Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Caleb's first visit

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It's Caleb's first visit to the hospital as a patient since birth. Thank God my children has been healthy enough to avoid going by to hospitals. On 1st July, just the second day after school reopened, Caleb commented that he fell down and his bone hurts. When I first looked at his elbow, it seems swollen and out of place.

During lunch he seemed okay but nearing to evening time, he said it was more painful. So I took him to the doctor down at my block, thinking maybe they have xrays in clinics. Sigh, but I was wrong. I made a wasted trip, paid for consultation which was about $20 just for the doctor to write a referral letter to someone to do the job for him. What easy money for the doctor to earn!

So after dinner, the family all went to bring Caleb to KK hospital. We had the peace and knew it wasn't a big problem but still, I wanted to get an xray done. Even if all is fine, well, at least Caleb gets to have fun seeing his bone in the xray film! I knew he would like that! :)

The process of seeing the triage nurse, to getting an xray done and a doctor's review went on so smoothly. The children had fun watching "Tom and Jerry" cartoon on TV while waiting.

The doctor said there's no bone out of place and maybe some hairline cracks causing the swell. So his hand was wrapped up in cast and was given a day of MC.

A week later, he was supposed to go back for a review but before it came, he seemed alright to me as he was already bouncing balls with his arm! So I took out the cast on my own and set him free!! Of course, I didn't go for the appointment back at the hospital!

Thank God for his speedy recovery and protection from an injury that could be worse!

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