Sunday, September 02, 2012

New Paper Big Walk 2012

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, September 02, 2012

If ever I told my friends I went for the New Paper Big Walk, nobody would believe me, especially when they know that you have to pay to participate.

That was my reaction when CT first approach me and asked me if I was interested. A BIG FAT NO! I couldn't understand why people pay to exercise when they can always do that anytime of the week on their own.

After I found that CT mentioned it because his company organised to go for it, I immediately said OF COURSE! As a wife, I always feel that my job is to support my husband and be there for him...especially when it comes to his work. Moreover, I will want to get to know his colleagues and to understand CT's work better if there's any opportunity for me to.

I must say, I enjoyed the walk because we were walking places where I have never been to or seen things that were new to me.

We started off at The Central, Clarke Quay.

As expected, it was very crowded. Just for us to walk to the STARTING POINT, took us almost an hour!

The views sighted were beautiful..

We walked from Clarke Quay to Marina Bay Sands and then to Marina Barrage.

After that walk, we went to Rendezvous Grand Hotel at the Courtyard for lunch.

CT had the popular fish and chips while I had this salad which was amazing!!! Loved it!every mouth of it!!! Almost wanted to slurp the plate!

Had a very tiring but fun time with CT! It was a great workout cum date. No regrets!


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