Monday, December 22, 2008

Life of Caleb and Danielle

Posted by Dawn at Monday, December 22, 2008
Caleb has been reacting well with Danielle around, much to my surprise. Every time when Danielle cries, he would be the first one to react to the noise, while CT and I will be taking our own sweet time to react to it as we have been numbed from her cries.

But as expected, Caleb does act slightly more like a baby, from Danielle's influence. Its like he wants to venture back to the past, when he was few months old.

So that is why he got into Danielle's Moses basket and even laid in it. I remember when Caleb was a few months old, cousin Janine was also trying to get into the basket.

I think if Danielle ever uses a pacifier in future, Caleb may try putting it on again for the fun of it.

As for his interaction with his peers, I feel its lacking as Caleb prefers to hang out with adults and talk to them. He likes to do adult things and eat adult food. But he still welcomes any company he can get as he shares his toys with his friends.

Here are the 3 of them watching Disney Playhouse on TV. Guess this was the most interactive time they had together from the hours they spent in the house.

Well, as for Danielle, she is sometimes 'forgotten' as overshadowed by her well-liked and friendly brother. Moreover, she just sleeps and sleeps so much that visitors just take a peek at her when they arrive and when they leave the house. Poor girl. Haha.

And look what CT and I does to her at times that may make you pity her even more..
She is being placed on the computer chair as one of us would be busy on our computers and the only way to 'look after her' is to place her beside us on the other chair.

Well, that is basically the life of Danielle- eat, and sleep..For now, I am enjoying the peace and appreciating it.


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