Sunday, August 03, 2008

First time to Istana

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, August 03, 2008
The Istana is open to the public today and CT decided to bring the whole family there. It was an interesting day as we drove to town, since CT reminded me that it is cheaper to drive than for 3 adults to take the train.

We parked at Plaza Singapura and then entered the Istana at about 10am. The crowd was quite ok since the place is so huge!

Here's Caleb enjoying the sights of windmills.

He was so fascinated by it especially when the windmills were turning on its own and the bright colours.

And just when I wanted Vicky to take a nice family shot of the pond with the swans, my camera battery died on me. Sobsob..

So for the rest of the while, I was happy I still had my handphone camera to use.

Caleb enjoyed making use of the space to run around in the field.

There were a number of children taking part in the art competition.

Another thing happened shortly after using my handphone to snap died! how loser can I be? First, my camera, now my handphone...sigh.

Thank God, I can always rely on CT to charge his handphone.

Here's Caleb getting in touch with the grass and yes, he did pluck out some.

And then Caleb enjoying climbing up this steep slope and coming down.

The weather was once again, scorching hot but at least there was wind. We have taught Caleb to appreciate and enjoy nature since he goes to the park down at my block every morning. So he loves looking at leaves and flowers.

Then, it was way past Caleb's bedtime. SO, here's his sleepy and cranky look.

But still, he wanted to touch the water at the fountain area. He was splashing water all over himself. He enjoyed it so much that when we took him out of the fountain area, he was whining.

Here's daddy with Caleb , who was whining to get some sleep.

And shortly later, he knocked out under a shady tree.

So, CT and I went walking around taking pictures of the place.

The nice flowers and here's one of the many artists who were drawing.

Then, we made our way back to the entrance of the Istana which was quite a walk back. Thank God, my house isnt so big..haha.

After that, went to Plaza Singapura for lunch at Ajitei Japanese Restaurant. They were having some kind of hokkaido fair. So, I had this interesting fish with rice. Quite yummy. Vicky and Caleb shared a salmon teriyaki set...while CT had rice with chicken cutlet and egg.

But to top it off, I ordered green tea ice cream with red bean. Great dessert for a hot weather!

Yet, another eventful but tiring day.


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