Monday, November 29, 2010

1-for-1 Swensen Lunch

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CT took leave few weeks ago to spend time with the family.And so, we decided to go Swensens for the 1-for-1 lunch deals. Its ongoing, every weekday from 11am - 2pm. I wanted to try the wagyu beef so even before I sat down in the restaurant, I told the waitress that I knew what to order already. We had two portions of wagyu steak.

It is worth it because one plate would cost about $40. So its now half-priced.

Though its not as good as the one I tried in Angus Steakhouse in Takashimaya Shopping Centre for which I paid about $100 per person (full course dinner), it is still VERY worth it as it will still satisfy your steak cravings for a fraction of the price.

And today (just within 2 weeks), we went back to Swensens for lunch. This time round, we had mains and sides. I ordered a pizza while CT had a sourdough steak sandwich. We also ordered 2 sides-butterfly prawns and calamari which was also 1-for-1.

Loved it! It's so worth it!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


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Caleb is a typical boy who likes trucks, cars, bus, trains etc etc. A week ago, he went to someone's house and discovered more toys that he likes and has been bugging me to buy for him, which of course I wont.

He set his eyes on a long bus and police car. Anyway, after much bugging, Vicky bought for him a police car ($15 bucks!) from Isetan which he loved (the metal small ones- not plastic!)and has been sleeping with it and holding it all day long. As for the long bus, I am still trying to get sponsors for it as I absolutely wont buy it for him. Haha.

And it doesnt help when we went church and he also saw the long bus there!

So all the more he was bugging me for it. His favourite words are, " I want...(this), I want..(that)" Sigh.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Time with kids

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Thank God I am a teacher. Never regretted ever since joining the education ministry. Like students, I also look forward to the school holidays because I get to spend time with my children since Caleb also has his school holidays as well.

Today I decided to bring them to an old playground nearby at Hougang Estate which I happen to find. They are at the stage where they can be easily satisfied with just a slide and some obstacles.

Watching them play makes me kind of scared as they can climb up scary obstacles which I think its too dangerous and high. But they had the confidence and as parents, I believe in supporting them but yet being there for them to guide them. So I restraint myself so that they can challenge themselves and conquer whatever obstacle placed in front of them.

I pray they will continue this "dare to try" and no fear attitude so that they will grab the bulls by its horns and face their challenges ahead boldly.

Anyway, after their fun, we went for lunch at the newly renovated Food Centre at Kovan that housed numerous popular eateries like the Chicken Rice and Wanton Mee. So I bought back Wanton Mee with tomato ketchup (Stall 57, Level 1) home for lunch which we all loved!!

Simple fun with the children works all the time!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

M Hotel-Cafe 2000

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Went to M Hotel recently for a date with CT. We had semi-buffet at Cafe 2000. It was a nice buffet as we ordered a Ribeye steak for main course and on the buffet table, there was a decent spread of seafood which I just loved.

The first thing I would always 'attack' in a buffet is the oysters and sashimi because not only are they expensive but they are my favourites too.

The rest of the food on the buffet table is nothing special,usual stuff- soups, satay, pizza, spaghetti, crackers, bread, cooked food and lots of various desserts, including green tea ice cream.

Here's my wondefully marbled and thick ribeye steak!

Each time I taste a good, juicy and marbled steak...I feel like I can die with no regrets anymore. Its heavenly..;p

Monday, November 22, 2010

Staff Annual Dinner

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This year, our staff annual dinner was held in Changi Village Hotel. I love this place because its away from the Orchard crowd and its much nearer for most of us.

I went there about an hour and a half earlier than the rest to make sure everything is ok since I am part of the committee.

This year's theme is sarong party and I was thinking hard what I should wear. I went to beach themed shops in Orchard to look at sarong and almost fainted as it costs from $80 to $100! So I thought of just going to a cloth shop to just buy a nice cloth and wrap it around me.

Managed to find one in Spotlight for $30. Grabbed a 2m long cloth of the design I liked and just wrapped it like a skirt.

So here's what I wore.

The committee was given a day room...and its nice!

View is good too.

The dinner was great as we had vendors coming down to set up glitter tatoo booth and polaroid photo taking booth.

Had door gifts- tie and handkerchief for the guys while scarf and bangle for the ladies.

Food was nothing special. Decent.

All in all, we had a great time as it was quite entertaining.

Not sure how next year, we can make it even better!

We will try..

Friday, November 19, 2010

Balloon sculpturing

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CT came home today showing his new skill- balloon sculpturing. His company organised a lesson on it as they will be bringing down underprivileged children to their company for a day of fun and entertainment. So the employees all need to be 'trained' first.

So here's CT entertaining all of us..(or rather scaring us with his loud screeching balloon noises)

That's a flower for Danielle.

We also bought more balloons to make some for my sister-in-law's children..

I must admit that I do have the fear of making it. I hate the sound of it as if its going to burst. But nevertheless, I do want to conquer that fear. So I went into the internet to learn and's my giraffe! May I stress that it was made with lots of effort and sweat! ;p

But I am glad I tried..

Monday, November 15, 2010

Food tasting a year before...

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Went to Conrad Centennial, Golden Peony Restaurant for food tasting dinner tonight. But before that, we went there earlier to take a look at the Harvey Norman Sale at Millenia Walk.

Caleb had fun trying the 3D glasses and watching his cartoon on the big TV screen.

Anyway, tonight's food tasting is for an event happening next year- my mum's 60th birthday!!! I have never done a food tasting before besides my wedding at Orchard Hotel, Hua Ting and to do it one year in advance is mind boggling...and its not free! We had to pay the usual price.

Here's the menu.

Golden Peony is one of the award wining Cantonese Restaurant in Singapore. I would see it as the food more of fine dining style.

Here's my mum's favourite dish-suckling pig

During the dinner, Caleb was throwing his tantrums, so the waitress coaxed him and gave him and Danielle a Conrad Bear.

More pictures of the exquisite food.

Sea perch fish with miso sauce

Braised duck

Crispy noodles with king prawn

During dinner, Caleb and Janine was drawing just to keep them occupied.

I must say, the children ate quite a lot! They loved the food.

The food was all in individual portions as this dinner was specially booked in advance per pax.

The restaurant gave my mum a birthday cake as it was her birthday (few days back).
The cake was very delicious!

And besides the cake, we had dessert ordered too..

After a very very full dinner, the chef came out to talk to my mum about the food and what needs tweaking.

This dinner really made me feel so blessed of how generous my mum is with not only her family, but her friends as she would be inviting her close friends and relatives to her 60th birthday next year..

Lord, may you continue to bless her heart as she blesses others with Your love.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

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From the day I touched down from Australia, I was pretty excited to spend more time with my family as I really missed them so much. So I decided to bring them to have fun at the reservoir today. Found out this new place by my blogger friend, Pauline.

The skies were slightly dark but thank God, it was not pouring.

They have a big water area for the kids to play. And maybe because of the weather or that its still a new place, there weren't many people.

There was water practically everywhere..including these steps.

The kids had so much fun.

The view was also stunning.

After that, we had dinner at a seafood restaurant which we have been once and we really enjoyed it for its quick service, good and cheap food at Yishun!

We were so hungry that I forgot to take pictures only until eating few mouths of my rice. We ordered pineapple rice, steamed cod fish, stir-fry vegetables, lemon chicken and a claypot bean curd. Can you make a guess how much did this meal cost?

When I asked my parents, they said $50 - $70. Well, it actually cost us $32! Here's my proof. The bill says $33 but despite the low charge to this dinner, the waiter still get us one dollar off as I went back to him to double check, thinking he must have made a mistake!

Here's the breakdown-
1) Pineapple Rice ($5)- more than enough for 3 adults and 2 children
2) Cod fish ($13)
3) Lemon Chicken ($6)
4)Claypot beancurd ($6)
5) Stir fry vegetables ($3)

No service or GST charge!

If you are planning to go Yishun, do drop by this restaurant. But pls be warned that in order to avoid the crowd, be there when it opens at 530pm. I was there at 545pm and it was already quite packed. And if you like a place with ambience, where you can take your time to eat, dont go to this place!

Bei Sheng Seafood Restaurant
Blk 701a Yishun Ave 5 #01-01

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