Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Awed by creation

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This evening, as I was watching TV after my dinner, I suddenly sensed a strong red light radiating from the windows that made me turn my head to look at it...and I was stunned.

Stunned by the beauty of the sky that was crimson red! I quickly called CT and Vicky to take a look, then grabbed by camera which was always nearby, while CT ran to grab Caleb. Haha..all done in a flash. We were all admiring the sky and the clouds!

It was pure beauty...I was really mesmerised.

It was once again a reminder to me that there is a God who created this earth and that He is with us.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

It only gets tougher

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Today, Vicky was on leave and CT had to go church to play his drums. So, I was left alone with Caleb. I was glad and apprehensive that I could spend alone time with him.

A little scared because Caleb is one tough kid to look after. He is quite particular and stubborn, aside from being hyper-active.

Anyway, I took up the 'challenge' and it was really no joke. I felt I was undergoing some kind of 'trial' or something to that extent. I was exhausted and relieved when CT came home at about 1:30pm.

First of all in the morning, I took him to the park downstairs. I bought my breakfast and got a 'pau' for him. Yes, he loves eating char siew pau but only the flour part of course. So we had our breakfast together. Then when it was close to 9am, which was his next feeding and sleeping time, I bathed him first. After which, I knew he was hungry. So I made milk and let him drink. Usually, he would fall right asleep after his milk especially when he finishes all his milk which was what happened this morning. But because I think he somehow knows that I am not Vicky,he didnt fall asleep.

I tried putting him to sleep but he just refuses. He would turn his body and crawl straight out of his bed to play. Sigh. Mission failed. Tried umpteen times, but kept failing...until at about 10 plus am, somehow, he managed to fall asleep in my arms. I was celebrating in my heart as I didnt want to move or wake him up. It was a situation where I just kept so still.

Then I was wondering to myself..when should I place him on the bed? What if he wakes up and do not go back to sleep? So, he was sleeping in my arms for what seemed like forever (but in reality, maybe it wasnt that long). And when I finally decided to place him on the bed, it worked. He continued sleeping. I quickly sms CT about my victorious feat and told him not to call me at home but sms instead lest he wakes Caleb up. Yes, I was super scared to wake this boy up. I quickly made use of this opportunity to do my own things.

I was left alone to do my own things at 10:45am, and at 11am, I heard cries from the room! Argghhhh! I tried to put him back to sleep knowing that he is still tired, but I just couldnt. He realised that I am not Vicky. So, to pacify him, I end up playing with him.

I was cooking my own lunch while he was playing. I cooked steam egg and fried cabbage with dried shrimps with rice for my lunch. Wanted something simple. After lunch, I tried feeding Caleb with porridge that was prepared early in the morning already...but he didnt want any. I was frustrated a little because he was so stubborn. He didnt even want to try.

So, once he didnt want to eat, I place the porridge back into the pot and continued playing with him, reading to him, switching on the TV to entertain him etc etc.

When CT came home, he tried feeding Caleb but still he refuses to eat. Sigh. What a test of patience.

Then, we went out as a family to Macdonalds by just walking over to Sengkang across the overhead bridge. I gave Caleb a little of the bun and he ate. Sigh. Guess he just doesnt like porridge.

When Vicky finally came home at about 6 plus pm, Caleb was already exhausted and thus, cranky. Haha..what to do? We concluded that Caleb only wanted Vicky to put him to sleep.

My thoughts....well, I feel disappointed of course that I cant put Caleb to sleep. But guess I can fully understand why he behaves like that as I am not spending as much time as what Vicky does with him.

And not forgetting, kudos to all stay-at-home mums! It is really not easy to be alone with your kids especially when they are so active and want only your attention! Its really very self-sacrificing to do all that and having no time for yourself.

Anyway, I will make sure that I will be able to 'win over' my second one. Haha.

Latest Developments

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Since Caleb has turned one, he has learnt to walk, blabber more, touch his head when asked to, shake hands with you, do a flying kiss, plant a kiss on your lips or cheek, loves to dance to a beat or music, clap his hands, imitate how a dog barks etc.

He has also learnt a new skill. That is to drink from a straw bottle! I was surprised when one day he took gong gong's straw bottle to play and then he actually sucked water out of the straw! We were all surprised as he never learnt how to use a training cup before and besides drinking from his normal milk bottle, he prefers to drink water from a plastic cup (like an adult) and now, he has already learnt to suck the straw.

So I dropped by at Kiddy Palace to find a straw bottle for him and to my surprised, the age written on the box is actually for kids from 2 years old. Nevertheless, I bought it and here's Caleb using it!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

CT on drums

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This week, CT was down for drums in church. It is his first time playing back in the new building and second time playing for church service.Each time, he has to commit himself to play for all 3 services on Saturday and Sunday. Today, he left early to go to church for practise at about 1:30pm while Caleb and I took taxi later on to meet him there.

The journey from our place to church only took us about 20 mins, costing about $14. Not that bad. I intentionally went church early to support CT.

When Caleb first heard daddy play, he began bobbing his head like a 'rocker' and started using his hands to beat on the chair. He was enjoying himself as well. Caleb loves to dance and bob his head to the music.

Anyway, after a while, I brought him to the cry room where he could play with the toys

as well as I could still peek at CT as the room is surrounded with clear glass where we can look at the stage.

After service, we drove down to Upp Thomson Road to the Long House kopitiam which had so many good stalls. I had craving for Chicken Rice and heard its quite good there. So I ordered, while CT had Bugis Char Kway Teow.

The chicken rice was awesome! The chicken was so tender even if its breast meat and juicy as well! I really enjoyed the dinner! Ordered half chicken as well as bean sprouts. Shared with Vicky as she loves chicken rice too!

I can't wait to come back here for dinner as there are still so many stalls I have yet to try. Hopefully, there would be parking lot available!

Monday, July 21, 2008

One proud daddy

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One night, CT told me to compare his old photo with Caleb's picture. Up to now, CT still thinks Caleb look like him.

Even when I told him that eventually Caleb would look like me, he refuses to believe.

I say Caleb will look like me because in most cases, the son will look like the mummy and the daughter will look like daddy. They will even take after their personalities. That is what happens to my family and CT's family as well, where I take after my dad while CT takes after his mum.

Anyway, here's their look alike picture!

What do you think?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

2nd time to Orchard

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Since our church services are now on Saturday, we have the whole Sunday free to spend time together as a family. So, we have planned to trip to Orchard Road with Caleb in the late morning and in the evening, we will join in the Racial Harmony Celebration down at our block.

It's Caleb's 2nd visit to Orchard. He went there when we was only 5 months. Here's a picture of him then.

Yep, he looked so chubby last time. It's quite funny as CT and I reviewed old photos of Caleb.

Anyway, here's Caleb now at least enjoying more of the sights and not being so blur.

He is wearing his new clothes which friends got for him for his birthday.

We had lunch there at Takashimaya, did shopping at Taka, Centrepoint as well as Plaza Singapura with the vouchers we had. We actually walked from one to another till finally we took a train back at Plaza Sing back to our house.

When we reached home, my legs were so tired that I needed to rest a while to perk myself up for the 2nd part of our activity.

So at about 4pm, we went down our place to join in the celebration of Racial Harmony day where the roads were closed for the parade.

It is a annual event at our place where schools would perform, ministers, and ambassadors of various countries would grace the occasion.

Here's the crowd joining in the macarena mass dance

And the performers..

What I was looking forward to was the free food! And of course, there was a long queue! But I guess it was all part of the fun.

We had free vegetarian food,

mee rebus,

mee siam, lontong

marshmellow and fruits with chocolate fondue.

Free drinks too..

There were also free games for the children. Of course, Caleb is still too young.

The kids seemed to enjoy the foam party most!

At least, Caleb got to enjoy it too!

What an enjoyable but tiring day. Everyone was so full that they did not eat dinner. So, I prepared dessert for the family - papaya with white fungus and longan dessert. As for me, I still went down to the Kopitiam to grab myself some dinner. Haha..

Saturday, July 19, 2008

1st church service at newARPC

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We finally returned back to Adam Road for church services. It has been undergoing renovation for 2 years. How time flies. We have been having services at Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Sec School at Bishan and that is actually much nearer to my house than Adam Road. But then again, it was exciting to move back.

Though the space is the same, the building was new and the hall could seat more people as they added the mezzanine level.

During service, Caleb and Vicky went into the Cry room where there were 4 helpers to read in bible story, do activities with them and sing children songs. Vicky told me that during the song-singing, Caleb went right up in front and danced away but when it came to story-telling time, he was getting restless. Haha..that's Caleb.

Here's his first piece of artwork from the session!

After service, it was dinner time. So, we walked to Adam Road Hawker Centre for dinner. I ate mee soto there which was popular, while CT had prawn mee.

Weather was nice and cooling..Loved it! On the way back, as we were driving back, we past by so many eateries that I was so glad to be back..So, at least, I can get to try all the different eating places nearby. Can't wait! And now that we attend Saturday services, so at least, when Vicky is on leave on Sundays, it is more manageable to be at home.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Actual birthday

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Today is Caleb's actual birthday. I was greeted with a present for Caleb first thing in the morning as my colleague bought for him. Caleb's birthday happens to fall on the same day as my colleague as well as my sister-in-law.

Here's what my colleague got for Caleb.

And check out Caleb's exhilarated face and laughter as he hammers the toy!

Right after school, I dropped by at Punggol Plaza to get a cake for him from Prima Deli.

We only cut the cake after our trip downstairs to the pasar malam (night market).

At the Pasar Malam, I got a bit greedy. So, we bought takoyaki as well as lamb kebab wrap. So yummy! It was a nice walk out with the family.

When we reached home, we sang the birthday song twice through as Caleb enjoyed listening to it and kept laughing and smiling.

Happy Birthday Caleb! You are my joy, my love..May you grow to rely on God and love Him.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Walk by faith!

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This morning, we finally got to open Caleb's presents together since Caleb knocked out last night before he could open his presents.

I felt as if it was my birthday since Caleb doesnt know how to open his presents. All he did was point to the present he wants me to open next. (Well, at least that's what I thought he was signalling me to do)

Anyway, here are his presents..

And the pile of wrappers after unwrapping..

So here's all the presents he received last night. On behalf of Caleb, I would like to say thanks to all my friends and relatives for their generosity!

And here's Caleb dancing to his new pair of shoes. He was really practically lifting his legs so high each time he walked. Think he is trying to get used to it!

In the late afternoon while playing with Caleb, all of sudden, we got a shock when Caleb actually walked quite a distance all by himself! It was so strange because just the night before, he was still wobbling while walking and could only walk short distances (about 1 metre plus). But this time round, he actually WALKED!

What an achievement! So proud of him!

Here's a video to show what I am talking about..Enjoy!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

1st birthday party!

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Today, we celebrated Caleb's one year old birthday party! It was 5 days earlier than his actual date as his real birthday falls on a weekday.

Anyway, we spent the afternoon preparing the decorations. We kept everything simple. So, there really wasnt much for us to do but get ready the balloons, which we did not blow but left it to the vacuum cleaner to do the job!

I like this "Rainbow" Vacuum cleaner as it has lots of functions...though it is extremely costly. But it has served us well.

Caleb was enjoying himself as we put him into his playpen with all the balloons.

Transporting all the balloons down to the multi-purpose hall was a challenge as CT and Vicky tried to squeeze into the lift. Here's a picture taken in the lift.

Went down at about 4 plus pm to decorate.

Everything was ready by 530pm and guests were starting to arrive. Of course, I quickly snap pictures of the food before more people came. So, here's what I catered!

Ordered from Revada as my mum and aunt knows the owner for a long time already. So they gave me a special rate for the food.

Thai Green Mango Salad as appetizer which was my favourite!

Thai Olive Fried Rice with Cashew Nut. This dish was one of the first to finish!

Sautee Authentic Seafood Linguine with Traditional Tomato Sauce. If I had known it will turn out this colour, I wouldnt have ordered. I guess the colour put people off. So there was quite a lot of remainders for this dish.

The next dish which I enjoyed is the Hong Kong Style Dory Fish Fillet with Supreme Sauce and Chinese Condiments Garnish

Next we had the Braised Japanese Egg Beancurd with Seafood Sauce. A dish which I find,suitable for kids.

There was also Thai Style NZ Half Shell Mussel with Spicy Tangy Sauce

As well as Chinese Dough Fritte Stuffing with Sotong Paste (especially for my brother who loves it)

Another favourite dish by the guests was the Fusion Style Prawn Ball with Wasabi Mayonaise & Exotic Fruits Garnish which was also swept out quite fast.

And for veggies, we had the Brocolli with Mushroom and Abalone Clam Combination

Another dish which had leftovers was the Thai Style BBQ Chicken with Thai Sweet and Spicy Dip as it was all left with the breastmeat.

As for dessert, we had Thai Authentic Durian Rice Pudding as well as Chilled Honey Sea Coconut with Longan and Aloe Vera. All so yummy!!

Here's the setup of the spread! All in all, there were 12 dishes in total for the price of only $13 per head!

We also prepared goody bags for the kids or babies who came for the party. We had a mask, a party blower stick (dunno what you call it), san zha sweet (haw flakes), as well as snack which I always loved when I was young- the ball-like egg, flour snack that just melts in your mouth. Caleb likes to eat that as well!

Just before the guests arrived, when we were setting up the balloons, because it was too big, some of them popped! So, here's CT sweeping the floor.

CT and Vicky as really made the day enjoyable and light as they did most of the labour. Thanks guys!

And here's Caleb in the park as he awaits for the guests to arrive. It seems as if he knows there is a party for him as he did not sleep the whole day except an hour from 10 am to 11 am plus. Each time we tried to put him to sleep in the afternoon, he just couldnt. Hummfghh.

Throughout the whole party, I hardly have the time to take my regret as I really forgot all about it. Guess I just had too many people to entertain since almost 100 people turned up! The only picture I took was of my close colleagues whom I invited.

And lastly, the birthday cake which my aunt Rosalind helped me to buy as she works in Hyatt Hotel. I knew I could trust her to get me a nice birthday cake for Caleb...and because of her brillant idea of putting Caleb's photo on the cake, Caleb was all smiles when he saw his own face just when we revealed the cake. I have yet to upload the video of the party but he was really smiling away the whole time as he stood in front of the cake.

So here's the yummy personalised brownie cake topped with marzipan from Mezza9.

Everything went quite smoothly and just when the guests were leaving, Caleb started getting cranky as he was dead beat. So it was rather timely as throughout the party, he was smiling and playing.

He knocked out by 9pm...what a day for him!

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