Monday, January 29, 2007

Birthday week

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On friday, it was CT's birthday. We did not celebrate alone but on the actual day, we just went over to his mum's place for a home cooked meal and his sister bought a cake for him. I guess for us, everyday is a celebration to be together and so, during birthdays like these, we just leave it to our families to celebrate with us.

On Saturday, it was my family's turn to celebrate for CT. Went to Changi Airport for lunch with my whole family including my bro's family. I had lots of fun- yummy food and good company from sittinbg beside my niece, Janine.

We ordered lots of food which we seldom order in Crystal Jade. Usually in Crystal Jade, we would order porridge and tim sum. But today, we ordered lots of ala-carte dishes like Peking Duck, Spinach with fresh big prawns, clay pot seafood dou fu, baked pork ribs with sweet and sour sauce which was the best pork ribs I have juicy and crispy on outside, and ee fu duck noodles. We also ordered tim sum- char siew bao and chicken feet! Yumm...

After lunch, we let Janine walk around and she kept wandering off. She could walk quite fast already and it was so fun seeing her catching up with us because of her baby steps. Ct and I even held her tiny hands, each on one side and swung her to and fro. She was smiling and laughing so happily...

Today, it was Janine's one year old birthday. Went to my bro's condo at Bukit Timah for the celebration. He invited over 100 guests and I was quite overwhelmed by the crowd with my preg condition as well as the persisting headache I have been having for the past 2 days, which kept me up all night.

I went to his place early right after my church service which was near his house and CT helped by blowing the balloons while I assisted by tying them.

Janine was asleep then and when she woke up, she looked so groggy and dazed. How cute..

Janine do enjoy at times walking around. Check out her lovely red dress and cute white shoes..

The food was nice as I ate mainly popiah and kueh pai tee-which we had to make ourselves. My brother ordered the rest of the food from our trustee catherer which we have worked with it for many years.

The birthday cake was huge, ordered from my Aunt whom we can all trust to buy cakes as she works in Hyatt and the cakes she always get for our birthday celebrations is just so yummy and unique. Definitely expensive too...

After the birthday party, I da bao left overs for my dinner as there was quite a lot of leftovers. Esther even had to take the whole tray of mee goreng and donate to the moral home for the aged in Bedok cos there was one tray left untouched.

I didnt have a great time as I thought I would have because of my nagging headache. Couldnt even entertain the guests much...I just wanted to rest. Anyway, glad to be home after the party to rest.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

how long can I last?

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Since the start of school, it has been quite hellish for me as I was down with flu a day before school started... starting with a super pain sore throat which I couldnt swallow anything and thus, keeping me awake all night. The next morning when I woke up, I started trying to 'cure' myself with natural stuff since I didnt want to affect the baby by anyhow taking the medicine.

I took Florida's Natural grapejuice, I started making myself fresh lime juice, cutting and squeezing it into the cup, added salt and honey and water...I loved it as it soothed my queasyness at the same time. During the rest of the day, i kept drinking lots of juice to cure my sore throat. It was a public holiday that day and the doctor was close. SO, I just had to make do with my own 'medicine'.

That night, didnt sleep well as I was thinking of school and my flu just kept me awake. Next few days, recovered slightly from the sore throat but the runny and block nose came and when that went off a bit after almost a week, my cough came. Sigh..all taking turns to come. I finally went to see doctor on Saturday since I didnt have to sacrifice my student's lessons on that day..So the first week of school seemed rather long for me.

On monday, last week, I went to see the gynae for my second visit and as usual, waited for about 15-20 mins and then the consultation only lasted for 10 mins max. The gynae did the scan again and she even let us hear the heartbeat of the baby. Very fast and strong. She added on to tell us that the baby is very active. It was 3.22 cm long- grew quite a bit from our last check up a month ago which was only 0.65cm long.

You can compare this picture with my last visit's one. The baby is much clearer now..

Dunno why this time round, both CT and I were not as excited as our first visit.Hhaa..but of course deep down inside, we are still amazed and happy.

The second week was long again..Had a tough time as I struggled to climb 4 flight of stairs to my form class every morning since there was no morning assembly because of the rain and wet had to go up to take attendance and say the pledge with them. I contemplated a lot to go up as I felt it was not worth my trouble to go up and just take attendance which can be done at a later time when I see my class later for Math lesson. But what to do? Sometimes, the pressure is greater than whatever rational thinking or practicality.

At the later part of the week, I was also faced with a class which was quite challenging especially when I took them during the last period of the day. So I ended up scolding them. I was very angry but at least I resisted throwing or slamming things which I would normally do. I just talked and scolded them...which left my tummy pain the rest of the day. Sigh..

I really dunno how I can last...With my pregnancy, I get less patient and am def more sensitive to noise..So, it doesnt help when I am teaching esp the Normal Tech students.

I just hope I will feel less queasy and more patient as this carries on cos sometimes I get impatient because I already dont feel too well, and yet have to face nonsense in class-questions asked by students that is silly and something which I cannot accept.

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