Monday, November 08, 2010

Just arrived at Sydney..

Posted by Dawn at Monday, November 08, 2010
I have been looking forward to this trip with my students as its only during such opportunities where I can get to know them better. Moreover, its a trip to Australia (and not some nearby, deserted, third world country)!

We arrived Australia at about 5 plus pm (Sydney time). However, we waited for about 2 hours for our luggage! The weather was not very good and it seemed that our luggage was in another aircraft, being held up by the bad weather.

When we met up with our friendly bus driver, Gary, he told us that for the past few days, the weather has been very nice. But only today, it started to rain very heavily with thunder, lightning and hail storms. He jokingly said that we brought in the bad weather. Oh well..I was praying hard that we would get to enjoy good weather for the rest of our time here in Australia as we have lots of great outdoor activities lined up to do!

We checked into our hostel straight after leaving the airport. We stayed at Sydney Central YHA for a night.

A very nice, cosy, well-equipped hostel!

Anyway when we arrived, we had dinner at the restaurant in the hostel.

I had spring rolls, beef steak with fries, served with salad and a small slice of cake.

We then checked into our room, which eventually gave up to another teacher as her room didnt have attached bathroom.

Anyway, after settling into my room, I toured the area. They had lots of things in the hostel! My whole idea or concept of hostel has changed after this trip as its so revolutionary! This hostel that we stayed in has a BBQ in the balcony area, Sauna as well as a small swimming pool

And also a spacious reading room and cinema!

They also had lot of nice-to-look-at vending machines..

But the prices werent very nice..But anyway, me and my other colleague, Sabrina went out to the nearby convenience stall to get our sweets and water.

However, my students didnt think much at all and purchased lots of food from there the whole night like it was free! Goodness!

Anyway, after touring the place, we made our rounds to our students' rooms to check on them.

Well, it was mission impossible as they are teenagers after all. How can you expect them to sleep by a certain time when they are with their good friends altogether in the same room? But at least, we tried...

Anyway, while waiting for some of their room mates to come back to their rooms (as they went down to the lobby area to buy some potato chips from the vending machines), I was bored waiting for them. So I decided to test how big their lockers were in their bunk!

And, I was big! (Or maybe I should comfort myself and think that I have lost weight!)

Well, anyway, what a enjoyable first night in Sydney with great cool weather which I was loving! (probably about 23 degrees tonight)

Slept about 12 midnight tonight.


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