Thursday, September 13, 2012

Elective Programme for Students

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There's an elective programme every year organised for the Normal Technical students on practical skills to learn. So they get to choose what they want to do. This year, they have an option of photography, fitness and cooking. So they will undergo lessons and finally, they will showcase what they have learnt to the teachers.

So, I signed up for it in support of their hard work where I get to see what they have learnt and to taste their cooking!!

In the morning, I was pretty excited already. So I dropped by the kitchen to check it out and support them.

Here's Ian, our sous chef!

All of them hard at work
Before our sumptuous lunch, the group that chose fitness displayed a muay thai performance with music.
Then when we entered the room to eat, we had to do glamour shots first by the photography students.
Then there was the cocktail counter for us to get our drinks. Of course, they were non-alcoholic.
Here's me and the fitness gals.
And our servers, all waiting to usher and serve the teachers with their big smiles!
Check out our lunch menu!

The food was delicious!!

For appetiser, we had prawn with mango salsa

Then, wild mushroom soup with squid ink baguette

Then lemongrass drink with mint as a palate cleaner before our main dish. How refreshing!

For the mains, we had a choice of teriyaki chicken or seafood baked rice.

I chose the seafood baked rice as I love seafood and I was glad I ordered it as the mussels were huge! Worth it!!

And lastly, our dessert- 4 different kinds. You can imagine how full I was!

We had a really great time. Coincidentally, my lunch colleagues were all ex-TJC students!! it was a mini gathering!

There's Edmund Tham, who happens to know my cousin from TJC. Small World. Then my form teacher, Mr Lim Meng Thong whom I have the pleasure of working with for 2 years as we took the form class 3E3 (2011) and 4E3 (2012). Despite him being promoted to IT HOD, he still carried on form teachership to help me and we had a great time working together as the things he liked to do, I dont like and vice versa. Then on my left is my dear Personal Assistant, Shu Xian who is a really good and efficient teacher and my secretary who sits beside me, answering my phone calls, leaving messages for me when I am not around and reminding me of appointments or things I might forget!

Thanks guys for your hard work to make this day such a success and for the wonderful food! With great food by students and great company, I am truly blessed!

Friday, September 07, 2012

Movie at NEX

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Given the September School Holidays, I decided to bring the children out for a movie. Always wanted to catch with them the show, "Brave" as I heard it's a good show. We meant to catch the afternoon show but it was all sold out. So we spent about 4 hours in the NEX shopping centre waiting for the next time slot at 4 pm as we didnt want to disappoint the children. You might think what to do with 2 children for 4 hours in a shopping centre.

Well, we first went to Sushi Tei for lunch. We thought going to a restaurant would probably waste more time as we wait for them to serve us and so its also more relaxing since we have all the time now. But surprisingly, the service was so fast! Oh well.. Going to Sushi Tei, I would always order their sashimi salad. I love it! You feel so good eating it. It's like the chef putting in some "feel-good" hormones in it.

Also ordered this fried cuttlefish for sides.

The children were all very excited and happy that day as they knew they were going to watch a movie and have popcorns!

After lunch, we went to take a look at the Gundam Exhibition. I love all these models..And of course, Caleb loved it!

Then we brought them to the rooftop playground for a while before crashing at the Library just next to the playground. I love just chilling out at the library as I get to catch up on my magazines and because I have a varied interest, I would borrow anything from interior design, to fashion, to food, to cycling etc...One big pile of magazines for me to devour for few hours.

The children also borrowed some books before they crashed on the floor. I actually wanted them to sleep as I didnt want them to sleep during the movie which will be a waste.

There was a librarian that came up to me and mentioned that the children should not be sleeping here. Then she said, "Just to let you know because someone highlighted it to me. So I just need to tell you." Then I answered back and said," So you rather they are awake and running about or making noise, then to sleep?" (I said this to her because the library was VERY noisy throughout the whole time. There were so many students just sitting on the floor in groups and talking like nobody's business and the librarian did not do anything about it. And here is the librarian coming up to me about my children sleeping just because a member of the public was being a busybody and poking into stuff like that to the librarian that she had to come up to tell me. Anyway, she kept stressing that she is just informing me. So I took it that I could continue letting them sleep. I figured, they needed the rest to be fresh later for the show.

Oh well, anyway, they did and they enjoyed the movie as I did too!

Left the shopping centre a survivor as we survived for so many hours with 2 toddlers! *Patpat on my back!*

Sunday, September 02, 2012

New Paper Big Walk 2012

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If ever I told my friends I went for the New Paper Big Walk, nobody would believe me, especially when they know that you have to pay to participate.

That was my reaction when CT first approach me and asked me if I was interested. A BIG FAT NO! I couldn't understand why people pay to exercise when they can always do that anytime of the week on their own.

After I found that CT mentioned it because his company organised to go for it, I immediately said OF COURSE! As a wife, I always feel that my job is to support my husband and be there for him...especially when it comes to his work. Moreover, I will want to get to know his colleagues and to understand CT's work better if there's any opportunity for me to.

I must say, I enjoyed the walk because we were walking places where I have never been to or seen things that were new to me.

We started off at The Central, Clarke Quay.

As expected, it was very crowded. Just for us to walk to the STARTING POINT, took us almost an hour!

The views sighted were beautiful..

We walked from Clarke Quay to Marina Bay Sands and then to Marina Barrage.

After that walk, we went to Rendezvous Grand Hotel at the Courtyard for lunch.

CT had the popular fish and chips while I had this salad which was amazing!!! Loved it!every mouth of it!!! Almost wanted to slurp the plate!

Had a very tiring but fun time with CT! It was a great workout cum date. No regrets!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Fun trips with the children

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Over the past month, brought the children to 3 different places for some outdoor fun! First up, we brought them to the Istana. It was Danielle's first time and Caleb's 2nd time. The last time we brought Caleb when he was only one year old. How time flies now with 2 children and all beautifully grown up.
Somehow, I feel Caleb and Danielle look a little Jap/Korean to me for some reason..
Nevertheless, I have never stopped thanking God for them as they are truly a blessing to me. At the Istana, there were performances, playground and ice cream!
Then, we brought the children to the SJI Concert at Botanic Gardens with our church cell group.
It was picnic time and Danielle was busy pigging out while Caleb had fun playing soccer.
Then during the concert, they gave away free ice cream. I quickly jumped out from my seat to queue up for it! All for the sake of my children and of course, for the fun!
Yup, that's the crazy queue for the ice cream with only one poor old man serving.
The children had fun eating and playing. They also spent time feeding the fishes there and playing with bubbles.
Lastly, we also brought them to the fire station. Our first time visiting the one at Tampines.
Bringing them to so many places is not only to bond together as a family, but more importantly, I feel its important as parents to create happy memories for our children and also to teach them that learning should take place not only in the classroom. As long as they grow up to be happy, feel loved and to always treat learning as a part of them wherever they are, I think that spells success for me as a parent.

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