Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday spent in Changi

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, December 21, 2010
CT took us to stay at Changi Village Hotel for a night as we did not go on any holidays during this Dec together. Wanted to go Bintan initially but felt Changi Village offers the same kind of feel with cheaper food and convenience. So why not?

We loved Changi for its food and beach. It's very tranquil and laid back. But before we checked into the hotel, we went Tampines Mall for games and lunch. Went Arcade with the children playing all sorts of games. So fun!

I also had my share of fun playing the shooting games and racing games with CT. Ate Texas Chicken for lunch while the kids had rice.

Checked into our room after lunch. We all had our afternoon nap.

Girls being girls, they are usually the ones to wake up earlier. So I brought Danielle around the hotel for a walk.

When I brought Danielle to the swimming pool, she was about to take off her clothes as she couldnt wait to jump in.

So its no surprise that once we got back to the hotel room, we excitedly woke up the boys to go swimming.

After a good swim, we had dinner at the food centre. Then we took away the famous Nasi Lemak and huge JB bun back to our hotel to eat!

This bun is called "Amy Yip" for obvious reason.

Its delicious and huge!

The next morning, we had buffet breakfast at the hotel before going to the beach for a nice morning stroll as the weather was very cooling.

The kids enjoyed themselves tremendously especially since they had lots of space to run about!

After the stroll, we went back to do our packing before checking out. Went to my mum-in-law's place to pick Vicky and my MIL up for lunch. Took them out for lunch at Geylang for home cooked Cantonese food. Very yummy but oily and salty. I loved it as its very traditional style of cooking. Just what I like.

I really had a great time with the family despite spending only one night together in the hotel. I appreciate it every moment I have with them!


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