Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Walking with dinosaurs

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, December 01, 2010
When the BBC's "Walking with dinosaurs" series came out on TV, I excitedly caught it to watch as I always loved the sight of dinosaurs- Huge and majestic creatures which I never got to see in real life. However, the show wasnt as exciting as I thought it would be. In fact, it was quite boring.

So when I first heard that they now made it into a live show, I was skeptical. However, after hearing that the last show has been extended due to popular demand and after checking trailers of the show in the internet (wonderful invention!), I was convinced that it would be good to go and to bring the kids.

Coincidentally, my mum suggested treating the whole family for the show. So why not?

However, though Danielle's ticket is free, since she's less than 2 years old, I didnt bring her along as she is still not of age to sit still. I was afraid that I would be trying to catch her throughout the whole show and not being able to enjoy it myself. So CT and I only brought Caleb.

We went right on the first day of the concert where celebrities came along to watch as well as I saw some of them right after the show.

Throughout the show, Caleb was so focused on the dinosaurs and kept making those growling noises.

The life-size dinosaurs looked so real as we caught them fighting and roaring.

My favourite dino is the brachiosaurus as it looks really cute and friendly.

It was a 90 mins show that was much better than I expected. It didnt feel very long as the whole show was very engaging and thrilling! Even Caleb wanted more of it when the show ended. He didnt want to accept that it ended. Ha!

All of us had a really great time! Thanks mum!


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