Friday, January 08, 2010

Caleb's first week at school

Posted by Dawn at Friday, January 08, 2010
On Friday, I ended school early. CT was also home early from work (for good!) as he will be starting his new job in Somerset next Monday. How exciting as its a good break from Jurong Island. His new company is Afton Chemical that deals with additives for fuel. Something like V- Power petrol in Shell station.

So today, the whole family, including Danielle and Vicky went down early to wait in anticipation for Caleb to arrive after his school in the bus. It was pretty exciting as this was his first week in school and it seems he is doing quite well.

While waiting, we were having fun throwing paper planes. We folded according to the steps in the newspaper where it featured this guy who could fly his paper plane for about 26 secs. We tried but failed. Ours probably lasted no more than 4 secs.

All 3 of us- Vicky, CT and myself were all immersed in throwing the paper planes. I really wonder what Danielle must be thinking about us, adults!

While playing, we kept looking out for Caleb's school bus. We were really excited.

We waited for quite a while. So to kill our boredom, we keep taking pictures.

Caleb was awake when he finally arrived and the auntie in the bus said he slept for a while during the journey. Think both CT and I felt really proud of Caleb for behaving so well in school and in the bus.

I really wonder how Danielle will cope in future...


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