Saturday, May 29, 2010

Exhibition Day

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Today, Caleb's school had an exhibition cum open house. It was the day where the school showcased all the art work done by the students and so, I was pretty excited to go there to see Caleb's work.

There were games for the kids to play e.g bowling and golf

Then we made our way to Caleb's classroom where the theme was on chicky farm.

The teachers got everyone to join in for the chicken dance, which Danielle joined too. She seemed to have more fun than Caleb.

The whole classroom was displayed with all the students' art pieces. I was busy looking out for Caleb's work!

Here's Caleb's pink pig which I did together with Caleb at home. The teacher gave us a grey egg which we were supposed to decorate it with our child. So I thought of doing a pig with Caleb since its cute.

I was glad that Caleb was hanging out with his friends after a while.

Here's more of Caleb's masterpieces.

Then there was a place where they displayed pictures of what the students have been doing and of course, I was looking out for Caleb in the pictures.

Check them out!

Here's Caleb playing with puppets

mashing the egg

And there's Caleb on the cow during his excursion to Farmart (which is in Choa Chu Kang)

We also visited other classes to take a look at their exhibition and presentation.

After the exhibition in school, we went to Pasir Ris Park for lunch. We had lunch at the horse stables area. Don't ever go there for lunch. The food is horrible. However, great place to hang out as it has a relaxing atmosphere and moreover, the kids could play.

After lunch, we walked around to see and touch the horses.

We then walked around the park to look for the mangrove swamp area. It was a long walk, under the hot afternoon sun.

Managed to see lots of small little crabs

horseshoe crabs

It was pleasant to discover nature right at our doorstep (in the East)

Will definitely be back here again when the weather is much cooler.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Eat with Your Family Day

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As I was just talking about this event in my last post. This is a yearly event held usually the last day of school just before the June Holidays. This year, the theme seems to centre around "Fatherhood".

I know of many married women who feel that they can juggle well without their husband as they feel their husband also do not do much around the house, but only know how to work and come home to sleep. So divorces happen as the women think they can do without them since they can multi task better and are can handle work and family at the same why do we need men?

Well, that is a very superficial point of view in my opinion. Having a father figure in your child's life is so important as mum and dad play different roles. Research shows that when dads aren't involved, children are more likely to do drugs, become depressed and fail in school. I don't know how to explain this but there's just something about fathers that children look up to, respect and regard them as role models.

I remember listening to a sermon that preached about fatherhood and this preacher actually aimed that he could be his son's hero and his daughter could wish that her future husband would be someone like him. How nice..

Anyway, back to my celebration...

My family celebrated this event a day earlier with my parents and my brother's family. I often eat together with my brother's family and parents but just so to make this event a little more special and out of the norm, we had steamboat cum bbq. Felt like we were celebrating Chinese New Year!

Am very thankful for this day to take place as Caleb just had a fever and flu few days back. Glad he is feeling much better and regaining his appetite.

As for Danielle, she is most of the time strong and healthy with great appetite!

There's Danielle at my parent's place during dinner. Check out her red mark on her neck. Caleb actually stamped her neck!

Anyway, Happy "Eat with your Family" Day!

Learning Journey @ Marina Barrage

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Brought my students to Marina Barrage today since they finished their Mid Year Exams. The objective for them is to learn something about Marina Barrage, go there for some kite flying fun as well as to answer some English, Science and Mathematics questions which we have for them.

The most fun part of it was definitely the kite flying as we made our way right to the top to fly.

Some of the teachers also had their try at the kite. It was very nice to see so many orange kites all in the sky as the whole Sec 1 cohort were flying them..

I was quite amazed to see how my students could fly so high without running. Moreover, most of them even told me that it was their first time flying. Their parents never brought them to fly kite before.

It just struck me how little time parents spend with their children nowadays. That is probably why the government had to initiate "Eat with your Family" Day. To me, it sounds ridiculous as I eat with my family every day around the table but I know a lot of my students told me before that they usually eat alone as their parents would come home very late. Sigh...

How I wish more people could see the relevance and importance of being together as a family...even in the small little things or actions as its these small little things that unites the family-brick by brick, layer by layer...

So please do not underestimate or disparage the importance of just sitting together with your family and eating together for your meal. Make use of this time to catch up and communicate as well!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Navy Open House

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Rain did not dampen our spirits as we made our way to the Navy Open House. We took a train to Expo where we boarded the free shuttle place to our destination. We intentionally went there early to beat the crowd.

The kids were excited.

It was still drizzling when we arrived. So we sat under the shelter while the kids were entertained by balloon sculpturer.

After a while, we walked around. The place was quite big. So it was rather tiring.

After a while, I grew bored of the ships as they looked almost the same to be.

I told CT that they actually looked like some ship in a very low grade, lousy graphics 3D computer game. They looked so plastic.

They had long queues of people waiting to go onboard the ship. There was also free duck tours on their amphibious vehicles

After looking at most of the ships, we went into the family zone area where there are lots of game booths.

I would say, this section of the Open House was the most fun as there were games suitable for everyone. CT had a go at the gun, while CT and I played a Memory Game and as for the children...they had bouncy castles. Caleb also went for a photo shoot in uniform! He looked so smart!

I was actually afraid he would back out and not do it after I paid for it. Thank God he didnt and he actually enjoyed himself, though he looked absolutely blur throughout. I think he enjoyed dressing up that's why.

Here's the final outcome we got from the photo shoot! Can't imagine next time when he really gets into National Service when he wears the uniform. I would be so proud!

All in all, we had a wonderful, but tiring time. Oh by the way, I met my 4T1 students there. Pleasant surprise. Spent about 5 hours there!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Place I call home

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Everything that goes on everyday is a learning process and I feel I am just soaking it all in and trying to tell myself that I can be better each day.

I have interests in a lot of things (genes from my dad because he is known to me as jack of all trades) and one of those things would be interior designing. I love looking at property and the designs of houses. I would be one of those who buys home and decor magazines if something catches my eye for that particular month the magazine is out in stall.

So as I am staying in my home, I feel I wished I could turn back time and do things a little differently. I have been taking notes of what my dream home would look like and have.

Anyway, one of my regrets is having a coffee table which takes my most part of my living room. We brought the table to the side as my carpet was a little wet. So we needed to dry it. And now that the table is at one side, I feel my living room looked so much more spacious!

Will take note of this in future!

Anyway, the coffee table has served us well as we have our KFC and pizzas on it while watching TV. However, it has also given us lots of pain as we do once in a while accidentally kick our toes into its legs...ouch.

Whatever the case is, I would still call this home as I enjoy eating home cooked meals. My dream home which CT already knows is to have my own garden and growing my own vegetables and fruits so that I can use all that in my cooking for my family and friends.

I guess CT and I are just suitable living in the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle.

For now, I am just happy where I am and enjoying every time I have during meal times with my family.

There's Caleb and Danielle eating sushi. They didnt really enjoy it actually...oh well.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Phoebe turns 6 years old

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How time flies..I still remembered when my god-daughter,Phoebe was a tiny little baby. Then at about 2-3 years old, she was very naughty. However, now, she bloomed into a young lady who takes good care of her friends and those younger than her. She has also followed her father's footsteps in becoming a gamer as plays like an expert with her Nintendo DS and Wii. And now, she is coming to 6 years old on 18th May.

Here's Godma with Asher and Danielle.

Party was fun as there were people doing face painting, games and art and craft.

Asher also had a go at it and he requested the painter to draw the Madagascar Lion.

Both Caleb and Danielle didnt want. So too bad, no shots at all.

Here's Phoebe and her friends..

And there's Danielle borrowing Phoebe's doll from the cake...

Then the kids had a game of smashing the Pinata. Caleb had a go at it too!

Once the kids smashed it right, lots of candy will fall off! So fun!

We had a really great time at the party. Thanks Marianne for organising!

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