Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mummy's garden

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Love my parent's place rooftop garden especially when the weather is cool in the evenings

There are a couple of fruit trees and flowery plants...

The latest plant that my mum has been growing in her roof top garden is pineapple.
Here's what it looked like BEFORE..

And about 3 weeks later, it looked like this

Cant wait to eat it!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fun in the water

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Swimming with the children has always been fun. I guess it would be more so if they learn how to swim. But nevertheless, I am glad they love the water.

After the swim, we went to take away Ayam Penyet from the market. Love it!

Also bought char kway teow which the kids also had.

The kids were so hungry after the swim. Guess, that's the positive thing about bringing the kids for a swim. They enjoy it and at the end of it all,you do not have to worry that they do not finish their food.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Last day in Penang

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Our last morning spent in Penang was at the beach right after breakfast.

I took Danielle on a horse ride along the beach. I love riding on horses and to ride with my daughter is def a plus point as its her first time on it! Moreover, its not a fawn or pony...and I'm glad she wasnt scared at all.

As for Caleb, he didnt want to sit on the horse at all.

So he ended up playing with the sand. After the horse ride, it was CT's turn. He did parasailing for the first time. I didnt want to go as I did it before at Phuket when I was maybe about 9 years old.

When CT first flew off, I was shocked as nobody was with him at all. How was he going to land? I was actually praying for him and felt so nervous for him.

The boat took him a big round

Here's a video of CT landing all by himself! So proud of him!

After a morning of fun-filled activities, we went back to take a shower and get changed to go to the airport.

Caleb and Danielle were wearing their new clothes which I got for them yesterday at the shopping centre.

Before checking out, the kids wanted to visit the kids club first.

Caleb was busy playing with this boy in the club, while Danielle wanted to build a house.

The hotel ordered a limousine for us to bring us to the airport. It was nice..

After checking in at the airport, we had Macdonalds for lunch. The kids each had a kid's meal which they enjoyed! Caleb seemed to enjoy the cheeseburger for his first time but he still doesnt like french fries. As for Danielle, she eats anything and everything.

It was a great flight home as the kids were busy drawing and reading during that short journey.

There is just so much to thank God for throughout this trip as before this,I was praying that the kids could enjoy themselves and not fuss during the plane flight. Thank God they both enjoyed sitting in the plane and that they ate and slept well.

Cant wait for our next family trip abroad!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sightseeing in Penang-Day 2 and 3

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Had international buffet breakfast at hotel before setting out to the butterfly farm. We took a cab there and the taxi driver had to wait there for us as it would be difficult to get the cab after that.

We were the first visitors to arrive at the park. It cost us $27 ringgit each adult and the children did not need to pay since Caleb is still below 4 years old.

Its a very nice place for the children to roam about and enjoy the sights. There were so many butterflies all over.

Aside from butterflies, there were also many other animals like ducks, turtles,


monitor lizards, oriental water dragon..

The surroundings were quite nice..

There is also a nice indoor gallery with lots of interesting insects and reptiles which I have not seen before.

There were so many different species of butterflies. So amazing

We also had the opportunity to touch the giant millipede. Only Danielle was scared.

We all had a wonderful time.

After that, we went to Gurney Plaza for shopping and dining. Went to a Hong Kong Cafe for lunch. Ordered wanton mee, beef noodles and beef rice (for the children) as well as egg tarts which was delicious.

At night, CT and I played pool while the kids were busy playing with the arcade machines. And for the record, I beat CT by just one ball!

We had dinner at the nearby seafood place. Didnt expect the fish to be so big. So in the end, we were struggling to finish. Just 2 adults and 2 toddlers for 4 dishes- steamed fish, butter prawns, stir fry clams and vegetables.

After a very filling dinner, we went to our hotel beach for a stroll to see the sunset.

The next day, we went to two shopping malls. Initially planned to go Penang Hill but because the tram that brings us up the hill was under construction, we couldnt go. We took the kids on a bus ride to town! The bus is very new and nice. Moreover, its very cheap to travel. We should have considered this the first place, instead of taking taxi.

This is the view from one of the new shopping mall.

Our last dinner at Penang was spent eating street hawker food. There were so many different stalls! Were spoilt for choice.

Though the weather looked threatening, we thank God that He held it up for us as we were eating.

We had fried oyster omelette, penang assam laksa which I loved, Chee Cheong fun which Danielle loved, fried rice, fried char kway teow

The kids seemed to enjoy the food too!

After dinner, we did more shopping at the mall.
The kids had fun playing hide and seek in the shops. Sigh

After our shopping, we took the public bus back to our hotel. It was drizzling.

Back at our hotel, we had rojak as well as mua chee which we bought from the dinner place.

The kids enjoyed eating that too!

Cant believe this would be our last night in Penang..just when I was beginning to enjoy myself here..

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