Sunday, December 09, 2012

Birthday Parties

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For the past month, we went for 2 similar birthday parties at Polliwogs, East Coast Park because we were celebrating Alyston and Aliston's (they are brother and sister) birthday there. Alyston is in Danielle's class while Aliston is from Caleb's class..

I have to say, I, as a parent, wouldn't go through such an extend to organise a party for my children. It must be tiring and very costly!!

Nevertheless, I am glad Danielle and Caleb had a chance to celebrate their birthdays at the Indoor Playground as I am not in the habit to bring them to such places...except maybe once a year.

I also made use of this opportunity to get to know their classmates and parents.

Here's Danielle with her classmate, Alyston whose birthday we celebrated last month and the same place.

There's the birthday girl, Aliston. All 4 of them are quite close as they even take the same school bus to school.

There was hand and face painting. There's Caleb with his spiderman

And that's me having a go with the painting as well on my arm.

Caleb had fun talking to the balloon man. Both were teasing and amusing each other.

Here's the birthday gal, Aliston and her family

Each kid had a balloon sculpture each...and here's Caleb's request!

And here's Danielle's one which she requested!! Not surprising with the choices!

And there's Danielle with Aliston and Maisarah, both Caleb's classmates

You can imagine how much fun the children all had at the party! I had fun too!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Family Day @ Zoo

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Having a free admission to the zoo for the whole family is definitely a draw factor. Last year, CT's company hosted it in Marina Barrage and not many families attended. I was dead sure this year, the turn out will be great. No doubt. Driving to the Zoo in the morning to find out that we have a reserved lot with our car plate number just near the entrance makes everything less stressful...especially since it was a Sunday. To Caleb's surprise, he met his classmate, Koen and brother there at the entrance.
We made our way to the Forest Lodge, where the event was held.
There was free Cornetto ice cream, popcorn, candy floss as well as KFC 3 piece meal lunch each!
and Bouncy Castle for the children..
The fun part was the dunking segment where the staff get to dunk their boss and managers. All proceeds go to charity. There's CT on it!
There was also caricature booth where we could get our faces drawn on mugs or paper.
After the whole morning and early afternoon of fun at the company's Family Day, we walked around for a bit before heading back.
All of us were so exhausted..

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas lights @Orchard

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Went to Orchard today with the children. Met up with hubby after his training at Traders Hotel. We walked from Shaw Centre to Orchard Central for dinner. While walking, the children had fun looking at the Christmas decorations.
We took the express escalator up to the restaurant at Orchard Central, 8th floor.
Had dinner at the Japanese Restaurant that serves home cooked food. So it is not the usual food you see in Japanese Restaurant. Its more of rice set with simple veggies and meat.
I ordered the grilled pork which tasted soooo good and fragrant. I enjoyed it a lot. Even the children enjoyed the food, especially the rice!
After a great meal, we had a great walk down Orchard Road as we viewed the lights.
Its always a joy to be down at Orchard, watching the lights. I think that's about the only reason why I like going Orchard.
While walking, we stopped for some ice cream.
And as usual, I would look forward to the decorations done up by Tangs as its always meaningful. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Concert 2012

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Going for school concert reminds me of the time when Caleb used to freeze on stage a couple of times and just stand in one corner, without moving. Thank God, he has grown out of it and not only that, he seems comfortable on it and off stage, he is like a social butterfly.
As for Danielle, she is such a good and obedient girl who despite being stubborn at times, is rather active in her participation. She was standing right in front during her performance and boy, what proud parents we were!
Then came Caleb's turn and he did a great job as well!
The finale was also awesome as all the children came out to sing a couple of songs. The voice that came out from the children were so touching as they are so innocent and sweet.
And after the concert, there was lunch provided. Caleb and Danielle took the opportunity to take pictures with their friends. Here's Caleb with his friends-David Hosea and Praise
And Danielle with her best friend, Grace
Very proud of my 2 children!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Catching up

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Have been looking forward to this dinner where I could catch up with 2 of my ex-colleagues- one has left the service while the other has gone onto another school. Its not only the catching up, but I also looking forward to the food and the thought of just having a girls' night out thrills me!

This is probably one aspect what I like about being a woman..that we hang out together to talk, eat nice food and shop.

Anyway, we met up with Clarke Quay MRT station where we walked to Robertson Quay for dinner at "The Hannibals".

We all shared the food. Had pizza

Had Grissini Al Proscuitto which is basically hand rolled bread sticks wrapped in Parma ham.

Then a Spring Chicken, beef burger and finally Osaado, Chardonnay White wine from San Juan, Argentina

There's the 4 of us (clockwise direction from me: Wendy, Sham and Elene)

Coincidentally, during dinner, met my ex-NIE friend, Seow Cheong and CT's colleague, Anthony and Salynn. What a small world.

After dinner, we shared a cab home..had a wonderful time!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

JB Shopping

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Since June, we have not been back Malaysia. My sister-in-law, Linda suggested going together so we thought, "why not?". We went to AEON Tebrau City which is nearby the Causeway. I did some shopping while waiting for my in-laws to arrive.
After meeting up, we gathered for lunch at a Japanese steamboat restaurant. I loved it as its healthy and cheap!
Check out the Kid's Menu..
Each person probably costs about S$15 which is reasonable for steamboat. Check out the spread we had..
And there's the cousins who insisted on sitting together..
Then we broke off for 3 hours to do our own shopping before gathering back together for supermarketing and dinner. We had chicken rice for dinner and we ordered way too much as the price was so deceiving!
We had steam chicken, bean sprouts, bean curd, BBQ chicken, kueh pai tee, gado gado, fish ball soup for the price of about $60 ringgit. The children were having fun together!
We had a wonderful time together! Went back so tired..
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