Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day and night with the kids

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, January 17, 2010
I think about the past of how I used to panic and get anxiety 'attacks' when my helper, Vicky, goes on leave as I will be left alone with the kids and may not be able to handle them. But I am just so glad all that is in the past and I do actually look forward now when Vicky is away as it is a great opportunity to just bond with my husband, CT and the children.

Tonight, we actually dropped by at our usual, once-in-every-3-weeks haunt at Hougang Mall for dinner cum returning of library books.

After going to the library, we had dinner at a Japanese Restaurant in the mall. While waiting, it was quite a feat to entertain 2 active and noisy kids. We tried reading them their library books, letting them play with their cutlery and plates etc..

As for me, I entertain myself by taking pictures.

When the food arrived, we quickly fed the children. CT and I took one kid each to feed. (Thats also one reason why I do not want number 3 as its just odd. As for now, we are happy taking care of one each when we go out. Its more manageable.)


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