Sunday, April 27, 2008

Save money

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Few weeks ago, we went to Plaza Singapura for dinner as well as dropped by a Spotlight to buy cloth to make Caleb's pillow and bolster case. Here's the result!

Vicky also used the cloth to make a bean bag for my upcoming baby.

And after all these, there was still left over cloth. Guess what else Vicky did with the cloth??

Now Caleb has matching shorts to go with his bolster! haha..

Saturday, April 26, 2008

To the beach

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This evening, brought Caleb to Pasir Ris beach. Its his first time dipping his legs in the sea water. He seemed to enjoy it!

It was still sunny when we were there at about 6pm. But soon after, the sun was setting and it was slightly windy.

We sat down on one of the benches to feed porridge to Caleb.

We had a great time at the beach with Caleb and I really cant wait for Caleb to grow up so that we can swim together.

Healthy lunch

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Few days back, I bought pita bread from my school as I asked the vendor to come down to sell healthy bread, muffins etc etc. My mum used to make pita bread for me when I was young and I remember very clearly that there was a shop, next to the arcade in Parkway Parade(second level) that sold different ingredients of Pita Bread, which my mum used to buy for me.

So, it was a trip down memory lane when finally today, I decided to make pita bread for Vicky and CT. The ingredients I put was lettuce, cucumber, egg mayonaise, pan fried chicken slices and tomatoes.

I first marinated the chicken slices with special and different ingredients- added dijon mustard, as well as marmite.

Then, I also grilled the pita bread to make it hot and crispy. So here's my lunch, including cream of chicken and corn soup, which I added slices of button mushroom in it.

Lastly I topped off with coleslaw sauce on top and sprinkled bacon bits.

It was definitely a healthy and refreshing lunch.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Thank you Lord

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Ever since I had Caleb and now my second one, I have been really thankful to God for this man He has brought into my life. I feel that CT has been in many ways changed to be a more responsible father, husband and has learnt to sacrificed.

So, I would really love to take this opportunity to thank him for being such a wonderful husband and father to us all!

Here's a couple of pictures of my car boot!

and the CNG tank which I loved because at least, I can tell people that I am doing my part to save the environment by running on natural gas from the earth.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Caleb's progress so far

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Up to this date, Caleb really enjoys exploring. He loves crawling on his own, pulling himself up.

He loves throwing balls and chasing after them when they roll away. He loves picking up things and just throwing it on the floor. He loves climbing up and down his mattress or even the platform in my balcony.

He knows how to say papa and mama but not really knowing the meaning. He also knows how to wave byebye..

The biggest feat so far he has done was to climb up to his bed!

Caleb has taught me something- never give up if you have set your eyes on something. You can fall or fail. But you cannot give up. That was what he did and he made it right up the bed after all that perseverance.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pregnancy so far

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Well, as compared to my first pregnancy, I feel more nauseous especially when I wake up and before I sleep at night. I remembered that during my first one, I didnt feel anything.

And at the first trimester now, I feel that my tummy has grown faster as compared to the last time. My colleagues even noticed it and asked me how come so big already. Then I commented to them and said," well, its because the first time one has not gone down fully..and so now, when it increases, it looks so huge."

In a way, its depressing because I have always wanted to shed it off...but on the other hand, I have only myself to blame because I have not put in any effort after my first pregnancy to exercise.

So now that I am pregnant again, it's a great excuse for not exercising. So at least, I don't feel guilty! haha..

Anyway, all in all, it has been good. A little more slack than the last time now that I know what to expect. So slack until I have not made any appointment with the gynae yet. Haha.. Soon soon..just procrastinating.

Whatever it is, I will definitely not take this second one for granted and will treasure it as much as I did for the first one.

Does anyone have any feelings of whether the second one will be a boy or a girl? Any predictions?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekend at Yishun!

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I had a great weekend catching movies- Cloverfield and CJ7. Both really good movies. Besides that, we also had an enjoyable time at Yishun.

On Saturday evening, the family drove to Yishun to the "Bottletree Park" (which is in a different location from "Bottletree Village- so please dont be as confused as me)

I thought it would be the same place, so I went to the village only to realise that the park is somewhere else. The village does not have anything there but a seafood restaurant. So, there's really no point going there. The problem was that the village was a drive away from the park. So because of that, after arriving at the wrong place, we decided to have dinner first before going to the park.

As usual, I would always research on the place I will be going so that I can search for good food around the area in the internet. So when I typed good food in Yishun, there were a few forum posts on this particular Thai Seafood Restaurant that is cheap and good. So we actually went down to check it out and I LOVED IT!

We had an early dinner at 6 pm and we ordered 4 dishes, even though there were only 3 of us. We had hong shao pork rib, seafood tofu, thai style fried fish as well as oyster sauce kailan.

The food was not only good, but cheap (as what the forum said)! They even sell a plate of veggies that costs $3. I ordered medium which costs only $6. And this thai style fried fish which I enjoyed it the most costs only $12!

The service was also very good. When we first sat down, they started bringing in the bowls, chopsticks and spoon...and they even provided a bowl and small spoon for Caleb even when we didnt request for it. Then just after we placed our ordered, the food actually arrived within 5 mins! Everything was very quick...and efficient!

Total price for our whole dinner, including drinks as well as rice...costs us only $33 bucks for 3 adults!

So for cheap and good cze char, do drop by at this place. Its at 701A Yishun Avenue 5, #01-02, Singapore, 761701. Some of the must tries are the pineapple fried rice which CT didnt care to order since it was pineapple- one of the taboo fruit to eat when one is pregnant. The other dish was the cereal prawns which costs only $15 for 12-15 prawns in it.

If you want to go, please be there very early or reserve a place as after our dinner, here was the crowd!

At the dinner table, we actually pretended to feed Caleb with nothing in his spoon. But the funny thing was that he ate from the spoon as if there really was food! Check it out!

After a very fulfilling dinner, we drove to the "Bottletree park" to walk around.

I love the park as there is a huge lake where kids can do water activities- swan riding as well as 'walking' on water!

But anyway, its called "bottletree park" because of this specially imported tree!

After visiting Yishun, I realised that it is a place for seafood as there a lot of seafood restaurants all over, even in this bottletree park.

Here's me and Caleb...

Its a nice scenic place with lots of things and activities for the kids.

As well as a nice chill out area of tired parents..haha.

Caleb had his share of fun playing in the playground as well as this swing!

We really had an enjoyable time in Yishun. It will definitely not be my last! Moreover, its only 15-20 mins drive from my place.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Caleb is down

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On Monday morning, I had a course at Health Promotion Board. So, took the train down to Outram Park Station. I was there quite early at about 815, even though the course started at 9am. So, I had a quick breakfast down at the cafe.

The course was not as interesting as I thought it would be. In the midst of the course, Vicky sms me and told me that Caleb was unwell. He was crying a lot, running a fever, running nose and cough.

So after lunch, I rushed back to see him. We wanted to monitor him for another day. But when Tuesday came, he was still unwell. I still went school because I already missed lessons with my students yesterday. I called home to check on Caleb and Vicky told me that he still not getting any better despite self-medication.

So, I applied to go off straight after my lessons to bring him to see doctor. When I first came home, he was not in a very good state. His eyes were puffy and watery due to the mucus and stuffiness. He had a bad runny nose and cough with phlegm. Not sure whether its because of the durian he ate on Sun. Hmm..

But anyway, brought him to a pediatrician to get him checked up. Any slight movements, Caleb was bawling away, unlike his usual happy self. So, I felt really sad to see him suffering.

He was practically crying the whole day I saw him. The pediatrician told us he had a viral infection. So, she gave Caleb medicine for cough, for his runny nose and as well as nose drops.

So, we went home and gave him the medicine. He fell asleep soon after.

Then after a short nap, he woke up by himself, crawled out of the room and cried to get our attention.

By the time daddy came home from work in the evening, Caleb was feeling much better. How did we know? Well, he was smiling and laughing...So, we took that as an indication.

I really do not wish to see him suffering again.

Though he still has a cough and lots of phlegm, I am just glad he does not have fever anymore or cry often. I guess if you are a parent, you would know exactly how I feel when your baby is hurts.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lulu's one month party!

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Today is Vicky's off day. Though now it is more manageable taking care of Caleb now, he still has his moments...and it still takes a bit of skill to put him to sleep.

Thank God, he slept almost 3 hours in the afternoon which I was really happy because at least, I can do my own stuff.

Here's Caleb and daddy sleeping together.

Both of them slept really long. So, it was a nice quiet afternoon. Definitely no complains.

Vicky came home at about 530pm, and by then, we were all ready to go off to my cousin, Shermaine's daughter's one month party.

It was a nice gathering of my relatives as I got to see baby Angelika- my cousin's Wei Ee's baby girl there as well. She is about 3 months old.

Here's the yummy food ordered from our usual catherer, Revada who gave my aunt a special rate.

Only $15 per person for 9 dishes plus 2 desserts, 1 sushi,

1 Vietnamese spring roll,

1 thai mango salad.

Very cheap. They threw in extra dessert and sushi free for her. Its the usual durian glutinuous rice dessert!

One of the dish I like was the eel rice. I love unagi!!

as well as the seafood tom yam linguini pasta dish. And not to forget, my favourite pig trotters vinegar dish with ginger as well as the chicken rice wine dish. (confinement food). I will definitely look forward to that when I give birth. haha..incentive!

And guess what? Today marks the day Caleb had his first taste of durian!!

Reaction? not much reaction...he didnt really shun it or proud of him!

He also had a good time playing with my mum.

Here's a video of Caleb laughing away.

During the party when my brother's family was about to leave, CT and I went with him to see his new car as well as to sit in it since the car was parked a distance away from my aunt's house. So, my brother dropped us back at my aunt's house so that I can sit in his new car for a very short while. thrill. Its a nice car- Toyota Isis. Great and practical for the family as well as for my dad who took the car this morning to church.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Trip to Plaza Singapura

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Today, went for breakfast at a different AMK wet market and then off to our usual supermarketing at AMK hub in the early morning. After that, went home to rest and had lunch at home before setting off to Plaza Singapura by MRT (North-East Line).

Caleb was well-behaved and it was fun to bring him out. We first had dinner there at Swensens. I tried the new Chilli Soft Shell Crab pasta while CT had the crab baked rice. I enjoyed eating the soft shell crab.

After that, I dropped by at the World of Sports shop as there was a 50% off sale going on in there. Then I saw my ex-student (whom I taught 5 years ago) and he smiled at me and approached me. Then we talked and I asked him," you are are Poh Chuan right?" I was quite surprised myself that I could actually remember his name without much thought. I remembered that he was one of my good normal technical students in terms of attitude and studies.

When I saw him, he was all well-toned,muscular, donning a sleeveless shirt, looking all sporty. He told me that he is studying in Simei ITE doing Sports Management.

I felt really warm inside my heart when I see students coming up to me, greeting me -especially when they are doing well in school. I feel happy and proud of them.

Anyway, in the sports shop, here's me having fun with Caleb..

After that, we went to Spotlight to shop for cloth to make Caleb's pillow and bolster case. Vicky also want to do a nice bean bag for my newborn baby.

Then, we went to Carrefour to take a look.

I spotted something interesting...for Caleb to try..oh no!What is this mummy trying to do to him again?

Initially when I wore the sunglasses on him, he was squinting his eyes..

But then, he got used to it and started opening them up to take a look!

We were really amused by Caleb.

Here's Caleb still looking ever so blur...not knowing that we all had so much fun putting stuff on him!

By the time we reached home, it was almost 9pm as we dropped by at our house pasar malam. Bought an orchid plant from there...Love orchids. I do wish I had an orchid garden just like my uncle with all the different species. Guess, that's what I will do when I retire with a plot of land in future. Haha..

Friday, April 11, 2008

Dedication to Michael Jones

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Last week, one of my favourite American idol was kicked out. It was the first time he was in the bottom three and then suddenly he was kicked out- to the shock of everyone. I even thought he would make it to the top 3 finalists!

One of his favourite songs he sang in American Idol was a combination of We will Rock you/ We are the Champions song which I am playing on my site.

Another surprising episode of American Idol last week during the results show was that the idols actually sang, "Shout to the Lord".

When I first heard the intro, I was thinking- what kind of secular song copied the same intro as "Shout to the Lord"? And who knows- they actually sang that song during American Idol- the full version of it!

I quickly called CT to come and listen. We both were pleasantly surprised.

Here's the video clip of the song for those who missed it! It seems that they sang this song twice- one was during the "Idol gives back" Charity event and another time which I caught was the "Results Show Performance".

Here's the one during the charity event.

May God be continually magnified as more and more people come to experience his amazing grace and love for each and every one of us!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Deja vu...

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It's deja vu this morning, when I decided not to go school today sensing someothing amidst. At about 8:15am,I walked to the nearest pharmacy to get a pregnancy test kit and to rush home to test if it was positive.

And as I tested it in my toilet, my heart started to pound real fast as I eagerly await for the results..and the all too familiar result came out.

Of course before the result came out, alot of thoughts ran through my mind. I told myself if I was pregnant again, good because I will have another baby soon. If I wasnt, also good because it meant that I can go on a good holiday this December with Caleb and CT. I had to run those thoughts through my head so as to prepare myself for whatever results.

And, yes, I was kind of surprised when the result was positive as its all too surreal for me. I cant believe it. I felt as if I just gave birth to Caleb yesterday.

But of course, first thing, I called CT at office, but he didnt pick up. Called CT at his hp, he also didnt pick up. Oh much for wanting to tell him immediately. So, had to sms him instead so that when he is less busy, he would read it.

Then, I went downstairs to my clinic for a confirmation and to get MC to cover today.

CT smsed back and told me how happy he was. I could sense his joy.

Anyway, here's the big kor kor playing in the rooftop garden.

Look at how 'twisted' Caleb's legs are-so as to help him balance.

As I look at Caleb, I feel that he has really grown up. He has learnt to be independent- to play quietly by himself as well as to wake up on his own and crawl out of the bed to look for us quietly.

I do pray he would be a good korkor- knowing how to take care of his sibling well, be loving and to be a good role model as well.

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