Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bukit Timah Hike

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Have always wanted to bring the children to Bukit Timah ever since my ex-colleague introduced me to the place. We finally went and the kids enjoyed themselves.
It was a good way to drain our children's energy as they are very active, especially Caleb who was walking and running very fast. He was way ahead of me..But being a good brother, he stopped once in a while to wait for Danielle.
After walking the steep slope, the children had to face big, huge steps that even their legs had trouble reaching. It was cute especially to see Danielle really lifting up her legs to go up the steps.
Anyway, after the tiring climb up the steps, we were rewarded by the sight of monkeys which the kids were excited about.
On the way back down the steep slope, Caleb was walking backwards as it wont strain his knees. I was amazed how he could walk backwards the whole time. I couldnt even do that as I am just not used to walking backwards.
After our hike, as our car was heading out, we noticed the dead train tracks. So we immediately parked our car to the side of the road, got down and walked along the tracks just for the fun of it! Caleb was pretending he was a train..
It was a great adventure just walking along the tracks, sitting on it ..
and even lying on it!
After that, went for a good dinner at Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant just opposite Beauty World.
I would definitely love to do it again with the family....

Monday, July 25, 2011

My boy..

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Caleb is quite focus when it comes to writing or drawing. He would be able to sit down and do that for quite a while. Anyway, here's what he does.. He would practice writing his Chinese and English name.
Then here's what he draws..
I have to say, Caleb has a lot of imagination. He could play with his blu tack for hours and making all sorts of sound effects with it. He would sleep with the blu tack and when he wakes up and finds the blu tack missing, he would cry for it. May he continue to be focused in whatever he does..and allow that mind of his to be creative and imaginative.

"Crowded classrooms and half-day sessions are a tragic waste of our greatest national resource - the minds of our children." -Walt Disney

Friday, July 22, 2011

Thoh's papa birthday

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My colleague, Mr Thoh's birthday falls exactly one week after Caleb. That is why I would not forget. Initiated a lunch for him together with other colleagues at Pu Tien, Tampines. Mr Thoh has retired for almost a year already and we all missed him. But thank God, we still meet once in a while to catch up.

Actually watching Mr Thoh today made me a little sad as he was limping. Among all of us, he is the fittest as he climbs Bukit Timah every week, effortlessly. However, he recently has a back problem which affects his leg.

Nevertheless, I pray he will be healed as soon so that he can continue his weekly climb with his friends and be as fit and young forever!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Caleb turns 4!

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As usual, simple birthday celebrations for my children with in laws in the afternoon, and my side, at night..

There's Caleb and my sister-in-law, Linda who has the same birthday!

Linda with the kids!

At night, my side of the family plus Marianne's family came over to my place for dinner. I cooked vegetable curry to go with my mum's bee hoon, as well as grilled chicken wings. Also ordered pizza.

It was a dinosaur themed party..Well, I just wanted to do a little something for Caleb.

So here's the goodie pack for the kids and his birthday cake!

Here's Caleb ,together with his new presents bought by godma..Cars 2 lego!

After dinner and cake cutting, we went down to the kids' playground at the roof top garden to play.

Was glad Caleb had an enjoyable time. Like to take this opportunity to thank God for watching over him and pray Caleb will continue to grow up into a loving and joyful person.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pre-celebration with family

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Today, my family had a pre-celebration birthday for Caleb because on his birthday itself, my parents, brother and in-laws would be celebrating for him.

My birthday present for Caleb this year is simply to bring him to East Coast Park for cycling and sandcastle building. I actually gave him a few options as to what he wants to do and he chose cycling. I feel this is the best birthday present by far as its meaningful and I do not want my children to grow up expecting presents or think that money solves everything.

Anyway, here's the children cycling in East Coast Park.

Danielle's legs were still too short but she insisted on riding.

After an hour, we went to build sandcastles.

Everyone chipped into the building of it and it was definitely great bonding for the family.

All of us, though tired, had a really enjoyable time as we saw the fruits of our labour at the end of it all

After that, we had dinner at East Coast Lagoon Food Centre which definitely brings back memories of my good old days where my parents used to bring me there after my swimming training at night.

We used to eat duck rice or porridge there and so I ordered that for my children to also enjoy what I used to enjoy in the past.

As for myself and CT, we ordered the beef tribe noodles and also ordered satay which the kids love!

Great activities in the beach plus great food and company..what more can I ask for? I feel so blessed..Happy Birthday Caleb! Hope you enjoyed yourself!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Date with hubby

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Always look forward to dates with my hubby as we have similar interests--food and movies. Typical Singaporean stuff. Anyway,because its youth day holiday, we went to Suntec to watch Transformers which I absolutely loved!

I am not sure if its my brother's influence..but since young, I always enjoy guys' stuff like playing computer games, cars, robots, action, super heroes etc.

Anyway, after the show, we went to have lunch at Aston Specialties. I ordered my usual sirloin steak while CT ordered a super burger which was DISGUSTINGLY OILY and FATTENING!

The burger had deep fried onion rings in it. I felt this dish would cause an immediate heart attack after eating it.

Anyway, after lunch, we had dessert at Andersen's of Denmark.

I was stuffed and bloated. Wanted to go home already but CT insisted on getting his free Latte at Spinelli's which I still have no idea why people would pay about $6 for this?!!! It was bitter and yucky! I hate coffee...

Nevertheless, we had a great time together and taking the train home!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Night at City Square Mall

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Usually we would go out as a family on Saturday evenings. So we decided to bring the family to City Square Mall. Been there a couple of times and parking there is quite alright if you are early.

We had early dinner at a Japanese marketplace/food court. I had mixed steamboat while the rest had rice set and ramen.

After dinner, we walked around and settled at the ground floor where there were performances. Danielle enjoyed herself as she clapped along. She was simply glued to the dancers and singers.

Then the kids went to the playground right outside the mall for some fun before we headed home.

They enjoyed themselves so much that it was tough getting them out of the playground.

Anyway, glad the kids enjoyed themselves.

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