Saturday, June 30, 2012

Online shopping

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, June 30, 2012

I have recently been doing my shopping online as that is the only way I can still buy things without a car and its also easier now buying clothes online ever since I lost weight.

So my favourite site is definitely Gmarket as they have so much variety and things they sell in the website and its not only convenient, but reasonably priced.

I have bought things like arm pouch for my handphone. I used it to tie unto my bike when I cycle so that I can listen to my music.

Also bought just a couple of shirt and blouse.

Then a watch from US called snap watch. Its basically for my cycling as I do not wish to wear a normal watch because of the perspiration. So, I figured that this watch would be good and moreover, it acts like a bracelet.

One of my favourite buys so far is this

Its a Class 10 32GB microSD card for my handphone. SD cards have different class number and class 10 is the highest which means the transfer speed is very fast. A card like this would be selling about $70-80 but I only bought it for half the price and because of this, I can have all my music collection in my handphone. Great companion for my cycling and bus trips.

I have also gotten shoes, frying pan, chopsticks, accessories from there.

Its just nice not having to travel by bus, and shop at the crowded the malls . Its fun doing just with the click of buttons at home. But then again, there are times when I still appreciate shopping at malls as you get to see and try out the products first hand. So definitely, there's a time and place for everything..


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