have their own personalities and at times, my patience gets tested when Caleb can get very cheeky and playful and when Danielle can be a gobbling monster (dont look at her innocent face and think she's always an angel)-always wanting milk especially when I am in dreamland during the middle of the night, and waking me every hour or two at times.

But deep down, I love both of them very much despite how much sleep they have robbed me of, the number of times they puked on me or poo poo on me,and even though I am growing strands of white hair because of them...I still love them as much from the very first day they came out of my tummy.

Today, I had the chance to take a picture of Danielle lifting up her head. Wasnt easy to take as I was carrying her as well...but here it is! She has lifted her head since she was 5 days in my eyes, I think she is one strong baby!

On this New Year's Eve, I went to my mum's place for dinner. We had Japanese sukiyaki. I love it because its healthy and yummy.

Caleb and Janine were playing with each other.

Here's CT burping Danielle which seemed from the picture like he was strangling her. Haha..evidence!

After dinner, went back home and tried to stay awake for the countdown...but couldnt take it as I was dozing off. But before that, here's Danielle's New Year present for me on the eve of New Year!

Yup, she just puked big time on me when we came home...sigh...I still love her.

Just recently, I had 2 weeks of intensive massage from this lady whom I have engaged to help me in the post natal massage and I have recently finished the sessions with her.So CT asked me whether I think her massage was worth the money...and my reply was, "Yes, because I made a new friend." (aside from how effective her massage was).I am really thankful to have met Suzanne, my masseuse and glad I got to know her personally.

Though 2008 seemed like a bad year for most people because of the economic crisis and all the attacks or bombs, for me, it had been a wonderful year as I was given the opportunity to teach a number of graduating classes and be in charge of certain areas in school as well as the birth of Danielle and how Caleb has been growing well, the wonderful friends I have made, the family I have...

I feel I have grown throughout this year and am thankful to God for all that has happened this year.

2009 will be a year of uncertainty for me- should I stop work now that I have 2 kids? And if I do, what should I do- full time housewife or what? Should I continue to teach in schools or give private tuition? I really do not know but just continue praying and awaiting for God to reveal His directions to me. But for now, I just cant wait to start the new year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Life of Caleb and Danielle Part 2

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Many of my friends have been asking and wondering how Caleb and Danielle have been getting along with each other, given how young Caleb still is and how often the elder one would get jealous when there is a new member in the family.

But I am glad and thankful to say that Caleb has been coping well with the new addition to the family, given his age. He has shown maturity and sensibility.

One of his favourite pasttime now is to lie down with mei mei. He loves staring at her and kissing her numerous times automatically, without any of us telling him to do so.

Here's a video of it

So whenever he sees mei mei lying down on the bed or on the sofa, he would climb up and join her by lying beside her.

I have to say, Caleb is a very happy and loving boy and I pray he would stay that way.

I also pray that Caleb and Danielle's relationship will remain close and that they would enjoy each other's company and show love to each other.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

More prezzies!

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Today, my parents visited us at home and brought lunch to eat together. I told her I had been craving for chicken rice before I gave birth till now and havent eaten my always obliging mum bought for all of us chicken rice with my favourite gizzard and egg.

She also brought lots of presents from her church friends who have kindly bought Christmas gifts for Caleb and Danielle. So after lunch, it was yet another round of opening presents which I enjoy very much as it just relives my childhood days.(though its not for me)

In the evening, CT and I brought Caleb out to the shopping centre by taking public bus. I suggested to CT to use the sling as Caleb enjoys running about and with the sling, at least, we could "tie" him down and is much lighter than to carry him as he is so heavy now.

Danielle has been wearing Caleb's old clothes and when I put on the top which Caleb wore before, I realise how small Caleb was in the past. Here's Caleb with his PJ top

And here's Danielle in the same PJ top which is now quite fitting for her.

Think Danielle will overtake Caleb soon in terms of weight...

Friday, December 26, 2008

day off..

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CT took the day off so that he can have a long weekend. Since its a weekday today, we took this opportunity to have lunch outside to make use of lunch specials which offers by some restaurants.

As I didnt feel like going anywhere far, we went to Punggol Plaza and had Japanese lunch sets. Costs $6.99 for a bowl of rice with meat and side dishes.

I ordered salmon teriyaki for the main meal and fried squid for sides. CT had fried prawns with rice and chicken karaage for sides.

For such a price, I have no complains.

Back home, I spent time playing with Caleb and today was the first time I allowed Caleb to draw. The reason is because he was given crayola magic markers for one of his Christmas presents and the markers only work when drawn on the special paper given. So I allowed him to draw since I know my walls at home would be safe.

Here's his first masterpiece! Looks just like any abstract art in a museum,doesnt it?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

On Christmas..

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This morning, was pretty excited to celebrate this day. Woke up from bed and wished Jesus a "Happy Birthday!" Then went out of my room to greet Caleb and Vicky a Merry Christmas as well as they would be the first ones to be up by 7 am.

As you can see, CT and Danielle were still fast asleep..

Went to kitchen and instructed Vicky to prepare ham sandwich with egg.

After breakfast, we had our mini church service at home. I led in worship as I prepared the songs and slides, while CT gave a sermon from Luke 2. I always feel CT has a knack in explaining the bible passage as its clear and precise.

After service, it was time to open our Christmas presents! Of course, Caleb was pretty excited so much so that he had already opened a present weeks ago as he got itchy fingers.

Here's what I got for Caleb...a baby drum set which kept him occupied!

In the afternoon, I made Oreo Cheese Cake for dinner tonight as I invited my in-laws over for dinner as I prepared dinner. Made mushroom linguine with herbs, mashed potatoes with bacon and cheese, a light butterhead and romaine lettuce salad with my own concoction of vinaigrette, grilled chicken thighs, homemade garlic bread.

During dinner, Caleb was busy with Keelia. Though they do not really play together, but Keelia always follows Caleb around and imitates him. Here's Caleb playing peek a boo with Keelia. By the way, Caleb knows how to say "Keelia".

Had a very filling and enjoyable dinner.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Party

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As usual, every year, my parents would organise a Christmas Party for my family and relatives. I always look forward to it as I get to indulge in yummy Christmas food which is nice to savour once a year like the turkey, thick slices of ham, sausages roast beef etc.

Today marks the first day when Danielle wears a dress!

And as usual before dinner, my father would say grace and give thanks to the Lord for this special day!

We had lots of food! It was a whole table spread of food. We had a huge turkey, roast beef, one roll of sausage, ham, pasta, 2 different types of salad, cauliflower topped with cream of mushroom and bacon, mashed potatoes with bacon and mozzerella cheese, kueh pai tee and ice jelly.

There was so much left overs that we all brought back some food.

Here's Caleb with grandma. I actually bought his set of clothes one year ago for Christmas but because it was too big, he finally got to wear it this year though it is still slightly big on him.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Life of Caleb and Danielle

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Caleb has been reacting well with Danielle around, much to my surprise. Every time when Danielle cries, he would be the first one to react to the noise, while CT and I will be taking our own sweet time to react to it as we have been numbed from her cries.

But as expected, Caleb does act slightly more like a baby, from Danielle's influence. Its like he wants to venture back to the past, when he was few months old.

So that is why he got into Danielle's Moses basket and even laid in it. I remember when Caleb was a few months old, cousin Janine was also trying to get into the basket.

I think if Danielle ever uses a pacifier in future, Caleb may try putting it on again for the fun of it.

As for his interaction with his peers, I feel its lacking as Caleb prefers to hang out with adults and talk to them. He likes to do adult things and eat adult food. But he still welcomes any company he can get as he shares his toys with his friends.

Here are the 3 of them watching Disney Playhouse on TV. Guess this was the most interactive time they had together from the hours they spent in the house.

Well, as for Danielle, she is sometimes 'forgotten' as overshadowed by her well-liked and friendly brother. Moreover, she just sleeps and sleeps so much that visitors just take a peek at her when they arrive and when they leave the house. Poor girl. Haha.

And look what CT and I does to her at times that may make you pity her even more..
She is being placed on the computer chair as one of us would be busy on our computers and the only way to 'look after her' is to place her beside us on the other chair.

Well, that is basically the life of Danielle- eat, and sleep..For now, I am enjoying the peace and appreciating it.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Christmas Story

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Every year, Christians and non-Christians celebrate Christmas. Different people have different reasons why they celebrate Christmas. Some just for the turkey, ham, roast beef, Christmas log cake, some just for the presents, some just for the lights, Santa Claus, Christmas trees and the whole spirit of giving...Why do you celebrate Christmas?

Most people are all familiar with the nativity scene where there is Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in the manger where he was born. But few recognise the significance of this event and the consequences that resulted from this.

Recently, I was reading a book passed to me by my brother. Its entitled, "Ironman". It is about the life of gangster, Neville Tan who had his brush with the law since 14 years old and by 17 years old, he was already one of the top young gang leaders. He has been in and out prison many times with caning but nothing seems to change him.

Interestingly, a guy from a cell nearby had managed to smuggle seven pages torn from a book he had for Neville to read. He then found out that the pages had been torn out from a Gideons New Testament. In anger he crumpled the pages and flung them away towards the toilet bowl in his cell.

Frustrated and bored he began to pace the cell until he was tired. He sat on the concrete bed in his cell and after a while his eyes wandered to the crumpled pages on the floor. Finally he picked them up and began to read. He thought the whole thing was a joke when he read how a virgin could give birth to Jesus.

However, his life took a dramatic turn when he finally received the Lord in the solitary confinement of his cell.

We are all brought up to believe that "seeing is believing" but if that is the case, we do not need faith. So at times, we have to believe first before we can see.

For Neville and indeed for many of us, it is after he took that step of faith that he understood who the baby in the manger really was. And because of that child, instead of living a wasted life, he lived life to the fullest.

We all know that our future is uncertain. Who knows what will happen tomorrow or in the days to come? I know of many who has struggles in their lives, and face difficult circumstances in their marriages and I can only simply tell you that only Jesus can make the real difference in your life as He did to mine, to Neville Tan who is now a founding pastor of the Church of God (Evangelical) and to many others.

This is why we celebrate Christmas for He is here to save us. Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year

Saturday, December 20, 2008


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My cousin, Michael and his girlfriend from New Zealand came to Singapore recently and was staying at my parents' place. So my mum organised a party with my relatives to meet up with them. They have been all over the world travelling and Singapore was their last stop before they go back to NZ.

When I first saw him, he reminded me of Tom Hanks in the movie, Cast Away. I guess like what the recent newspaper had been saying that facial hair is now the in-thing as Prince William also has and many other famous celebrities.

This was a picture taken with Michael 4 years ago in 2004 when I went NZ.

I will definitely bring my children to NZ in a couple of years its a country I love.

Look-a-like contest

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So far, CT and I have still been 'debating' who Danielle looks like and we have no conclusion. I guess it would be clearer when she grows up and like most families, the son will take after the mummy and the daughter will take after the father.

But for now, its just fun 'debating' about it. Maybe you can be the judges.

Here's CT and Danielle still in bed in the morning. Had to take this shot as they look alike in this picture.

Managed to dig out a picture in my comp when I was young and I feel that I look like Danielle too! Ha. What do you think?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Out of the house

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This time round, I become smarter as I go straight to polyclinic after Danielle is discharged instead of going to pediatrician which I feel is a waste of money and my time. The last time when I had Caleb, I went to the pediatrician and because she was so popular, the clinic was so crowded with babies, parents, grandparents and maids. So after a few visits, I switched to polyclinic and boy, the waiting time is about the same and the amount I had to pay in polyclinic was free since I am a civil servant.

So now with Danielle, immediately took her to polyclinic for a jaundice checkup to monitor her level just in case. I have to say the doctors in the polyclinic are quite thorough as they check Danielle's response, her movements, her limbs etc.

The trip to the polyclinic wasnt easy though its near by as I now have Caleb with me and its a little challenging since Caleb is so active. Anyway, brought Vicky and Caleb along as well as Vicky could help me out if I needed any. Took a bus there..

After the checkup, while waiting for the bus, Caleb was playing in the field and admiring the moon which was still in the sky and the migratory birds.. The weather was fabulous and chilly. I loved it!

Danielle slept throughout her visit to the polyclinic even when the nurse drew blood from her, she was sound asleep. How nice.

Back home, again, she was in her usual lying position. Now I appreciate babies who have not yet learnt how to walk as they just lay there in bed..Dont need me to chase and run after her for now.

CT's company sent a baby hamper as you can see in the background

So far Danielle has been quite easy to take care, except for the sleepless nights I have which I was quite prepared for. Sleepless because she wakes up often to drink milk. She is one hungry baby!

I am one who is comfortable with numbers so I needed to express my milk to see how much my baby is drinking and just at one week old, she is drinking over 100 ml! And there are times, she is still hungry and needs me to supplement as I breastfeed her. I also get tired from feeding her that I too use formula so that Vicky or CT can feed her as well as I take a break. Ha. So for me to wean her off breastfeeding wont be a problem as she is adaptable.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The many faces of Danielle

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This time round, with the second child, we seemed to be more confident and relaxed in taking care of the baby. Now that we have two, CT and I tend to leave Danielle lying on the bed the whole time unless she cries for attention. So even when she is awake, we leave her lying around just so that we can have our own time as well as time with Caleb.

So here's Danielle in her many lying poses.

The amazing thing was that now at only 5 days old, I discovered that she could lift up her head already and it was quite high! I placed her on my chest face down and she started lifting her head to take a look at me! I have no idea whether this is normal as I remembered Caleb lifting up his head only at about few weeks old.

Too bad no picture as I was carrying her that time. Oh well.

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