Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Onboard Singapore Flyer

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Today, me and my colleagues needed to go to MOE Building for a sharing and briefing session at 3pm. The horrid thing is that we all end school by about 12:30pm and the Muslims get to leave early today at 1115am because tomorrow is Hari Raya.

So with the extra time we had in our hands, my colleague suggested taking the Singapore Flyer as there is a free ride for teachers during the month of September because of Teachers' Day...and moreover, today is the last day of the promotion!

So off we went to take the Singapore Flyer!

Too bad the weather wasnt good. It was pouring. The guide was asking us if we still want to carry on boarding the flyer or wait till the rain stop. We all just went ahead since its free.

So, excuse the pictures I took since the weather was not in our favour!

We had the whole capsule to ourselves. So it was nice and exclusive!

This is the view of the wet F1 circuit from the flyer.

The view of Marina Bay Golf Course and the Floating Stage where we have our National Day Parade Celebrations.

As well as the construction of the Integrated Resorts(IR) and Casinos!

At the end of the ride, they have a model of what the IR and Casino will look like.

Honestly speaking, I was going to doze off when it was the end of the ride as it was so slow...and the weather was so nice to snooze.

After the ride, the skies cleared up a little but we chose to have our lunch at the Singapore Flyer Shopping Area instead. Went to "Jalapeno Peppers" for lunch. They had a good lunch set offer!

I ordered a sirloin steak (with mashed potatoes and cooked veggies) that comes with either a chicken soup or house salad. I ordered a house salad as I felt the soup may be a little too filling for me.

Even the salad was decent and heard from my colleagues that the soup had a lot of ingredients and it was thick and wholesome.

The set costs me only $10.90! And you can add $2 for the dessert of the day which was brownies. Initially I didnt order but when my colleagues ordered and it came, I got tempted and ordered too because it was huge and came with ice cream! (for only $2 bucks, it was worth it!)

The only downside was that they didnt provide free ice water. So we had to order our own drinks which was expensive. It ranged from $3- $5, depending on what drinks you order.

After lunch, we rushed to MOE for the briefing. On the way out, we could see crane vehicles parked at the side to take down the fencing for the F1 night race.

What an interesting but tiring day as my briefing ended at 5pm. CT came to pick me up after his work and we went home by Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) which was a nice and smooth ride! (took us only about 20 mins to drive from Buona Vista back home to the North East)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Seafood craving

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Tonight, went to my monthly gynae visit at Bedok. I do enjoy going to the gynae, even though I always feel nervous, as the waiting time is quite short. I would usually take the early time slots. (Earliest is 6:30pm) Tonight, my appointment is 6:35pm but as usual, CT and I will be early. We reached at about 6:20pm and the gynae was already there. She's real professional about it, unlike some doctors I know who comes in late.

So even before my appointed time, she would have seen me already. I usually wait about 10-15 mins for my turn. Anyway, here's active Caleb keeping himself busy as usual.

The gynae says that my girl is growing well and definitely heavier than Caleb in comparison.

After appointment, went to East Coast Seafood Centre to meet up with my parents and friends for dinner.

My parents' friends came all the way from HK to watch the F1 night race. They bought $200 over plus ticket each to walkabout the track and catch the race. CT and I followed the race on TV and it was exciting which I never knew I would be interested.

But anyway, they came and stayed at my parents place. So tonight, they brought them out to eat seafood at Long Beach and invited my god-sister and hubby along too as my god-sister, Chloe is from HK as well.

Caleb finished his home cooked porridge tonight and I was glad as he seldom finishes his food. After his meal, we brought him to see the live seafood!

I enjoyed watching the Alaskan King Crab. My friend just told me yesterday that she went to eat the King Crab at Red House Seafood Restaurant and one crab costs her about $300 plus but she told me that it was worth it as the meat is so tender and sweet! I do wish to try it someday.

Here's a picture with the HK friends who stayed at my parents' place

We ordered quite a lot as usual- had fried sotong yu tiao, chilli crab with fried man tou, black pepper crab, homemade beancurd, fried brocolli with prawns, and seafood egg hor fun.

And for dessert, we had mango pudding which came in some dry ice holder.

Really enjoyed ourselves as Chloe's husband, Chung shared about his experience working in the medical team during the F1 night race. He even showed us the pictures he took upclose with the cars! *drool*

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ally's big day!

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Today is my sister-in-law's big day! Caleb was given the responsibility of opening the car door for the groom this morning.

At 6:45am, we were all dressed up, including Caleb and left the house at about 7:05am. Yes, you can imagine how rushed we were just to make it at my in-law's place at 7:30am. I thank God that both CT and I are great timekeepers. A minute late to us is a big deal. Even our alarm clocks are synchronised so that when our daily alarm clock rings during the weekdays, we will be up at the same time!

So here's father and son all dressed up so nicely!

At the house, we had our breakfast. My mum-in-law made her own curry puff which I loved! Think I ate like 5!

Here's Caleb with his cousin, Keelia who is 1.5 months younger than him.

After a while, Caleb couldnt keep still and wanted to get off the bed, while Keelia was obediently sitting and posing for the camera.

When the groom finally arrived by the sounding of the car horn, Vicky and Caleb rushed down to open the door for the groom. I was watching from upstairs.

Here's me and baby Keelia!

At about 9 plus am, we made our way to the hotel- Crowne Plaza Hotel in Terminal 3. Yes, this is my third time within 2 weeks to have gone there! Went there for tea ceremony. Here's the view from their suite!

The interesting thing was that along the hotel corridors of the room, it is outdoor! So quite hot when the sun is up but definitely energy-saving!.

After the tea ceremony, we went to another room which is a normal room for the babies to rest. It was a much better view than the suite as we can see the swimming pool!

Check out the view!

The room is nice, comfy and romantic.

Caleb was sleeping at first but after we attempted to transfer him from the pram to the bed, he woke up and kept himself busy with the TV and hotel brochures.

Both Caleb and Keelia enjoyed looking out of the window. Caleb loved looking at the aeroplanes, the sky train and the swimming pool!

How I wish I was staying here and enjoying the facilities. Who knows? Maybe I will come back to stay with CT for at least a night? haha..But at least, let me give birth finish first!

Here's our little boss busy reading on the bed!

After reading, he was explaining and talking away!

Then he concussed on the bed! Information overload probably!

At about 12 noon, we made our way down to the ballroom. Here's Caleb making himself at home!

He kept staring at the ceiling because its the swimming pool on top!

Here's the reception area!

Ally's wedding photographer all liked Caleb as they would take many pictures of him and Caleb would run to them to take a look at his picture! So all of the photographers know that they need to show Caleb, the boss for approval!

Here's inside the ballroom with about 20 tables. A very nice ballroom with great artistic ceiling that looked like branches and leaves.

Ally had her ROM and wedding lunch together so that everyone could witness the ceremony. Similar to mine, just that I had wedding dinner instead of lunch.

Here's the wedding gift

And the food we ate!

I went into the ballroom early before it was opened to the guests as I needed to sit down. Caleb was running up and down the aisle. He wanted to play catching. He really seemed to have lots of fun! (Confession time: He even pulled out some flowers! and started plucking it petal by petal on the floor)

Since I was in the ballroom early, I managed to take shots that I wouldnt take if the guests all came in.

Here's the bride and groom walking in at 1 pm! (quite on time)

After the ROM ceremony, the food was served. I enjoyed all of the dishes! It was definitely much better than the day we had food tasting.

Here's the first dish- I love the spiced bean curd and roasted pork best as the pork was so lean and the skin so crunchy!

Here's what I meant by Caleb making himself comfortable and at home!

He was basically running up and down the stage when the guests were eating. It was entertainment for all of us!

It was nice to see him enjoying himself. I really enjoyed myself this day as Ally gets married and everything was great- the food, the ambience! Here's wishing Ally a great marriage with Klein and an everlasting one!
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