Wednesday, January 06, 2010

First 3 days of Orientation

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, January 06, 2010
Caleb's first day of school was even more exciting and nerve wrecking for the parents. CT took 2 days off from work to take the school bus with him for this 3-day orientation while I just took time off for that 2 hours to meet him in school.

I understand from CT, who was sitting in front with the bus driver that Caleb was already talking to the aunty in the bus during the journey. Caleb probably didnt even notice that his daddy was in the bus with him.

During the first 2 days when both CT and I were there. We both felt 'extra' and thus bored as Caleb didnt even bother about us. We felt transparent to him. He was playing and doing his own things.

I wouldnt say Caleb was very comfortable as during the first 2 days, he was stoning. He was neither smiling nor crying. He was just stunned...probably trying to understand what is happening. Why is his sunday school different from what is happening now, even though its the same room? He was probably processing what is happening exactly.

When they got together in circles to sing and do action, he refused to do it. He just held hands and stoned.

There are altogether about 6-8 in the class and 2 teachers. But during this orientation, there were about 2-3 more teachers helping.

On the second and third day, I actually took the bus home with Caleb as I didnt have to go back to teach. Here's Caleb in the bus. He actually fell asleep midway during the journey back home. Its almost an hour ride long.

On the last day of orientation, CT went back to work as there was really nothing we could do in Caleb's school. He was very independent. However, I still went to attend his orientation as it was also an excuse for me to get off from work and be with my kid. Moreover, my school didnt have any teaching on the first week of school this year. So, I might as well be with Caleb on his last day of orientation.

I actually walked from my school to his school. It took me only about 15 mins. Caleb was more comfortable on the third day. He was slowly warming up, playing with his friends and being more participative during the action songs as well as story time.

There's his good friend, Justin who is one of the most obedient in class. He sits quietly when told to and he has a good temperament.

It's story time and there's this boy,one of the most vocal and bigger size in class,who would walk around and disturb teacher Susan.

He refused to sit down and listen. Caleb got influenced by him and ended up standing up and going in front to the teacher as well. Oh well...

During dance and singing time, Caleb was holding hands with his 'girlfriend', Praise. She is a sweet little girl who seemed to like holding hands with only Caleb as she either cries and hugs her mum or she would stretch out her hands to hold Caleb during dancing time or when they go to the toilet. Its cute.

There's Caleb finally participating during the activities on his last day of orientation. I was glad that from his 'performance' today, I knew I would not need to worry how he would be doing in school or how he would cope in the bus as he can very much take care of himself and be with his teachers and friends. Thank God for that!


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