Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lunch at Punggol Beach

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Today, we decided to try the new KFC outlet which just opened in Punggol Plaza. We have all been waiting for some fast food to come into Punggol area and finally, it has arrived. So we went to KFC to take away and brought our lunch to the beach for a mini picnic. Not much of a picnic as I couldnt sit on the sand. So made use of the stones there to have our lunch.

Seems like nothing much has changed in the beach yet as most people probably have doubts putting their investment into this place since it is still ulu. Anyway, for now, I am just enjoying the peace and quiet of this place.

Here's Caleb enjoying the sand and covering himself with it.

The weather was nice as it was windy and cloudy. After lunch, CT and Caleb played frisbee together while I just sat on the stone blocks enjoying the water.

By the way, I enjoyed the KFC as the chicken was moist and juicy, unlike some other outlets where the meat is dry.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My own sukiyaki

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Since the day I had lunch at my mum's place when she cooked sukiyaki, I decided then that I wanted to do it at my place when CT comes home. So finally today is the day when I felt like preparing it.

So here's the food! Prepared beancurd, tau kwa, leek, shitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms as well as chinese cabbage.

And just bought pork (for sukiyaki) and beef.

For the beef, I bought one whole piece of rump steak and just sliced it up. Its really up to you. Its best if they have beef slices for sukiyaki. But I couldnt find it in Giant where I went. So I made do with this method.

I preferred the pork though as its fattier and more tender.

Cooked Japanese rice for dinner to go with it. For the sauce, you can just get any sukiyaki sauce off the shelf in supermarkets. Only poured half a bottle in and add water as its quite salty. Its not meant to be soup. Its just a dip. So if you are in a mood for some healthy steamboat, do give this a try! Its really very simple.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Caleb bleeds...

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Almost every day, Caleb gets a little crazy. Hmm..maybe that is an understatement as he would scream and run away from us, hoping that we would catch him and play with him. He screams like a chicken to be slaughtered and makes a lot of noise as he gets very excited.

So one fine afternoon, he was playing with Vicky and suddenly, he hit his mouth at the corner of the bed frame and ended up biting his lip which made him bleed quite a bit and a cut at his chin.

I hurriedly took an ice from the fridge, wrap it in a small towel and applied pressure on it. He was wailing. Poor boy.

It was his first time tasting blood as he kept licking his lips and moving it. After a short while, he quietened down

However throughout the day, he made wailing and whining noises probably from the wound on his lips. He still ate his food which I am proud of him for. Anyway, I know my boy is tough. He will be fine.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grand Shanghai Restaurant

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Just few days ago, I organised the Staff Annual Dinner and the theme was "Shanghai Nite". And now, to celebrate CT coming back from US and as well as my parent's wedding anniversary, we went to "Grand Shanghai" Restaurant at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. Its quite interesting to be immersed into the Shanghai theme within a week as I get to hear the same familiar tunes.

Caleb was wearing a long sleeve shirt bought by CT when he was in US. Caleb seldom wears long sleeve as he is usually perspiring. But I thought at least the weather is cooler today and he will be in the restaurant, so why not wear it now?

There was live music and singing which I was a little afraid of when my mum first told me. I was thinking more in line with loud, club-type karaoke music which would put me and my baby off. But thankfully, it wasnt so. It was light and entertaining with a piano and a cello.

I know one very ardent supporter who was listening intently during the performances by the singer and musicians. That is, Caleb. He was practially moving his head so that he can see the stage as at times daddy blocked him.

We ordered a unique dish- crispy eel which frankly speaking, tasted like "fried ikan bilis" and nothing like the taste of eel. However, while researching on this restaurant,I chanced upon this site where a person wrote about the dish in a very descriptive manner.. "The best of them all was the appetizer plate of wuxi crispy eel that stood out with crispy lightness, hardly a trace of oil from deep frying, and a perfect drizzle of the sauce, bearing in its restrained sweetness a nuanced play of the dark vinegar from Eastern China, complex with fruitty baritone flavours. This is an eternal personal favourite from the Shanghainese repeitoire, and I've yet to taste a better rendition..." By the way, one plate of this crispy eel costs $14! Its addictive but I find the sweet sauce too overpowering that I cant taste the real eel.

We had the xiao long bao, and guo tie as well and yes, its nice, light and elegant.

I love their soup which has a very tasty broth and light to the stomach as there are veggies and one dumpling inside.

We also ordered peking duck, "lion" meatball in a claypot, loofah veggie with dried scallops gravy, noodles and dessert which was to die for. Its red bean and banana inside a puff topped with powdered icing sugar.

All in all, this place really does capture the graceful decadence of colonial Shanghai beautifully and with its elegant dishes and classic ambience, you have to be prepared to fork out quite a bit for your meal.

Here's a video of Caleb enjoying the music.

Monday, November 24, 2008

CT takes leave

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Today, CT takes leave to accompany me to see the gynae as well as make use of his off in-lieu Deepavali holiday which he has not made use of.

Anyway, did a scan today at the gynae to check for the baby's heartbeat and the contractions. Gynae saw the results and say my contractions was every 9 mins and regular. I got a shocked and thought I would give birth anytime this week.

So after the session, I was a little uneasy and unsettled as to when I will actually admit to hospital- will it be tomorrow or tonight??

Anyway, after gynae, we went East Coast Park for dinner. But before that, we went to the beach first to let Caleb play with the sand and waters.

We had early dinner to beat the crowd. CT found the food centre now to be overly priced which seemed more for tourists. He commented that it is more like Newton Hawker Centre already. Though I agree with him, however, I still enjoy eating at East Coast Park because of how many memories this place has brought me as I used to eat here very often since young as I have always been staying near the park.

Here's what I had for dinner which was very yummy! I ordered braised pork leg which was very tender,mui choi with tau pok and rice.

And shared with CT a plate of kangkong salad. Love the sourness of the salad but it was slightly too spicy.

And of course, something which I always order (for old times sake), that is, curry puff. (though it used o be 40 cents and now it shot up to $1.20).Once again, CT felt the price was ridiculous for a curry puff. Oh well, times have changed but memories stay...So if you ask me,I really dont mind paying even $3 bucks for the same old curry puff. haha..

And for the record, I have not been admitted to the hospital yet.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day off

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Because CT was away for one month, Vicky did not have her day off. So, now that CT came back yesterday, we gave her a day off today with the assurance from CT that he can handle as I warned him that I cannot really take care of Caleb because of my condition.

Early in the morning, CT took us out for breakfast at the Lor Ah Soo Market as he missed eating porridge with you tiao. So we had that for breakfast. Caleb had some too. While I was feeding Caleb, he was playing with a few aunties there. It seemed so naturally for him to befriend strangers and make them like him. One auntie at the market even wanted to carry him.

After breakfast, we played with him a while before he had his real breakfast which is usually cereals with fruits. Nope, not home cooked. Its from Nestle. He likes that. Then, I would prepare his bath while CT bathes him after his breakfast as I am in no position to squat anymore.

After CT bathes and dresses him up, Caleb would spend some time playing. At about 10 plus which is usually his nap time, I couldnt put him to sleep as he was still so playful. So I let him play while I prepared lunch for me and CT. I made Shepherd's Pie since Caleb could have some as well and a pan fried lamp chops.

While I was cooking and CT was watching TV with Caleb, Caleb fell asleep immediately once he got into daddy's laps. It was funny because we all tried so hard to put him to sleep on his bed but he wouldnt budge...and now, he just naturally falls asleeps on daddy with no force.

So CT put him down to sleep cautiously on his bed before we had our lunch. Lunch was nice and when Caleb woke up, I gave him some Shepherd's Pie. At this age, Caleb drinks his milk only twice a day - one time before he sleeps for the night and the other time depending whether he wakes up in the middle of the night and asks for milk.

His lunch time is about 1pm. Prepared porridge for him in the morning already. So he eats that for lunch and dinner. He had chicken porridge with pumpkin today. Its quite easy to feed him now that he doesnt resist eating. He used to but now, with a bit of distraction by letting him play toys and watch TV during meals, he is all in all, quite easy to manage.

In the evening, went mum-in-law's place for dinner. Caleb was active as usual and playful. Fed him his dinner there.

As usual, I would feel so relieved once the day is over when Vicky is on leave as it is quite tiring taking care of him.I probably wouldnt mind if I werent pregnant as it would be a good way to lose weight running with him. But for now, its tiring..

Saturday, November 22, 2008

CT comes back from USA

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Today has been the day I have been waiting for as CT returns home after one month in US! One month seems like one year even though I correspond with him daily through Skype- an online chat that I could correspond through microphone.

However, I have been thinking what life would be like when he is back. Will we feel awkward not seeing each other for so long? Yes, I do think alot but it is through all this thinking that makes me a more reflective person. (hehe) Truthfully, I kind of gotten used to CT not being around though I miss him badly. Life was a routine and weekdays were not much different from weekends. So now that CT is coming back, I was preparing myself to re-adjust back to life with him around. Well, it's not a bad thing, its just that when 2 unique individuals live together, its all about readjusting your life and activities so that we can all work towards becoming more selfless and loving. Well, at least I hope to.

Anyway, I did my usual supermarketing at Giant this morning and when I came back, checked the arrival time to decide what time to leave the house. Went airport at about 1120am as he would touch down that time. He called me once he landed and it was nice to hear a voice so familiar and so near. He dropped by at the duty free shop to get something for my mum and here's Caleb waiting anxiously as well.

When he came out, Caleb saw him and wanted daddy to carry him. It was obvious that Caleb missed daddy. And of course, I got a great big hug and kiss from CT.

We had lunch at the food court in B2 before we went home. CT kept asking- when will we be going home?? Caleb was still slowly eating his lunch.

Back home, Caleb had a great time playing around with CT's stuff.

CT bought for Caleb gerber biscuits from US as its cheaper and he was enjoying it the minute CT took it out from his luggage.

CT took out all the stuff he bought and I was pleasantly surprised to discover his taste in choosing and how he actually has a shopping instinct in him. He bought for me a nice dressy Fossil watch with a little bling bling which I love, as well as 2 maternity PJs for my stay in hospital and at home. He bought lots of stuff for Caleb and Danielle as well as for friends and family.

Danielle's clothes and shoes chosen by CT were especially nice. He even bought a nice, formal dress for her and cute flower shoes. Very impressed.

Another surprising thing he bought was a bathing gel for the babies and when the shopkeeper also introduced him this bottle which comes out different kind of foam shapes which kids will surely love while bathing, he bought that too!

For most people who know CT, it is surprising isnt it? But its also nice to see how much he cares and thinks about the family. This was definitely one pleasant side to CT which I have now discovered. Thanks dear!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Staff Annual Dinner

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This has been the day I have been waiting for as months of planning and getting a location will finally be over and paid off after this is over. Despite having planned this event since March onwards, to avoid getting stuff last minute, still, there were last minute issues that had to be handled. So much for planning ahead.

Throughout these months, there were many hiccups and obstacles. But I am glad the night turned out better than expected.

The theme for the night was Shanghai Nite and here are my lovely receptionists and usher who were all so ready to help me for that night.

Because I have only 4 members in my Staff Well Being Committee, I roped in more teachers to help out for this event. So here's part of the Staff Annual Dinner Committee..

I arranged 4 MCs to pair up and take turns for the 1st and 2nd half of the dinner. All of them did a great job and were entertaining. Thanks guys!

We had 3 table games in total and surprisingly, everyone was so enthusiastic and spontaneous and doing extra to please the judges. I was very impressed at how spotting all of them were!

We had also many prizes that were given out to the staff like uniqueness awards, lucky draw prizes which I won a $10 Swensens Voucher (yea, organiser also still get..kelong! haha) and teaching awards as well...which I got $60 worth of Popular Vouchers (this was given out by the admin no kelong)

The whole time, I was actually rushing the MCs to continue on to the next activity as I didnt want to hold back everyone as we planned to end by most teachers like to go home early. So am glad that we finished in good time, about 1015pm so that we could do our own things after that. I know some of them went out together after that as our location was near Little India.

When the night was finally over, I really breathed a sigh of relief as I kept thinking so much about this event and how it will turn out. When I drove home, I just kept thanking God that it turned out well and smooth. More importantly, CT would be coming home the next day! So it was a double blessing!

For more pictures of the event, click on this link!
Staff Annual Dinner 2008 Photos

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Class chalet

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This evening, I joined my class at Aranda Country Club for the BBQ. Went early at about 245pm to help them check-in and then went back home first. Arrived at the chalet at about 6 plus.

Caleb was having his dinner and playing with one of my students,Josha at the same time. They were rolling the football to each other. I was quite amazed that Caleb knew how to roll and play with the ball by accurately passing it.

After his dinner, we joined the rest downstairs at the BBQ pit area. I didnt stay long as my tummy was too heavy. Left at about 8pm.

Manage to take a picture with my students before I left. All the best 4E1! It has been a joy to teach all of you! Keep in touch!

Caleb enjoys company

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I have noticed that Caleb enjoys playing with people- adults or kids. If he plays alone, it will probably only last for a short while before he starts his mischieve. However, if he is in the company of adults or kids who are playing, he would spend time at that spot, playing his toys for quite a long while.

This is Caleb when he is all alone at the library, taking out the books at the shelves as Vicky and I were busy choosing books to borrow.

On our recent trip to Ikea, we found a great spot for him to play as we could eat in peace. Initially, he was all alone playing in the hut which didnt last long as he kept walking out of the hut. Finally, when a family went in, he was pretty engaged in playing with them and keeping himself busy in the hut.

Another time was when my friend, Jo came to my house with her son Jed. During any normal days, Caleb would be doing silly things like pressing the buttons of the dvd player, pushing laundry baskets all over the house, throwing balls all over the floor. But when Jed came to play with him, they actually sat at the play area and played with the toys or coming up to me and Jo to try and talk. He behaved so differently.

Finally, we brought both boys to the park down at my block to play.

Could tell the vast difference in their personalities! Caleb was definitely more hyper and daring.

Guess Jed just need some warming up. But it was really nice to see both of them 'interacting'...Well, Caleb insisted on pushing Jed in his pram. And for the record, it almost crashed into a bush. Ha.

Anyway, from all these happenings, I can conclude that Caleb does enjoy company and for someone to play with him. So, I am glad that mei mei will be on the way to keep him company and they can then play together.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Godson's baptism

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Today, went to my ex-church at Bedok to attend my god-son Asher's baptism. I didnt expect the sanctuary to be so crowded as many were baptised and there were quite a number of supporters- family and friends.

Caleb was dressed in his new shirt which CT and I bought for him from HK.

When we arrived, we sat beside my brother and family as well as my mum. Caleb was not sitting beside Janine but the whole time, he kept looking at her direction to see what she will do. Think Caleb was really looking forward to play with Janine.

He was also making monkey faces as he amused all those around him.

Here's Asher during the baptism as he was smiling away. Happy Baby!

And after everything, I could finally take a close up of Asher!

And Caleb also finally had the chance to play with Janine.

After that, went to my parents' place as we were going to celebrate Asher's baptism there. Caleb was busy pushing things around as usual...

Came dinnertime,Marianne's family and friends gathered at my parent's place for dinner. I prepared salad while Marianne prepared lots of yummy food like her famous curry chicken with baguette, potato with bacon and cheese, meatloaf,grilled chicken and my mum fried beehoon.

Had a wonderful time!

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