Saturday, December 11, 2010

5th day in Cambodia

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, December 11, 2010
This morning, left for rice distribution today to 2 villages about 2 hrs drive. Its quite a distant because the roads have lots of portholes and they are not proper roads, but sandy.

Before we left, we had to load up the truck with the things we would be giving out and it was A LOT!

Even the children had to help push the truck to get it moving initially.

Many of the team who went sat in the truck which was bad because they ended up having their hair and clothes all dirty because of the sand. It was terrible. Thank God I could sit in the jeep with Caleb.

Upon arrival, we could see the villagers all sitting down, waiting for us.

Caleb immediately ran for the chickens when we got down- a rare sight in urban Singapore.

My dad, bro and I sat right in front of the villagers as the head chief of the village welcomed us and then, my dad gave a speech of love and hope.

These villagers come from very poor living conditions as I could see from their houses. And looking at the children, I start thinking of my own and how fortunate we are.

I enjoyed distributing the food and soap to them as I wanted to do something for them and this is probably a small gesture to show how much I care and love them.

There were young and old coming up to collect their goodie packs. Some of them were not able to carry as they either have injuries or they are just too old. So some of our volunteers helped to carry to their house for them.

After everything was done, we rested at the place while Caleb, being ever so curious, went around to people's house, played with the animals-dogs, chickens, pig, stepped on people's rice as if it was sand as well as climbing onto a huge pile of hay.

He also had a go at pumping the water from the well.I could see that he was really enjoying himself and learning about things around him at the same time.

I was really glad I brought him along! He wasnt lonely at all as he enjoyed playing with all the guys there. Yes, he is drawn to older boys or men as he loves to play rough with them and vice versa. So most of the time, I didnt have to keep an eye on him. There were so many other baby sitters around.

Before we went to the next village to distribute our goodie packs, we dropped by a household whose daughter was affected by the stampede in Phnom Penh. She came back to the village and started feeling sick and vomitted blood. So she had to be rushed back to the hospital in Phnom Penh. So we visited them to find out more about the family and her condition.

As for Caleb, he was busy looking at people's house that I was so afraid that he would break their beds!

Going into their tiny house, I felt like it was a scene from Survivor where their beds are just made from poles of wood with no mattress or anything.

Anyway, as we made our way to the next village, Caleb fell asleep and so I stayed with him in the jeep while my brother and Robert Kee (founder of Operation Hope) distributed the items.

I could only take pictures from the jeep..

After all that, we went back to the Hope Village and boy, our jeep was so dirty!!

All that travelling in the day made us so tired...

At night after dinner, I gave devotion to the youths. Probably about 50-80 of them. Showed them a video of "The Parable of the Prodigal son" and then gave them a quiz and handed out prizes for those who got it correct. It was fun and hope they had a good time.


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