Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Fun

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Today, after church, we went to my sister-in-law, Ally's place at Hougang for lunch. She would be preparing lunch for us. I bought ngor hiang from old chang kee factory nearby to add on to the food.

I do enjoy going to Ally's place as its spacious and has lots of room for my active kids to run about.

This was what we had for lunch. The sharkfins melon soup was very yummy and tasty. Everything was nice!

Both Caleb and Danielle seemed to enjoy the lunch as well..
Here's what they were eating..

In the evening, after the children's afternoon nap, CT and I brought them for a walk to our nearby open field where there were people flying kites. We do not own a kite, so we just went there to take a look and to play 'soccer' with Caleb.

Caleb was playing soccer with a boy around his age. It was interesting.

As for Danielle, she was busy looking at the numerous kites in the sky.

There were also a group of female photographers with their SLR cameras taking shots of the whole event and also the atmosphere by taking children. And while we were leaving the place,Caleb was pushing Danielle in her stroller and a photographer snapped them as she probably found that cute.

Anyway, we all had a great time and I really cant wait to get my hands on a nice big kite. Do anyone of you know where to buy those nice huge ones? Is there any kite specialty shop in Singapore?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Double Birthday Celebrations

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Today, we went to CT's grandma's house for a double birthday celebration-CT's grandma and uncle's.

There was cathered food and all CT's relatives gathered to celebrate. There were so many people and Caleb was surprisingly so obedient throughout the night. Caleb and Danielle both enjoy playing with older boys or men. I dunno why.

CT's uncle was busy taking care of Caleb almost the whole night and Caleb did not even resist.

Caleb was also taking care of Danielle when everyone was gathering at the living room for cake cutting.

Every group of people took turns to take pictures with ah-ma (grandma). From daughters, to sons to in-laws to grandchildren to great grandchildren. What a crowd. It was the first time seeing the candles on the birthday cake getting shorter and shorter.

Caleb and Danielle were definitely not shy at all during the party, despite the crowd. I was glad.

Caleb also helped to cut the cake. It was nice.

I had a enjoyable time there socialising with CT's side of the family and seeing how every member coming together to celebrate grandma's 84th birthday and uncle's 60th birthday. I cant imagine myself reaching to that age and really wonder, how many grandchildren would I have by then. Ha!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Farewell for Matthew

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I have a colleague,Matthew who would be leaving and so, we decided to do a farewell for him.

I went together with a few of my colleagues- Mr Thoh and Mr Lee, who are about 67 years old and 73 years old respectively as well as Stanley, Sarah and Juliana.

Matthew chose the place which is Summer Breeze at Pasir Ris Beach. A very nice and laid back atmosphere. The wind was quite strong, which I found quite annoying as it gave me a headache but the view was awesome. So it was quite a nice, overall experience.

We ordered western and chinese dishes. I would recommend western ones instead as the chinese dishes were all in very small portions.

We also ordered lots of other dishes. I would also recommend the fried chicken. Its tastier and better than Ikea's chicken wings!

The next time I go will probably be with my hubby as its a nice romantic place since the place overlooks the waters.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Birthday date with CT

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In celebration of CT's actual birthday, we decided to leave the kids behind and go Tony Roma's for dinner at Suntec after work. It has been ages since I last visited Tony Roma. I only remembering going there with my family when my dad was still working in the bank. I was probably a teenager back then I think.

Anyway, we ordered potato skins for starters as my friend recommended that I should order that! So I did. It was too salty for my liking as there was bacon and cheese. Guess I wasnt too used to the salt content as usually when I eat at home, we do not use too much salt.

CT ordered sirloin steak and ribs combo while I just had a ribeye steak with 2 side dishes. Got a baked potato and caesar salad.

I couldnt finish despite being a steak lover as we had too much potatoes!! I shouldnt have ordered a baked potato...sigh. I was also not used to huge American size portions.

CT, however, finished all up and even ate my leftovers! Well done!

After dinner, we walked around Suntec before heading back home. Was actually looking for a bookshop in Suntec but to no avail. Cant believe that a huge shopping centre do not have a single bookshop!

Reached home at about 8 plus pm to spend time with the kids before they sleep. Glad to be home but yet, I truly enjoyed that short and sweet date with CT all alone. Brought me back to the days before we had kids.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Celebration at bro's new place

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Tonight, went to my brother's new place at Whampoa for housewarming cum Janine's and CT's birthday celebration. So its killing 3 birds with one stone!

When we first entered the house, Caleb and Danielle was already making themselves comfortable by heading straight to the play area.

I thought this part of the house looked rather interesting as the soft toys were 'behind bars'.

Here's Janine, my bro's elder daughter and baby Joyanne.

For dinner, I cooked chilli dogs while my mum prepared spaghetti and salad and Pam provided chicken wings and mushroom soup.

There's the living room.

After dinner, both Janine and Caleb were playing cordially together (one of the rare occasions).

The two babies, Danielle and Joyanne also 'hung' out together...well..sort of.

For dessert, we had birthday cake-mango mousse and Pam did the konnayaku jelly

Happy Birthday to CT and Janine! We concluded the night by watching "FlyWheel" together as a family!It is a great Christian movie about Father and Son relationship and putting your trust and faith in God to work all things out! Amen!

Hokkien Mee

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Whenever I go to the library with the children, I would also borrow a couple of recipe books as well. Most of the time, out of the numerous recipes in the book, I just pick one or two to cook. I used to scan them and save it in my computer. But realised, I never did go back to the files to take a look at it. So there's really no point saving into my computer.

Today, I decided to cook hokkien mee-the flat noodles, dark sauce type. The key to cooking this dish is the pork lard and that was exactly what I had in my fridge.

So I first cooked it in the pan. Didnt add oil at all. The oil will naturally come out.

Then you decide what ingredients you want in your noodles. I had prawns, fishcake, chye sim veg. Somehow it still wasnt as tasty as what I ate outside. Maybe because I only added a little lard. Didnt dare to put too much. Nevertheless, it was edible for CT and the children. Good enough.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Junction 8

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Today, we wanted to bring the family to Chinatown to soak in the CNY atmosphere and buy some goodies there at the same time. However, while travelling along CTE, we saw the computerised signboard which informed us that there is a road closure in Chinatown. So we quickly exited to Ang Mo Kio and drove to Bishan Junction 8 instead.

We seldom go to Junction 8 as it is rather crowded. Since it has been a while, we decided it was time to revisit the place.

Going out with kids has its advantages. As we were taking the escalator down to Basement 1, Danielle was probably smiling so sweetly to a family behind us that the parent gave Danielle a balloon sculpture. So this was how we ended up with this pink balloon.

We had dinner at Crystal Jade Restaurant which we concluded it wasnt as good as before. The portions seemed smaller and the price seemed high. We were still hungry after spending $60 for 3 adults. Totally not worth it. Probably wont go back there again.

After dinner, we walked around and went out where there was an open area just right for Caleb and Danielle to play and run.

We also walked around in the shopping centre where there was a door leading to the outdoor playground area.

I concluded that both my kids enjoy going to open spaces where they can run and roam freely as they are both so active. Therefore if you have any recommendations of where I can bring them in Singapore, do let me know!

Oh talking about being active, here's Danielle climbing up the gate at 13 months and Caleb has long ago reached the top of my gate already.

Thank God I still have some energy left to keep up with them.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Funny Moments

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Danielle sure knows how to make us laugh by doing all sorts of silly things when you least expect it. Here's what she was doing with her clothes one day after her afternoon nap.
Check out her round tummy!

Its funny how she could play with the shirt till it ended up like that.

Danielle enjoys hugging her bolster or even bolster case just to help her sleep. When she does that, she would immediately pop her two fingers in her mouth. But today, she was happily lugging and hugging Korkor's bolster (which by the way, Caleb doesnt use). The bolster is as big as her.

Most of the times, Caleb and Danielle would shower together. But sometimes they would bathe separate, depending on situation and there was this time when Caleb was bathing and Danielle went to pick up Caleb's clothes to play.

I have to say Danielle has this cheeky and playful look, just like Caleb but she definitely has a more innocent look than him. So it sure is harder for me to scold her than Caleb. However, I just have to remind myself that I have to be consistent and assertive in my punishments no matter how adorable a look they try to portray. I will not give in!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day and night with the kids

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I think about the past of how I used to panic and get anxiety 'attacks' when my helper, Vicky, goes on leave as I will be left alone with the kids and may not be able to handle them. But I am just so glad all that is in the past and I do actually look forward now when Vicky is away as it is a great opportunity to just bond with my husband, CT and the children.

Tonight, we actually dropped by at our usual, once-in-every-3-weeks haunt at Hougang Mall for dinner cum returning of library books.

After going to the library, we had dinner at a Japanese Restaurant in the mall. While waiting, it was quite a feat to entertain 2 active and noisy kids. We tried reading them their library books, letting them play with their cutlery and plates etc..

As for me, I entertain myself by taking pictures.

When the food arrived, we quickly fed the children. CT and I took one kid each to feed. (Thats also one reason why I do not want number 3 as its just odd. As for now, we are happy taking care of one each when we go out. Its more manageable.)

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