Sunday, May 27, 2012

Army Open House 2012

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Today, brought the family to Army Open House at the F1 pitstop area near the Singapore Flyover. We went there in the evening when its not so hot, but it was still crowded.

It was fun as the children saw army tanks and vehicles, choppers, soldiers everyone.

The highlight of the show was towards the end where we stayed on to see the fireworks. Young or old, I'm sure all of us enjoy watching fireworks..

We took the train so on the way back, we passed by Marina Bay Sands which was spectacular at night as we also happen to catch a glimpse of the laser show.

Walked over to Marina Square for dinner. We were all famished.

Then on the way to the train station, the children shared an ice cream from MacDonalds. It was very sweet to see them sharing and being so happy!

May God bless Caleb and Danielle with continual love for each other and for the people around them!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Open House & Exhibition

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Today was Caleb and Danielle's School's Open House Exhibition where their art work will get displayed. I was very amazed by the creativity parents have when they do the art work with their children. Very inspiring. I will definitely make sure I do a better job with my children the next time round! (My competitive nature kicking in, it seems..)

Here's Caleb's class theme on snails..

This is my favourite!

Here's Caleb's work!

Check out what he said when he presented his art work! So funny!

I have to say, Caleb's drawing stands out! Very detailed and creative. So proud of him!

Here's Danielle's class theme on baking!

I made this together with her!

And here's her friend's work..

During the exhibition, the older students set up booths to sell their art work as well as food. Had fun buying from them and supporting them!

I leave you with some other art work by the pre-nursery class!

Why don't you go spend some time with your child today and do some art & craft with whatever recyclable materials you can find at home?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Back to School

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Went with hubby to his company's dinner & dance. Though I usually dislike functions like these (because I do not like to think of what to wear), I would like to support my hubby by attending.

This year's theme was "Back to School Days". Initially, I wanted to borrow my old Secondary school uniform but when CT suggested me borrowing from my school so that he can wear the boy's version, while I wear the girl's one...I thought it was a brilliant idea in a practical sense and in a good couple sense so that we match!

The MC for the event was Wayne Chua, who is supposed to be some famous emcee after googling him as he was so brilliant and captivating!

The event was held in Carlton Hotel Ballroom. It was a buffet style food. I have to say, the food was fantastic!! So no complains, even though it was buffet!

I had the opportunity to go on stage because of a forfeit during one game.

and as for CT, he went on stage twice. The first time was to help give away lucky draw prizes

while the second time was for being one of the best dressed nominees. So he was made to dance on stage with a partner.

I had lots of fun that night, enjoying the entertainment- games and music, as well as the company and food!

Thanks dear for inviting me!

Friday, May 18, 2012

BBQ nite

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The weather in Singapore has been so humid...I would definitely enjoy BBQ more if the weather was cooler. But nevertheless, I still love eating BBQ food. My student's parent invited me and the Robotic students over to her place for BBQ to celebrate our achievements in US. It was a very nice gesture which I would probably do for my child too! Ha.

Anyway, I went over to school to pick my students up and went over to the house for BBQ. It was a very unique house which I have never seen before! Unique because I felt like I was visiting Underwater world!

Check out the food! Not easy to have BBQ for just 10 people. So I was glad there wasnt too much food!

Took this picture because the BBQ pit looks really cute with this amount of food on it!

It was seriously cook as you eat kind of BBQ...whatever we felt like eating, we just put our stick there..

Students were entertained by the Xbox Kinect dancing game

Amusing the dog with the laser nerf gun

As well as feeding the arowana fish and monster-looking-fish with frog!

Had a great time esp when I found out that my student's parent purposely roasted beef in the oven for me as she knew I love to eat beef. Touched! ;)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Property Investment Course

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For the past 3 days (Friday night, whole Sat and Sun from 10am to 6pm), I have been attending a Property Investment program with my hubby. I am really glad we attended this together. It was held at ERC Institute Campus along River Valley Road. Many may wonder why I attended this course. There are many reasons why I do so..but the main reason is that I love property. Whenever I pass by a property under construction or when there's a show flat, or when there's a notice stating the sale of land, my eyes would brighten up and take a closer look. I love looking at show flats as I love absorbing ideas of how to decorate a place up. So besides my love for teaching, this is another area which I love to venture in so that there's another alternative. Probably got the genes from my daddy who is a valuer in the past and now, a property agent.

The one who conducted the course is Andy Ong, a self made millionaire by age 26. He started out with only $10 000 put it into a property in Club Street...and now, his annual turnover is $100 over million. He is an amazing entrepreneur who not only is a walking property encyclopedia (locally and overseas), but he is also a restaurateur and hotelier. Amazing! So this whole 3 days program for me was more inspirational than anything.

On the second day of our program, he took us around Singapore to look at property- what to look out for, what to buy and investment strategies. It was fun! We had lunch together and it was nice for him to mingle around with us and just being so down-to-earth with us as we had a good chat especially when he and most of us at the table were Christians./

It was fun as I had the chance to mingle with people who were experienced in property investment- owning properties in London, Australia, Singapore- commercial and residential.

On our last day of the program, a guy called Steven Kuan conducted the program. He talked about the legal, tax matters, the buying process etc. When I first heard this, I thought it would be very boring as its so wordy and technical but Steven made it fun and interesting. He also showed us slides on the developments that were to come from now till 2018. So exciting just knowing which areas will be developed and how awesome it is going to be! I was pretty amazed at what they will be doing to Jurong Area. Jurong will soon have a hotel in that area! Its unthinkable! So, if you are looking into buying a place and work in the west, I would definitely recommend Jurong.

Anyway, after this course, I really cant wait to study the market more and to pray hard for opportunities to invest!

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