Friday, December 31, 2010

With family and friends

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What better way to spend new year's eve than to spend it with your loved ones?

First up, I took a train down to Chinatown Station in the morning to have breakfast with my colleagues. It was a farewell breakfast for 2 of my colleagues, Mr Thoh and Soo Lin who would be retiring and the other, going to Tampines JC to teach respectively.

Had breakfast at Red Star Dim Sum Restaurant. Its situated in Blk 54 Chin Swee Road, Level 7. I have heard so much about this restaurant before but never did try out the food. Was glad I finally had the chance to try. Not too bad.

We ordered lots of food- suckling pig, roast duck, porridge and lots of usual dim sum food.Met at 9am and ended our 'breakfast' till noon! Cant believe we actually had so much to talk!

I will definitely miss Mr Thoh and Soo Lin as they move on from Hai Sing.

At night, went my parents' place for dinner. Mum prepared prawn mee with other dishes to go with.

The kids had fun playing with the boxes in my parents' place.

They enjoyed hiding themselves in the box such that CT decided to carry them up in a box!

After dinner, we went home and celebrated our New Year's Eve at our estate as they had party just at the field, down at my block.

We just took a look downstairs before making our way back home. We watched movies together as a family as we waited for midnight to come.

However, as time passed on, I could see that the kids were restless waiting for the the arrival of the new year. So Vicky brought them downstairs to play at the playground. There were also a lot of people line dancing at the basketball court at about 10 plus.

The kids played for about 2 hours at the playground as we all waited to catch the fireworks at our place. Our estate held fireworks for the first time and I feel so blessed as it took place just down the open field at my house.

At about 1145pm, we walked down to meet up with the children before walking to the open field.

Caleb and Danielle was playing with this chey chey (big sister) throughout the whole time in the playground. There's Danielle on the girls' bicycle.

The field was not as crowded as I expected. In fact, it was quite bare as the people just stood at the side.

We all enjoyed watching the fireworks since its history in the making by witnessing fireworks for the first time in our estate! Moreover, it was just right in front of us with unblocked view! How cool is that! The kids all enjoyed themselves tremendously! It was definitely well worth the wait!

Enjoy this!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Changi Beach Park

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One of our favourite haunts would be Changi as we like the atmosphere. Its not as crowded as other beaches and there's a big food centre that sells great and popular food!

CT took the family to the beach today since the weather was cooling and it has always been in my mind to bring the kids cycling as they are still at the stage of learning how to cycle.

We rented one bicycle with a child seat in front, a tricycle and one normal bicycle. We first took Danielle on a ride towards the ferry terminal while Caleb stayed behind to learn how to ride.

We cycled to places we have never seen before. It was so secluded but yet serene and scenic. Loved it! There were tall trees everywhere.

I felt like I was cycling through the Narnia forest or something like that.

After that, we then took Caleb for a ride on the other side of the beach while Danielle tried to cycle on her own.

We enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Went for lunch after that. I had mixed mutton soup with rice (perfect for a cool weather) while the kids had bak chor mee with tomato ketchup! They were very hungry!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Like a child...

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Christmas Day reminds me when I was still a child as I would be controlling myself from opening up the presents under the tree until this day arrives. When morning comes, I would excitedly sit by the tree waiting for everyone before opening up the presents together.

It was the same this morning as we gathered round the tree in the morning for the 'opening ceremony'.

As I saw how Danielle could manage opening up her own presents, I thought,'Wow, my daughter has grown up!'

After opening all up, they had fun playing with those presents!

Went church for a wonderful Christmas service while my parents gave their testimony in Pentecost Methodist Church where many came forward and told them how blessed they were listening to them.

Lunch was provided in church and after service, went to my grandmother-in-law's place.

The children, including Keelia had fun playing together. Well, so did CT!

We stayed there for dinner as well.

Had a wonderful Christmas day spent with family.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Tis the season to be fat...

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Love Christmas for not only its wonderful meaning behind it but also for its food! I always look forward to Christmas food every year especially when I go over to my mum's house for turkey, roast beef, wine, sausage, ham, baked potatoes with cheese etc etc...

I always look forward to the tender and juicy roast beef! Had my yearly dosage of red wine and this year, we also had strawberry wine which was rather sweet.

To end it all, we had log cake and also to celebrate my parents' helper, Wati's birthday

As for my own Christmas party, I invited my in-laws over to my place as I cook for them. I prepared stuffed portobello mushrooms with bacon, chives and cheese. Very simple recipe which I got the inspiration from my mum.

Had cocktail cheese sausages for appetisers as well

Aside from all that, I had fusilli with ham and mushroom, burritos with chicken, lettuce and tomatoes (mixed with salsa), steam cauliflowers with cream of mushroom and bacon, mashed potato salad with sweet relish, egg, mustard and chives

We brought all the food down to the rooftop garden for an outdoor picnic with the playground for the kids to roam freely

However, it started to drizzle a little while eating, so we had to adjourn back home to continue.

After dinner, we had dessert..lots of it!

I also bought a box of strawberries for everyone to eat!

Had an enjoyable night hosting and hopefully, everyone enjoyed themselves. I have already made plans to cook something different next year! Hopefully, I will remember when the time comes.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Polliwogs Indoor playground

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Since it was still the holidays and CT took leave, we brought the whole family to Polliwogs at East Coast Park. We had a 1-for-1 admission tickets to the place all thanks to POSB card promotion! So it was about $20 for two of my children!

They had a special place for infants or young toddlers.

And also a big, 3-storey obstacle course for the toddlers and older children.

They also have an outdoor slide which is rather high. Caleb went for it immediately once he saw it!

I prefer this place to Go-Go Bambini at Dempsey as its more spacious and open. From the cafe, we can see everything that takes place.

After playing for more than 2 hours, we went to Waraku Japanese Restaurant for lunch that is just beside Polliwogs.

Here's what I had for lunch! A steamboat set and also ordered soft shell crab as sides. The kids were very hungry after all that running and playing in the morning!

Had a wonderful time together! Love the school holidays!

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