Saturday, June 30, 2012

Online shopping

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I have recently been doing my shopping online as that is the only way I can still buy things without a car and its also easier now buying clothes online ever since I lost weight.

So my favourite site is definitely Gmarket as they have so much variety and things they sell in the website and its not only convenient, but reasonably priced.

I have bought things like arm pouch for my handphone. I used it to tie unto my bike when I cycle so that I can listen to my music.

Also bought just a couple of shirt and blouse.

Then a watch from US called snap watch. Its basically for my cycling as I do not wish to wear a normal watch because of the perspiration. So, I figured that this watch would be good and moreover, it acts like a bracelet.

One of my favourite buys so far is this

Its a Class 10 32GB microSD card for my handphone. SD cards have different class number and class 10 is the highest which means the transfer speed is very fast. A card like this would be selling about $70-80 but I only bought it for half the price and because of this, I can have all my music collection in my handphone. Great companion for my cycling and bus trips.

I have also gotten shoes, frying pan, chopsticks, accessories from there.

Its just nice not having to travel by bus, and shop at the crowded the malls . Its fun doing just with the click of buttons at home. But then again, there are times when I still appreciate shopping at malls as you get to see and try out the products first hand. So definitely, there's a time and place for everything..

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Belated Birthday Celebrations

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As my birthday was held during my church camp, I've got friends who celebrated my birthday after I came back. Am so thankful for their kind thought and gesture in treating me. Knowing that I like Japanese, I have been eating that for my celebrations. Yippee!! Here's what I had at Haramiya, The Central. (very reasonable price for lunch!)
Ate one and a half bowls of Japanese rice, seafood soup as well as BBQ beef. I enjoyed the food a lot! Here's another meal I had with my ex-students, Zhi Hong and Lycia (who has since became my children as they call me mum)..but this time was at Vivocity Basement 1. I had beef again! No guessing what's my favourite meat,huh?!
Zhi Hong recently went to Florida,US for a study trip and he and Lycia shared and bought me this for my birthday, as they know I love watches, esp Fossil ones.
After lunch, we watched Snow White and the Huntsman before going back home. Thanks guys for all your treats and present. I really appreciate all of them and your company as well.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

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I have always felt being a father is a very special and important role...In fact, I feel it's more important than a mum in certain sense. Of course both play different roles but there's just something about Dad that somehow has greater influence on their children than mum.

So for any dads reading this..I really feel that your influence is very great on your children and your children is watching you and imitating you slowly but surely. The reason why I say this is from my observation. Most children take after their dad's temperament and actions as like it or not, a dad is supposed to be the head and leader. Mum just plays a supportive role and guides the child. I have seen cases where the mum can say a thousand times to the child to stop doing something and when the dad comes home and just stares and say it once, the child would stop immediately.

Well, in any case, I appreciate good fathers and fathers who makes a concerted effort to be with their children and be hands on with them. Have a soft spot for them actually..

So to appreciate them, I got the children to make cards for daddy.

Here's Danielle's card on the left and Caleb's on the right..

I, too, decided to write my dad a card to show my appreciation!

We also brought my dad out for dinner outside their house at Lai Huat Sambal Fish Restaurant. Love that place!!

While waiting for the food, my bro, sis-in-law and myself played a game by reading this whole story on how this restaurant came's not that easy especially as we were reading the words from the back.

We ordered lots of food like oyster omelette, ngor hiang, fried sambal pomfret, steamed pomfret, bean curd, veggies, emperor chicken..

The food was delicious and reasonably priced! Would definitely recommend to anyone who likes a decent chi char place at Siglap.

Lai Huat Sambel Fish Restaurant 17 Upper East Coast Road (junction of Upp East Coast Road and Jalan Tua Kong) 64489077 (for reservation)

Monday, June 11, 2012

First church camp

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It's our first church camp as a family with 2 children and with our church. So that's why I was looking forward to it. Moreover, the hotel of our camp is just 10 mins drive from the causeway and it's new- KSL Resort & Hotel where the hotel is above the shopping mall.

There were still construction going on when we were there and it's only through God's grace that the hotel could accommodate us in such a short period of time. Understand from the camp committee that just a week back, the swimming pool and ballroom was still undergoing construction! That's really unthinkable.

The food was quite nice. Usually I would look forward to this as they have all my favourite dishes to go with my bowl of porridge.

They even have a whole range of different style of cooking eggs- half boiled, omelette, sunny side up and scrambled.

The children ate quite well. Am glad they are not fussy eaters.

One of the days, we had games with our groups. We belonged to the green group and the games were so much fun! It wasn't easy managing about 500 plus campers...but everything went smoothly and well.

Here's our tower of footwear belonging to our group members

During the camp, Danielle needed her beauty sleep. So she was sleeping in strange places most of the time wherever we were..she just slept!

My sleeping beauty..

The children had their own kids' programme with activities and movies. Here's Danielle coming back with her art work.

And here's Samuel and Jonathan whom the children got to know better during this trip!

We had free time to go swimming as well. Danielle's wound couldn't touch both of us were extra cautious.

Our camp speaker was Dr. Corne Bekker who is an associate dean for academics of Rhema Bible College in South Africa but has moved to US with his family. A very clear speaker in the Word and prophetic as he depends on the Spirit to guide him. During one of the sessions, he actually singled out specific individuals in the congregation as God had a word for them and it was so specific that you know he's not kidding. For e.g he felt God wanted him to pray for this woman who has a young toddler who has been having nightmares and when the woman came out to receive prayers, he told her that her daughter has been chosen by God for great things and the reason why she is having nightmares is because she has a special eye to see things at night. It was amazing..

On Sunday, Rev Michael Ross Watson came to join us to give a sermon as well and I loved his messages all the time because it was sincere and his life stories are always so amazing!

All in all, I have to say this church camp has been very amazing. Reason is because there were a lot of teething problems relating to the logistics and even going up and down the elevator to our rooms took us about 30 mins to 45 mins just to go up as there will be a long queue or the lift would spoil etc etc. Even Caleb experience being stuck in the lift ALL BY HIMSELF as we pressed the lift button from outside, but the lift door just closed and Caleb went into the lift first and the door just closed on him. Of course, he panicked and cried and the lift also went up. We thought we would lose him but thank God, the lift managed to go back down as Caleb pressed the lobby button.

But all in all, with so many problems because of how new this hotel is, the whole atmosphere of the campers were just thanksgiving and there were no complains or grouses. Everyone was patient and understanding towards the hotel management. Praise God!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

First serious cut

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Danielle had her first serious cut today when I received 3 missed calls from my helper as I was in school, teaching my Sec 4s. Had to rush home and cancel one of my lessons just so I can attend to my daughter. Initially, I thought it wouldn't be serious as some people tend to exaggerate and I am not the type who would rush at the slightest thing but when my helper kept stressing over the phone that it looked quite bad, I had to take a look!

So I rushed off from school, took a cab and went home to see my darling girl. She wasnt crying anymore and her wound was sealed with cotton wool and plaster. My helper opened up the plaster for me to take a look...I was shocked!! IT WAS BAD!!

Understand from my helper that she ran to my house gate to greet the contractor who was doing my neighbour's house and while running, she tripped, fell and hit her head on the gate. Sigh...

Anyway, I quickly brought her to my clinic down at my block but after meeting with the doctor, he said he couldn't stitch as he only has adult needles in the clinic. So he suggested that I bring her to a pediatrician for the stitching. So I took a cab with Danielle to Rivervale Mall, Sengkang to the PD there and when I asked the nurse if they did stitching, they say they don't do. They only do gluing! Then I asked if her wound can glue. They said must let the doctor see. But I didn't want to wait in line just so to get rejected by doctor again.

At that moment, I was quite frustrated and helpless as I knew Danielle needed immediate attention for her open and deep wound but after being rejected twice by different clinic, I was half thinking of bringing her to KK Hospital. But finally, I gave one more clinic a try which was my usual family clinic which is just next door to the PD and that's where I frequent when I am sick...and thank God, they did stitching. The nurse saw the wound and quickly got me to see the doctor by jumping queue as they probably saw how serious it was.

So far at this point in time, Danielle has been very calm and composed. I tried to remain compose for her as well by reassuring her that everything will be ok. The only time she let out and cried loudly was when the doctor started injecting her with anesthetic.

I helped in holding her hands while the nurse held her head. There was more crying, screaming and resistance when the doctor tried to stitch her wound. It seemed like years passed by when I was in the doctor's room!

One more nurse had to be called into the room just to hold her down. I had to keep calming Danielle down. My heart ached to see my daughter in so much pain. All I could do was pray for her and continue to talk to her and allow her to focus on other stuff.

Danielle made me laugh at one point when she started scolding the doctor by saying, "Naughty doctor!" and when she screamed that she wanted to pee. It was very funny.

After the whole ordeal, Danielle was brave again and stopped crying immediately after everything was over. I am very proud of her for all that she was gone through and yet, she was overall quite brave!

Here's her development of her wound..

There's the picture taken after the doctor took out her stitches one week later

And after a few days, its like this now..Thank God the wound was not infected and its healing well. Also thank God that the wound was quite high despite the hairline scar that she will have, it can be covered by her fringe.

Pray for Danielle that she will be more careful and be protected from any harm. In Jesus Name, Amen!

Monday, June 04, 2012

Cappelini con le Vongole

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My mum bought for me recently a happy call grill pan. It was meant for my pre-birthday present! I was looking forward to using it. So decided to grill my scallops and tiger prawns in it for my pasta dish. I first soaked the clams in wine..
Then I grilled the prawns and scallops in butter with a sprinkle of salt.
Also made the clams stock using white wine, garlic, tomatoes, mushrooms. I would probably add chicken stock next time round for more taste
Here's the final outcome.

Holiday fun at eXplorerkid

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Today, the children went with me to school as I gave lessons to my Sec 4s. They waited for me in my staff room before I brought them to Downtown East for Macdonalds breakfast and some fun at the indoor playground since I have membership there.
It's their first time there and I was pretty surprised Danielle was scared of the obstacles as we have been to other indoor playgrounds before and she was quite comfortable. I have a feeling it was the lighting as the place was quite dark. Anyway, because Danielle was crying and afraid of the obstacle course, both Caleb and Danielle ended up spending their time playing mostly in the ball pit.

Since it was during the June holidays (peak period), it costs me $15 per child. Anyway, just thought I let them enjoy themselves during this holidays.

After that, the children were still not very hungry. So we bought food back to bring home and eat.

Glad to be home after bringing the children out as its quite energy draining frankly speaking.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Young Talent

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CT suggested to bring the family to Botanic Gardens today to catch the "Young Talent" Concert.

So we last minute got ready food for our picnic dinner- made egg mayo sandwiches as well as fried bee hoon. Also brought potato chips as snacks. It was fun! Who said picnic had to be so complicated?

Here's the children enjoying the food.
Before the show started, CT was busy playing ball with the children. The weather was quite hot and humid but thank God, the organisers of the event gave us all a fan each.
The ages of the performers ranged from 5 years old to 12 years old. They looked cute especially when their instruments were bigger than them! Pretty impressed by their talent and how composed they performed on stage!
I think most parents who were there probably had thoughts in their mind whether their children could be like these performers, so talented. As for me, I know in good time, my children will discover their own talent and be good at something. So I am not worried or hope that they will be like them. I simply recognise that my children are special and unique and will always be proud of them no matter what.

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