Sunday, August 31, 2008

Keelia's 1st year birthday

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Today is Keelia's birthday celebration at my sister-in-law's place at Bukit Batok. Caleb has not seen Keelia for a long time and she has grown to be a big girl now.

They have not learnt to play with each other yet..but Caleb did go up to Keelia a few times as he was rather intrigued by the bicycle that has a rabbit in front hitting the drums. Caleb loves anything with a beat.

When it was time for Keelia to cut the cake, Caleb was no where around because he fell asleep. Too bad as Caleb would definitely love to hear the birthday song and clap along to it!

Anyway, here's cute little Keelia with her birthday cake.

I pray for Keelia to grow up to be a healthy and obedient girl. Wish for her to be always happy as well!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Quiet Moments

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Caleb has his quiet and reflective moments...that is why most people says he looks rather mature.

First of all, he doesnt have a baby face...and plus his curls at the side and bottom of his hair.

Anyway, here's one of the days where he just woke up, feeling dazed and so, I just plonked him on the sofa in front of the TV, watching Disney Channel..and boy, he could really sit there for long!

Its nice to see him sitting down so its really rare. I was definitely enjoying the moment!

Here's another moment where Caleb can be quite serious. This is a picture taken in the car as he looks out of the window. "What is he thinking?", I really wonder..

A week back, we took out the car seat to wash and Caleb just enjoys going to the car seat and just sit comfortably in it. Think he enjoys being in it! Strange as I thought most kids would hate being strapped down in a car seat as I always here them whining and crying when the parents placed them in. Glad Caleb is not like that..

Happy child

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So far so good. Caleb has been a wonderful child to bring up. Though he has his mood swings, he smiles most of the time..and very sweetly too.

Watching him smile really makes me think how innocent and carefree he is and I do learn a lot from him.

CT commented that Caleb is so happy because he has nothing to worry about...then it got me thinking that why do adults worry so much then? Why cant we be as happy and child-like as babies?

I once remembered reading my daily bread( a daily devotional that I do) and at the bottom it says, "Worry is like a rocking chair, it will get you nowhere". How true. I guess once you grasp the understanding of it, you will learn to let it go and simply do your best in all that you do..and all the more so, when he have our heavenly Father to guide us and be with us. And so what if we fail? Failure is just another stepping stone towards success isnt it?

There was this Math Symposium that I have attended and the speaker shared with us this poem...

As we sail through life,
don't avoid storms and rough waters
Just let it pass
Just sail...

Always remember,
Calm seas never make skilful sailors"

Friday, August 29, 2008

Teachers' Day Celebration

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Though today was Teachers' Day Celebration, we still had to report at the normal time. So, as usual, I reach school at 625 am. Was very exhausted from last night's BBQ and now, today, there was the Teachers' Day Lunch which I had to oversee- making sure that everything will be smooth and enjoyable for the teachers. No complains but just tiring.

In the morning, the school had their ACES day workout where the students did some kind of mass exercise kickboxing this time round.

Was glad to see my form class student, Deon on stage with the PE teacher, leading the school in the workout as well.

After sitting at the side for a short while, I went over to the venue where I was going to hold the lunch as my committee was busy decorating the place. This time round, we have it in school to cater for ex-students coming back. So, my committee actually initiated decorating the place which was a very good suggestion.

When I entered the room, I never knew they could turn a classroom to a nice, relaxed area, where the theme was black and white.

It was also nice to see the children helping out in the decorations

This year, I initiated to have a day where colleagues could bring their kids to school and I decided to have it on the Teachers' Day Celebration where it would be fun for the kids to join us.

After helping out a little in the decor, I went to the hall for the celebration. The performances were quite good.

This year, the class prepared a presentation for the form teacher where we viewed after the hall celebration.

Here's the video presentation that my class prepared for me. It was really nice and impressive. Thanks guys!

After the presentation, the class went forward as individuals or in groups to express their appreciation to me and my co-form teacher by saying a few words or singing. Some were quite funny, and some were touching. In whatever case, all was heartfelt and I appreciated it.

Here are some of the little children who turned up

And finally, we had our teachers' day lunch at about 1130am. I was so glad the food was good and the caterer made special arrangements to follow our colour theme, even though I just told them this morning.

I used Kriston catering because I have tried it before during my friend's wedding and it was good and elegant. One thing I noticed about this caterer is that if you would want to use them, its best to order the food that costs about $20 per head...and I also order from them because of their chocolate fondue machine.

The food that I ordered was..
1) Chef's cold platter (which consisting of ham, crab stick etc)
2) Over baked teriyaki chicken with sesame seed
3) Pan fried dory fillet with almond and grapes
4) deep fried butterfly prawn with mango salsa
5) mussel on shell with herb pesto
6) medley of vegetables with sausage
7) fried rice with garlic and egg
8) buttered spaghetti with spicy tomato sauce
9) tropical fresh fruit platter
10) cream puffs and choc eclair
11) DIY dark choc fondue station
12) fruit punch

I have to admit, I simply love feeding people with good food. Its nice to see everyone enjoying the company and the food. Especially more so this year where the families and kids could join in.

Here's Caleb donning in PAP outfit (since he has no black pants). But he was actually wearing a black and white converse shoes. So yup, done on purpose to make him dress to the occasion!

As usual, Caleb was hyperactive- running around and playing with my colleagues...and even the caterer staff as 3 of them were around to serve us.

After all was over, I was exhausted. Went back after everything was settled to have a good rest!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Look

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As you have noticed, I have re-organised my blog and chose a new design. CT commented that it looked so kiddish. Well, I told him that this blog is mainly about my have to tune the look to match the blog.But he also commented that I also mention about food..blah..blah.

But anyway, changing the design of it is just like an accessory. It gets changed once a while when I get tired of the for now, I wish to make it look something more light hearted and cute. That explains the design...

Hope you enjoy it! Leave me comments to give me some feedback about the new look.

By the way, if you are a regular reader of this blog, do check out the link on the left column and click that you follow this blog!

Thanks and God Bless!

Pre-Teachers' Day Celebration

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Tonight, I organised a BBQ Session for the teachers at a nearby condo. It was meant for the teachers to have a pre-celebration get-together where they can relax, bring their families and just simply, bond.

Truly, teachers are being overworked and underpaid. They hardly have time for themselves as they are always busy marking, attending courses, spending time with students etc.

Anyway, there were about 20 over who signed up which I was glad..and we had a great time as despite the rainy season, the weather was perfect that day for a BBQ! (Thank God as CT and I have been praying for good weather few days before)

My colleague, Quek volunteered to go early to help start the fire. So, a couple of them went to help carry BBQ stuff and start the fire, while I went to meet up with the delivery guy and paid the bill (which was kindly sponsored by our school management committee) for the BBQ food I catered.

Before the people arrived, we started bbq-ing already as I didnt want to them to wait for the food to slowly cook.

I ordered chicken and mutton satay, chicken wings, sambal sotong, sweet corn, sweet potato, hotdog, garlic bread, kueh pie tee, fried fish ball, seafood spaghetti,

otah and fruit cocktail ice jelly for dessert!

Of course, my family was there to support this event and enjoy the food as well. And as usual, Caleb was quite a crowd pleaser as many baby-sitted him and played with him.

Here are the children who turned up. Caleb is too young to stand still...

At night, Caleb couldnt resist but started playing with the pool water. He was having so much fun, getting himself soaked!

After everyone was kind of full, we went to the function room to cool down and sang karaoke as well as to eat our fruit cocktail dessert. We had a very enjoyable evening!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New skill

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Caleb has finally learnt how to play his toys properly, rather than just pick and throw.

Here's a video taken a week ago..

Right now, after one week, he knows how to place the donuts easily through already. So, this video was just the start of him picking up this new skill.

Each time he places it correctly, we would clap for him and since then, he has been clapping for himself when he does it. The funny thing is that when he misses it and the donut drops outside, he would also clap! It really makes me think how fast Caleb is picking up and learning!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Trying out his new clothes

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Today, Vicky and I have been sieving Caleb's wardrobe for clothes that he cannot wear anymore. Yes, at one year old, he has FINALLY outgrown his newborn clothes.

So, we decided to let him try his new clothes which he got for his birthday to see how he looks.

And a nice white long sleeved shirt which I got for him recently. I just realised he does not have any long sleeved shirts.

I had to get this for him because CT's elder sister will be getting married it will be nice to dress Caleb up.

Think he looks good in long sleeved shirts. So smart looking!

Osmanthus Flower Jelly

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I have finally succeeded in making osmanthus flower jelly. The last time I made, I used agar agar powder which I didnt quite like because it was too hard. I prefer the konnyaku jelly texture. Its chewy and soft.

So here's the result of my osmanthus flower (gui hua) jelly with wolfberries!(turned out slightly too sweet)

It's quite easy to make. Just buy the osmanthus syrup from Yu Hua, Chinatown and add it to the konnyaku jelly mix which you buy from any supermarket. Then throw it wolfberries when boiling.

To be honest, I still prefer fruits...though the flower jelly looks kind of pretty! :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chinese by nature

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Many will be surprised that though I was raised in an English-speaking environment where we communicate mainly by English, I actually am Chinese by nature.

I do love to listen to Chinese music, and especially Cantonese ones. (though I still listen to English music more)

And my favourite channel in SCV is channel 55/255 (VV drama). Whenever I go to work and discuss about the drama shows to my colleague who is also a VV drama fan, the eavesdroppers sensed our excitement and asked us what we were talking about. Whenever I told them that we are discussing and commenting on Chinese shows, my friend would then say with disbelief,"You watch Chinese shows??!"

Truthfully, I do not like watching English American dramas or more so, Singaporean ones. Reason, the American ones are too confusing and bloody. E.g Heroes, Lost (which I was really lost watching it), ER, CSI etc etc. The local ones are too silly to watch. My friends commented about how good the recent Calefare and First Class sitcoms are..and I gave it a chance by sitting through an hour to watch it. Result? Couldnt take it! The humour was too silly for me.

So back to my good old VV Drama HK shows. Love it! The acting is good and the plot is nice. Though I wish they could speak in their natural dialect-Cantonese, by then again, its good enough.

Anyway, have put up song in my blog which is from the "Survivor's Law" Drama Series about court cases.

Safra Bay Run

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This morning, woke up very early at about 645 am to prepare breakfast for CT. Made for him kaya toast with half boiled egg as well as a cup of milo and a banana. Reason? He will be running for the Safra Bay Run at Esplanade.

We left the house at 7:15am, and drove to Shaw House to park our car there. It was crowded as there were many participants.

Here's CT before the run..

Haha..check out Caleb's sleepy he was still dazed from the rushing we all did early the morning when he just woke up at about 705am..we quickly changed him and left the house. Think he was still very blur as to what is happening.

When we bid CT farewell, we went to the counter to register for lucky draw as well as to get the goodie bag. Initially, I thought it was so easy, but it wasnt! First, I had to be in the midst of many dirty and sweaty runners who just finished their 10km or 21km run. Then, the booths for lucky draw and goodie bag was not so easy to get by because it was in the field and the field was MUDDY! VERY MUDDY until when I stepped into it, I couldnt walk and my slippers was stuck. So my leg was so muddy that I left my slipper deep in the mud while I walked barefooted in the mud to the lucky draw booth. After that, then I realised that the goodie bag booth was quite a distance away which I had to walk through the thick mud as well.

I didnt want to risk it because I was afraid I might slip and it wasnt easy to walk barefooted in the deep mud. Sigh.. So I went back to the pavement where Vicky and Caleb was waiting for me and was wondering what to do. We thought of walking through the pavements over to the other side of the field where the booth may be nearer but we were stopped and was denied access to continue as they only allow participants to walk through. So we went back to the same place and I decided to approach one guy to help us take instead and it was easy for them to walk with their shoes on. All for the sake of a goodie bag which was instructed by CT to take. Haha. Sigh..

As we were walking out of the place, I needed to wash my muddy feet. We didnt have enough water with us to wash away all those mud in my slippers and feet. So then I thought of the portable toilets that was set up for the runners to get water from the taps but to no avail as there was no water coming out. So then, I grew desperate to clean myself up..that I thought of the fountain. Filled up my water bottle over and over again there to wash my feet. Haha..I felt so accomplished after fulfilling what I wanted to do!

After that, we went to find breakfast as Vicky and I havent taken our breakfast.

So we walked in the citylink mall which of course, all the shops were not yet opened. We walked so far up and down the escalators with Caleb with us, that it wasnt so easy and I almost wanted to turn back. But finally, we walked to almost the end at the City Hall Station where we found a cafe selling croissant and kaya toast. I ordered 2 ham and cheese croissant for me and Vicky as well as a plum lime juice for myself and teh-si for Vicky.

As we were waiting for the food, I was looking at the pathetic goodie bag which I felt silly trying so hard to get it. I looked at the programme booklet where it tells of the route which CT was running and so, I looked at where he would be ending and wanted so much to go see him reach the end point. So we hurriedly ate and rushed to the finishing point.

The music was booming and jarring. We waited at the Padang for him to finish..

However, we didnt see anyone that has the same tag as him as the rest were all 10km or 21km. CT was only running 6km..which had a white tag in front of his shirt. But we saw no one with the same tag. So I concluded that the whole batch has not arrived yet.

So we were all waiting eagerly for CT to finish his race. We spotted a mother carrying her baby and finishing her 10 km fast walk. How amazing. I wouldnt have done that.

After waiting for quite a while, we saw two women walking to the finishing line with the 6 km tag on them and we then realised, CT had already finished his run since I was sure he could have beat these two women who were chatting and walking. we walked to Esplanade where we arranged to meet if we did not see each other at the finishing point. Here's Caleb owning the whole road!

We spotted CT and he asked me where I was as he was waiting here for me for quite a long time already. So here's CT after his run...after about 15-20 mins already. Haha

He commented that I should have seen him when he just finished..he was so flushed. After chatting about his run and all, we realised that I was waiting at the wrong place for him to finish. The Padang wasnt his ending point though it was stated clearly in the booklet. Sigh.

We sat on the floor for CT to cool down...and guess what was Caleb doing? He was being his usual sociable self..walking up to people and checking them out. The girls in the group started playing with him after that.

That's Caleb for you..

After a while, we walked over to Marina Square for CT to clean up and change. Caleb also did the same as his toes were a bit muddy.

Here's Caleb in the toilet drying his legs after a wash in the basin.

We also fed him his milk in the toilet.

Then, we walked around in Marina Square, especially to the kids zone just outside the huge Kiddy Palace shop.

Caleb had his share of fun there with especially the kiddy rides as he knows all the characters in the rides due to his early exposure to Disney Channel.

He also had fun in the Kiddy Palace shop..

After that, we walked over to Suntec for lunch at the Food Court. I had this interesting dry ban mian dish with stewed minced meat, egg and lots of veggies which I enjoyed.

Then, we went to Carrefour to shop for baby pram. Here's Caleb enjoying himself in the cart. If only we knew earlier, we would have placed him there as it was much easier than him running around.

After a while, he squatted in the cart and CT discovered he was pooing because of THAT look. So here's his initial reaction.

Then, his "trying-to-push-real-hard-poo poo look"

And finally, his "finished poo poo relieved look"

How interesting..

We finally bought a new pram for the new baby and it costs us only $90 bucks. After shopping, CT had to carry the box single handedly all the way to our car which was parked opposite Suntec. Can you imagine how tired we were? as by the time we walked back to the car, it was about 2 plus pm already...My tummy felt so heavy while CT was probably still recovering from his run.

What a long morning!

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