Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Back from hiatus!

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, January 13, 2016
Oh gosh, when I decided to revive my blog this morning, I checked back at my last posting and I can't believe that it has been 9-10 months since my last post.

Took a short hiatus because I was swarmed with children and work. Went back into teaching during the second semester to a school that is near my house and just opposite my children's school. However, things didnt work out well as school ended really late for me and by the time I picked my children up from school, it was close to evening and I had to rush preparing dinner before I scoot off for tuition at 630pm.

Did not like having so little time with my children. Did not like asking my children to always have lunch in school which always end up them eating so little and unhealthily. Did not like the fact to hear them complain when they have to stay back in the school library to wait for me to finish class. On the other side, I also face complains from my Sec 3 students as they want me to stay back and give them remedial. They need to see me after school to ask questions etc etc.

So, I guess its better to make one side happy then to make both sides unhappy. That explains my retirement..for the SECOND time. (First time was when Caleb, my older one was about to enter primary one)

Having time now with my children is priceless as I watch them grow and being co-workers with God to raise them up. He has opened my eyes to see my children differently and to be their friend, mentor and coach is definitely a learning process but am definitely embracing it with love.

As a parent volunteer on the first day of school to help out the Primary One Parents, had the opportunity to catch my children during recess. How awesome!

These are wonderful memories that I will treasure forever.


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