Friday, June 27, 2008

Fun with Wii

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My brother bought Nintendo Wii recently and we had fun playing at my parent's place.

I paired up with CT to play bowling against my brother's friends...and boy, it was so easy getting strikes and spares! So unreal..

Even Caleb got his shot with it too!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Family gathering

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My grandaunt from NZ has come down to Singapore to visit us in beginning of June. Then she went to France to visit her relatives before coming back here. She will be leaving next Sunday back to NZ.

So, tonight, we went out for dinner together with my relatives. It was the usual place we go to every year for Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner.

It's a place in Tiong Bahru- Seng Poh Lane which despite a weekday, still has a decent crowd.

We had 2 tables- one of which was the kids table. It was fun as we used to mention having a kids table even before we had our children, just like the good old days when we were the kids!

Anyway, so here are the kids now!

Featuring Janine and David

And this is Jody and Luanne

And not forgetting Caleb!

As well as the food we had..about 8 dishes altogether!

One of my favourites was the homemade tofu!

The san lao hor fun was so-so only..we have never ordered this dish before in this restaurant.

And finally, the popular cereal prawns which was yummy!

Here were the remnants..(as you can see, we all enjoyed the XO coffee ribs till there's nothing left. Even the lettuce which was used as a base for that dish was wiped out!)

Actually we finished the prawns too but the adult table gave us their portion as they couldnt finish!

I couldnt finish the dessert when it came because it was orh nee (yam paste) which was too filling. Gave it to CT to finish for me!

Anyway, we had lots of fun!

Thanks Auntie Marcelle for the treat!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Caleb's first letter!

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Today, received a letter address to Caleb Goh! Yep, it's his first letter from NTUC Income wishing him a Happy Birthday as he is going to turn one year soon!

Just receiving this mail got me a little sentimental..on how my baby is growing to be a big boy soon.

I guess in the blink of an eye, he would soon be reading books, schooling etc etc...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pig out session!

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Have you ever been in a middle of a rain, while just a few feet away, it is not raining? I remembered many years back when suddenly where I was standing, started to rain and after walking a few more steps, there was no rain.

Anyway, 2 days back, this happened in my house. The sun was shining brightly and suddenly, I had rain drops falling on my window and got a shock that it was raining. Initially, I thought my neighbour living above me poured some the kids in the playground were still playing despite the 'heavy rain'.

But who knows? It was really raining at my block! I confirmed it only when I went to every room of my house- my study room, Caleb's room, kitchen...and it was raining! But when I look out at the playground down at my block, the kids and adults were still walking and playing, showing no evidence of a single drop of rain at their side.

Today, not only I went Chinatown for breakfast, we also went to Geylang for dinner. And of course, what do people usually eat when they go Geylang? CT and I had the famous geylang beef hor fun!

After that, we crossed over to have dim sum. I only ordered char siew bao, chicken feet, and carrot cake. Bought more for breakfast the next day! What a 'piggy' day I had.

Hearty Breakfast!

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Don't people try to sleep in and get as much rest on Saturdays, since they do not need to work? Well, not my family. Usually, we will be out of the house by 8 am doing our weekly marketing- either in supermarkets or wet markets. (Depending on mood, or which supermarket on better offers)

But this morning, we were out of the house by 7:30am as we met my family at Chinatown complex for breakfast. Recently undergone renovation but now they are back to its original location. Chinatown used to be our favourite haunt where my family goes there for breakfast, including weekdays. I remembered how I used to go there before my uni starts with my family at 7am.

From those days till now, we have been ordering the same old stuff - chwee kway, glutinuous rice, and yong tau foo.

They used to sell the best chwee kway that I have taken in my life - the steamed flour that just melts in your mouth with the perfect crunch and softness and fragrance in the chai por! But the old man has retired and the tradition just stops there. So sad..

Now, we just had to stick with the Bedok Chain of Chwee Kway which is also found in Chinatown. It's decent but not as good as what I used to have because the Bedok Chwee Kway's chai por is too fine...that I can't feel the crunch.

Here's the yummy authentic, tradition glutinuous rice that is so tasty! Used to be 50 cents, then 70 cents or $1. Now, my brother who bought from the stall said it has increased to $1.50! Wow! Anyway, I would still buy! It looks plain because its not the usual black, dark soy sauce rice with lots of spring onions, dried mushrooms etc that you see in stalls..but this is just soft peanut white glutinuous rice which though look uninteresting, but as you all know, looks can be deceiving!

And lastly, our main dish which is the yong tau foo! Who would know that yong tau foo actually taste delicious with chicken rice chilli??!! Did you know that I went to a foodcourt one day and ordered the franchise yong tau foo- the traditional ones that you cant pick and choose(which off hand I cant remember the name), and I went to a chicken rice stall to get their chilli to put in my dried mee..and it tasted so nice! So, this Chinatown stall is where I got my inspiration from.

This stall also has a long queue..about 10-15 in the line. So be prepared. But it's worth waiting.

As for Caleb, he was enjoying his bowl of pork porridge with egg which Janine shared with him.

Yes, now he eats with us and would share our food. At night, he would eat normal rice with a little bit of gravy or soup...and if we have steamed fish or some stewed potatoes or carrots, he would eat that too! He enjoys eating adult food as well as to drink his water, the adult way- from a normal cup!

Anyway, after breakfast, we went downstairs to the Chinatown wet market to buy groceries. I bought saito fish paste to make my own fish cakes. I loved going to Chinatown wet markets as they are just so different from other wet markets. Their selection of fish is amazing! And to see disgusting, humongous bloody fish heads, as well as freshly de-skinned frogs just got me hopping with excitement.

Friday, June 20, 2008

An afternoon playing in my room..

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Here are 3 videos showing an afternoon in my crazy it can all get.

The first one is playing hide and seek cum catching with Caleb. He loves that!! (pls excuse the noise)

The next one shows how he loves to toss and turn on my bed and eventually, it also shows how quickly he gets down from my bed all by himself.

And lastly, this video is when Vicky came into my room to mop the floor and how Caleb wants to chase after the mop..but end up having to crawl on the slippery floor which made him look so clumsy as he tried to keep his balance.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Keeping Caleb busy...

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Caleb is soon turning one year old and ever since he turned 11 months, he has been sleeping less in the afternoon...which means, he is awake most of the time. Trying to keep him busy and occupied is quite a challenge.

Here's what we do to keep ourselves entertained as well..

(P.S: My budget for such rides is only 20 cents)

I would play Baby Einstein on the computer for him to watch so that I can do my work at the same time in the study room.

In the afternoons and evenings, he sits down on the high chair to eat. Check out his new bib! It's like a shirt!

After baths, he likes to take his brush to brush my hair. Another he loves, is his ball! He loves to play with it- throw and fetch! Sometimes when the ball goes under the sofa, he would lie flat on the floor to try and reach it...and when he can't get it, he would signal to us to let us know that his ball is under the sofa for us to get it out for him.

Other times, he would love to play on my bed.

When I instruct him to get Care bear..he would crawl and get it! He loves to play with Care Bear too.

He also loves tossing and turning on the bed.

Then when he gets bored, he would climb down from the bed to the floor all by himself and start crawling on the floor in my bedroom to check out the surroundings.

Yep, that's my active boy. Its hard to keep up with him especially since I feel so lethargic with my second one...

but nevertheless, I try my best to spend as much time with him as possible.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Time spent with Caleb

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This week, since it was still school holidays, I tried to spend as much time with Caleb. Brought him to the park early in the mornings after my breakfast to play.

Managed to catch the NBA Finals live on my exciting especially since Lakers won closing in the gap against Boston 3-2 (from 3-1). But as what most predicted, on Wednesday, Boston finally won beating Lakers 4-2 especially since it was played in Boston.

Anyway, Boston really deserves to win as they played much better!

As usual, Caleb will be keeping himself busy in the house.

It seems for now that he loves to read books...especially those that he can touch and feel..

On Tues night, my family and I, together with our relatives had dinner with one very close neighbour whom used to play with my dad and his siblings from young. He has migrated to Sydney and is in Singapore for some conference. He and his brothers are all doctors. When I went Australia with my family in 2003, we visited his whole big family.

This picture was taken then.

Now this little boy whom was on my lap, has grown really his father showed me his recent picture in his camera. How time flies. He is now 10 years old..

Anyway, we had dinner together on Tues night at Joo Chiat Road.

The food was delicious! (except for the disappointing roast chicken)

We ordered a pear, white fungus, almond soup for starters..

The claypot fish with beancurd skin, mushrooms etc was awesome!

Pork ribs was succulent and tasty..

As for dessert, it was individual portion. I ordered for myself almond paste, while CT had mango sago with pomelo.

After that, the head chef brought out for us a complimentary agar agar dessert. I found out that it was osmanthus flower(gui hua) with wolfberries which made it so fragrant! After some researching, you can actually get the dried flowers from medical halls and even the osmanthus sugar from Chinatown.

Caleb had his share of rice, while sitting with us.

Had an enjoyable dinner. Will def hope to come back to Joo Chiat again for its numerous eating places!

Too bad this restaurant will be closing down soon this month as they chef going back to China. Anyway, Singapore will def not run out of good places to eat!

Monday, June 16, 2008

homecooked..miss it!

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It was nice when the next day after we came back, Vicky cooked a simple meal lunch which I missed. It was nice after a week of all that pigging out in HK.

As for Caleb, he has been enjoying his Heinz meal..

Here's his beef with vegetable mash and brown rice.

Had a great weekend as my family, as well as my dad, just came back from church camp on Sat. So on Sun, CT and I, along with my bro, Pam and Janine went for the PC show.

Here's what CT and I got-

1) A more portable digital camera for myself - Panasonic Lumix which I used my LDS claim - $400 from MOE. So didnt pay much for it.

2) My brother bought for me a 250 gb portable hard disk for my birthday..

3) CT got for himself another LCD Computer Monitor 21.6 inch.

Here's his table layout now..

Suntec was as usual very crowded with the PC show on. Didnt see any pregnant lady there. haha..oh well.

After that, walked to where we parked the car which was free parking after 5pm- next to Singapore Bible Society along Armenian St.

So tiring. But glad it was a fruitful trip!

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