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Will children end up hating Joseph Schooling?

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This week or to be exact, just these two days (What?Only two days has passed since Joseph Schooling won our nation's first Olympic gold medal? Felt like a long time from the barrage of media coverage), it has been a SCHOOLING craze. From the moment I wake up and open my Facebook, there's a ton of posts and news all about him- his past, his glories, the international news about him and even his stopover at an airport before returning back to Singapore. Also, not forgetting, the amount of jokes that was circulating as well.

Anyway, as a parent of two young children, aged 8 and 9, I am concerned not of the attention Joseph is getting. Of course, he deserves it. Afterall, he has worked so hard for it and achieved not only an Olympic Gold Medal but an Olympic Record! If I could, I would also wish to welcome him back at the airport tomorrow morning. I am concerned about the aftermath of this..

From the parenting point of view, I am concerned that parents may give undue pressure to our children because of this. To be honest, I am a little uneasy when people give comments to other parents that their child would be the next Joseph Schooling or Joscelin Yeo. Yes, dreaming has become more a reality when "there was a time when people said that Singapore won't make it, but we did" and I am not saying we shouldn't dream. I am a huge believer of dreams and making sure that we spend each day a little closer to that dream. What I want to emphasize here is that I believe that we are all created unique and the last thing I want to see is to see the next generation growing up unhappy and losing that sense of awe and wonderment when they achieved something because they didn't even believe or buy into it in the first place. I want to see the next generation find their own purpose in life and become what they were meant to be.

Just last night, I attended the NUS Alumni Family Day where we caught the movie, "Kung Fu Panda 3". One of the quotes that I remembered so clearly between the Master Shifu and Po, the panda was..
Po: Teaching? There’s no way I’m ever gonna be like you!
Shifu: I’m not trying to turn you into me; I’m trying to turn you into you.

This is exactly what we should want from our children. Not to turn them into the next Joseph Schooling or Joscelin Yeo, but to guide them and turn them to be what they were created for...which I am sure will be a greater purpose and meaning than what WE WANT for our children.

 I am not sure if this craze has led us to end up comparing our children with Joseph Schooling or not but I sure pray that we should pick up the positive style of parentings that Colin and May Schooling did for Joseph throughout this whole swimming journey instead.

Here's what I have learnt from them:

1) Let your child dream his own dream
At the age of 6, Schooling told his parents he wanted to be in the Olympic Games

2) Get involved
Be supportive of your child's dream and not brush it aside as something that won't earn much money and useless. I think this is a huge factor of your child's success.It's amazing and mind boggling to see the tremendous effort put in by Colin and May.

Aside from the bone-mass study for their son to see if he would go far in this swimming journey, documenting every swim meet since he started to race at 5 years old to preparing a goal or target schedule for him, taking serious interest in it by building an extensive swim library at home, took the swimming association official's credential test, technical officials course, attended courses and lectures conducted by experts as well as playing host to many visiting Olympic Swim Teams so as to learn from them...the list just goes on and on...

They literally invested their time and effort in supporting their son every way they can so as to help him realise his dream. (oh, and not forgetting submitting scientific studies, documentations, newspaper clippings to Singapore Sports Council and to authorities involved to defer their son's NS)

3) Enjoy time with your child
From the articles and news coverage I have been reading, its so evident the parents' strong love for their son. They made sure one parent would be around to be with him at all times.

4) Impart good family values
Despite spending so much time involved in the sport, they also both made sure that Joseph receives proper upbringing and to raise him up with good family values.

The title of this post is as such because I do not want us to keep on comparing and nagging at our children such that every sentence when we discipline them, ends up with what Joseph Schooling did right and what they did wrong.

Let us learn from what Colin and May did right so that we stand as coaches and mentors for our children instead.

Happy Parenting the next generation!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Cool Playground in far!

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My children have not outgrown playgrounds yet and I guess, its not a bad thing. Playgrounds are fun especially the really old retros ones or even the new complicated and challenging ones. Each has its own attractiveness. Though I appreciate the simplicity of the retro playgrounds, I too marvel at the new ones that allow the children to feel more challenged and have fun at the same time.

Discovered a new playground in Punggol which was awesomely cool with fun, education and challenge all in one...not forgetting, the amazing view of the waterway!

Check it out if you can!

For education, there's the sound pipes, the "dish" and one that allows you to talk to another person like a speaker.

For challenge, there's the rock climbing wall for you to climb and to enter through the small hole on top the vertical cage.

Or to even fireman down the pole from the hole.

For fun, there are the slides, big swing and trampoline!

And finally, the view!

Check this playground out at Block 673A Edgefield Plains in Punggol, along the waterway

Friday, January 22, 2016

Opening of Waterway Point

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My baby has grown..nope, I am not talking about my flesh and blood, but my hometown- Punggol! About 12 years ago when we bought this place, I loved it because it was new and young, like a baby. I wanted to see this place grow and to see new shops sprouting out as if it was her first baby steps.

Over the years, I have seen changes. Lots of them. From a change of supermarkets, food stalls to new coffeeshops and shops sprouting all across the town, with its latest- The Safra Club and Waterway Point. Finally, we have our own big shopping centre!

At its soft launch opening on the 18 Jan, I went with my Taiwanese mummy friend to visit the mall in the morning, thinking that it wont be so crowded. I was proven dead wrong!

Check out the crowd and queues for the free movie tickets at 945am! Heard from my nearby supermarket lady that there were people waiting outside the mall early in the morning, wanting to be the first to go in when it opened.

Just when I thought I would only see retirees and housewives there. Perpetual question on my mind was.. "Where did all these people come from? Don't they need to work??" It felt like a regular weekend in a mall. Nobody would have guessed it was a Monday morning!

Anyway, I still had fun checking out the shops! The numerous food stalls got me excited as well as the NTUC Finest supermarket and cinema!

To be frank, when I first heard it would be Times bookshop here than Popular, I was disappointed because Popular seemed more affordable and not as pricey. But when I took a look at the new Times Bookshop there, I was pleasantly surprised. My friend made a good point about the bookshop. Most of the books were not wrapped. So it means, we can browse and read in the bookshop. Moreover, there is a nice cosy corner for children to do their reading at the shop!

Now, I am happy that Times Bookshop is here!

The view of the mall is definitely a draw factor. So beautiful!

There are many restaurants offering great view of the waterway. And most of the food are not that expensive, but affordable. The food court was crowded and for now, there are not many exits as the outside is not ready yet. Construction is still on-going. So there's only one entrance and that is also the same exit, thus causing human traffic.

On 20 Jan, I went with the whole family there for dinner. Legs were aching after walking around because the mall is long and not circular. So once you walk all the way to the end, you have to walk back to the entrance, thus you have to backtrack many shops again. We ate at Tenderfresh Restaurant (B2, near NTUC) and it was really good. Yes, its the same Tenderfresh Western shop at some HDB coffeeshops around Singapore and they have made it here to Punggol as a small Restaurant. But it was worth it. The best juiciest and tender fried chicken I have tasted so far. The breastmeat was so succulent! (still drooling while thinking about it)

This mall can be quite confusing.
There are basically two wings- East wing and the West wing. In the East Wing, there are only 3 levels (B2, B1 and L1) while in the West wing there are 4 levels (B2, B1, L1 and L2). Basically, the Cinema and Supermarket is at B2, food court ,Indoor pre-schooler playground, Time Bookshop are at West Wing L2. Food is everywhere.

Have fun exercising here!

I will definitely be back again after the craze is over..

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Back from hiatus!

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Oh gosh, when I decided to revive my blog this morning, I checked back at my last posting and I can't believe that it has been 9-10 months since my last post.

Took a short hiatus because I was swarmed with children and work. Went back into teaching during the second semester to a school that is near my house and just opposite my children's school. However, things didnt work out well as school ended really late for me and by the time I picked my children up from school, it was close to evening and I had to rush preparing dinner before I scoot off for tuition at 630pm.

Did not like having so little time with my children. Did not like asking my children to always have lunch in school which always end up them eating so little and unhealthily. Did not like the fact to hear them complain when they have to stay back in the school library to wait for me to finish class. On the other side, I also face complains from my Sec 3 students as they want me to stay back and give them remedial. They need to see me after school to ask questions etc etc.

So, I guess its better to make one side happy then to make both sides unhappy. That explains my retirement..for the SECOND time. (First time was when Caleb, my older one was about to enter primary one)

Having time now with my children is priceless as I watch them grow and being co-workers with God to raise them up. He has opened my eyes to see my children differently and to be their friend, mentor and coach is definitely a learning process but am definitely embracing it with love.

As a parent volunteer on the first day of school to help out the Primary One Parents, had the opportunity to catch my children during recess. How awesome!

These are wonderful memories that I will treasure forever.
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