Wednesday, June 06, 2012

First serious cut

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Danielle had her first serious cut today when I received 3 missed calls from my helper as I was in school, teaching my Sec 4s. Had to rush home and cancel one of my lessons just so I can attend to my daughter. Initially, I thought it wouldn't be serious as some people tend to exaggerate and I am not the type who would rush at the slightest thing but when my helper kept stressing over the phone that it looked quite bad, I had to take a look!

So I rushed off from school, took a cab and went home to see my darling girl. She wasnt crying anymore and her wound was sealed with cotton wool and plaster. My helper opened up the plaster for me to take a look...I was shocked!! IT WAS BAD!!

Understand from my helper that she ran to my house gate to greet the contractor who was doing my neighbour's house and while running, she tripped, fell and hit her head on the gate. Sigh...

Anyway, I quickly brought her to my clinic down at my block but after meeting with the doctor, he said he couldn't stitch as he only has adult needles in the clinic. So he suggested that I bring her to a pediatrician for the stitching. So I took a cab with Danielle to Rivervale Mall, Sengkang to the PD there and when I asked the nurse if they did stitching, they say they don't do. They only do gluing! Then I asked if her wound can glue. They said must let the doctor see. But I didn't want to wait in line just so to get rejected by doctor again.

At that moment, I was quite frustrated and helpless as I knew Danielle needed immediate attention for her open and deep wound but after being rejected twice by different clinic, I was half thinking of bringing her to KK Hospital. But finally, I gave one more clinic a try which was my usual family clinic which is just next door to the PD and that's where I frequent when I am sick...and thank God, they did stitching. The nurse saw the wound and quickly got me to see the doctor by jumping queue as they probably saw how serious it was.

So far at this point in time, Danielle has been very calm and composed. I tried to remain compose for her as well by reassuring her that everything will be ok. The only time she let out and cried loudly was when the doctor started injecting her with anesthetic.

I helped in holding her hands while the nurse held her head. There was more crying, screaming and resistance when the doctor tried to stitch her wound. It seemed like years passed by when I was in the doctor's room!

One more nurse had to be called into the room just to hold her down. I had to keep calming Danielle down. My heart ached to see my daughter in so much pain. All I could do was pray for her and continue to talk to her and allow her to focus on other stuff.

Danielle made me laugh at one point when she started scolding the doctor by saying, "Naughty doctor!" and when she screamed that she wanted to pee. It was very funny.

After the whole ordeal, Danielle was brave again and stopped crying immediately after everything was over. I am very proud of her for all that she was gone through and yet, she was overall quite brave!

Here's her development of her wound..

There's the picture taken after the doctor took out her stitches one week later

And after a few days, its like this now..Thank God the wound was not infected and its healing well. Also thank God that the wound was quite high despite the hairline scar that she will have, it can be covered by her fringe.

Pray for Danielle that she will be more careful and be protected from any harm. In Jesus Name, Amen!


Sher on Tuesday, July 10, 2012 said...

that is a scary wound. really glad it's healed..

Catherine said...

Wow! It shocked me too. And my heart was racing when I read your post. She was so brave!

Dawn on Monday, July 16, 2012 said...

yes, it was a scary ordeal..glad its over and hope she learns her lesson..though she still runs and climbs everywhere. Sigh..

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