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June Holidays revisited

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In a flash, the June Holidays just ended with the first day of school today. That is why I have more time now to blog.

This June holiday was fun-filled for the whole family. As much as I wanted to instil routine in my children, it proved to be so difficult because of my tuition class at home as well as frequent trips out of the house!

While they were home, I tried to do some activities with them. It was tiring for me as I had to plan lessons to guide them..but fun!

Doing art inspired by Piet Mondrian

During the beginning of school holidays, Danielle went for her art class organised by her school. So we took bus together to her school, then Caleb and I spent quality time together while waiting for her.

Went to the library together with Caleb as well as to the beach.

I have been interested in reading Children's Classic books and so at the beach, I brought along "The Trumpet of the Swan". Its an amazing book! I never had the love for reading when I was young. Glad to pick it up now that I have children!

During the 3 days when Danielle had her art class, I had a great time with my son and enjoying his company for 3 hours a day alone!!

During this holiday, we also went to many interesting libraries that we have not been to because it is far!

First up, we went to Woodlands Regional Library.

They have an Asian Children's Literature Section which I loved!!


It seemed like a treasure island where I borrowed amazing books like "The Royal Bee" by Frances and Ginger Park as well as "Crow Boy" by Taro Yashima 

Would definitely recommend these 2 books for ages 6-9 years old.
Aside from visiting Woodlands Library during the June Holidays, we also went to Bishan Libary and Jurong East Library

The reasons why I specially chose these libraries to visit is because I am always in search for good literature for my children to read and only big libraries like these ones that I visited carries these books. Getting my hands on these valued and treasure classics is fun!
Aside from visiting libraries, my family also went to KSL Resort, JB for church camp. It was one of the most amazing church camps as we had enough time to spend together as a family by swimming and watching a movie- Dragon 2 (since our hotel is on top of the shopping centre cum cinema) as well as getting fed spiritually from God's word.
Another highlight of this trip was also the visit of my ex-helper, Wina. She is from Indonesia and was a Muslim when we first had her. But by the end of her time with us, she converted and accepted Christ into her heart. She then moved to Kuantan to work in a Chinese Restaurant as her husband works in Malaysia. She actually took an overnight bus all the way to come to JB to visit us and stay one night with us at the church camp! God had a purpose and during the camp, she was ministered by the messages and went forward for prayers. So blessed to have known her! She also bought lots of stuff for the children and myself too!

She even wanted to give us a dinner treat..but of course, we couldn't allow that!

Roast Duck for dinner

During the church camp, the speaker Micheal Ross Watson shared on the topic, "Faith and Obedience". It was amazing to come from a guy who exemplified that in his life as he tells of his wonderful real life experiences of how God provides each time he obeys.
Also had an amazing time serving the Lord on stage during worship..
Worship with the children on stage with the Clancys from Australia

This guy that I served with. His name is Benjamin Lee. I first knew him when we were in Bedok Methodist Church. He was in primary school then. I always remembered him to be the only one seated right in front during the adult service and worshipping the Lord with his hands raised up. So encouraging and inspiring I thought as he was only in upper primary then.
Then in Secondary school, he was studying in a school where I was teaching in. He also became my student in the Computer Applications class. And now, God brought us together again in Riverlife church and during the church camp, I finally could serve with him on the stage as he plays the drums. Now, he has finished army and is now teaching in a drum school. Amazing guy with a heart for children as well as a talented musician. Am definitely thankful to God for allowing me to cross paths with him again and serving our Daddy God together!
After the amazing church camp, we also made our own trips to the Southern Islands. It was very fun especially if you like the outdoors! We went to St John, Lazarus and Kusu Island for swimming and picnic!
Blog it in a separate post here-  Trip to the Southern Islands
Also went to the Science Centre, specially to visit the new attraction there- KidsSTOP!
It was fun and interactive! I went with my mum together with Janine and Joyanne (my nieces).
By the way, pls remember to bring your own socks when you are there!!

digging fossils

The 7m giant slide is probably the most fun of all! Of course, you can opt to go from 3m onwards...up to your own confidence. Caleb started from 3m then in the end, he went to 5m. So proud of him!

I went too and went all the way up!! Super scary!

After that, we went to watch "Animalopolis" at the Omni Theatre! It was a humourous show of all kinds of animals.

Also brought the children to the National Museum where they had loads of fun there. Coincidentally, there was a section where they introduce the Southern Islands of Singapore. How apt since we just visited there.


All made from cardboard

Games for the children

Diorama art from toilet roll

Games with physics and art combined

Catching short films in a tent

Using torchlight as a paintbrush

Chalkboard fun

Genesis-appreciating photos

Defining Moments of Singapore
 I have learnt so much during this holidays and I hope the children, too have learnt something.
Lastly, to end off the holidays, we went to an event organised by NTUC at the Marina Bay Promontory. Its everything from the past- with games, food, shows, music etc etc..

Caleb receiving his prize in the Tikam game

Tikam Tikam

Zero Point rubber bands

Ding Dang Candy

Kacang Puteh stall

Ice Sticks

All of us enjoying ice sticks together and taking a selfie!

Playing marbles

Daddy, the trishaw man

Catching a glimpse of Wayang

Treated to fireworks at the end of it all
I couldn't ask for a better holiday- a time spent with the family having fun and learning together! All glory to God who has blessed us-kept us safe, healthy, happy and united as a family!

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