Friday, February 26, 2010

Highly emotional

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I have 2 very emotional children. They are rather extreme in their mood- They can swing from being so happy and laughing, to the other extreme of becoming so sad... If they were to cry in public, people would definitely think I was abusing them.

This was what I meant by being extreme.

Caleb would also cry quite often when someone takes away his toys and yet, can be very happy running everywhere and playing the next minute.

Sometimes I wonder if being so emotional is a good thing or a bad one. Would I prefer a kid who doesnt react to anything at all? I guess in a way, I am thankful for my kids for being so emotionally charged up.

I just wish I can learn to channel those negative emotions to something more positive.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

'Zi char' at Jumbo

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Tonight, went Jumbo Seafood with my parents and bro's family. Went there because I had complimentary 'yu sheng' (Chinese New Year Salad) dish from Jumbo since I am a member.

There's my brother with daughter, Joyanne!

Most would know that Jumbo is popular for its Chilli and Black Pepper Crabs. But interestingly tonight, we didnt order that. Instead, we just ordered simple 'zi char' dishes like stir fried brocolli with scallops, sweet and sour pork, sweet and sour fish (mainly for children), spinach beancurd, soup.

All of us had a good time. We ordered just enough for all of us. Even had room for dessert. So we ordered our own individual portions of dessert. I had mango pudding.

The kids also had fun looking at the fish and lobsters. I love going to either Safra or Indoor Stadium branch as its not so crowded and the ambience is nicer.

Another plus point is that since it is not so crowded, the children can run about freely.

Too bad CT cant join us. But anyway, he is enjoying all the good food in US

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feeding himself

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Today, I was very proud of Caleb when he fed himself right from the start of dinner till the end, finishing all the rice on his plate.

If you watch the video, you will realised how much Caleb loves to add soup to his rice. He did it so often that his plate became 'flooded'.

And because CT was away in US, I had dinner with Caleb alone and it was quite funny and awkward having to stare at each other as Caleb was sitting directly in front of me when we ate.

Anyway, I am really proud of him and its evident that my boy is growing!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Bro preaches...

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Tonight, my brother preached at his church in the evening service for the first time. And so the whole family, including my parents all went to support him.

All of us hopped into my mum's van as we made our way there. Journeys in my mum's van has always been fun for the children as they loved it. Its like an adventure where the children can play together in the van since it can accommodate many people.

My brother preached on "missions" since that is his area. He did quite a good job-very 'teacher'-style with diagrams and presentation.

It was difficult to keep the children quiet throughout the whole service. Danielle was playing on the pew and smiling at everyone around her.

There's Danielle lying down..

And thank God for the children's room where Caleb and Janine could play inside.

But its also because of this room that I had a hard time getting Caleb out! He loved sitting on the bulldozer. He really loves any construction vehicles.

After service, the children went down to slide in the playground. Check out my monkey!

After that, we set off to have our family reunion dinner at Por Kee in Tiong Bahru, our usual haunt every year.

We had to sit in two tables-adult one side and children/grandchildren on another side. It was havoc! First of all, the place is always so crowded and squeezy. No place for the kids to run about, taking into consideration that I have two hyperactive children. The place is also noisy since its packed with people.

And also, I was short-handed as CT wasnt around to help with the children. We, the parents sitting around the table, didnt talk very much as we were all busy feeding our children and dealing with the discipline aspect of making them sit still and be quiet as well as trying our best to make sure no plates or cups do not end up on the floor or broken because of their misbehaviour. It was hectic.

What made things worse was how Danielle puked her food after eating in yu sheng as she probably couldnt chew it down. So we had to clean her up in the middle of our meals.

And another thing that happened was how Joyanne poo poo big time on the whole high chair. It was really a disaster as it went onto the seat and her clothes and socks! It was very disgusting!

And because our table had so many children, we had lots of food which didnt finish (which was pretty quite unusual since my brother who was sitting with us is known to finish all food)

But as usual, like every year, I would leave this place satisfied with the food but yet, happy that I am out of the restaurant as its simple too squeezy and noisy.

For two full tables of almost 20 people, the dinner costs us only about $300 plus. We had about 8 dishes (just an estimation). No wonder this place is usually packed! I really wonder when will this restaurant ever renovate and expand in size then I will not only enjoy the food, but also the ambience.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bad habit

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Danielle loves to suck her two little fingers when she is tired. Initially, I didnt mind since I didnt have to waste money buying pacifiers and moreover, I felt that it wasnt aesthetically pleasing to the eye to see a baby sucking that.

Anyway, I think otherwise now that I see Danielle's fingers looking really horrible and wrinkled.

I have tried pulling out her fingers when she sucks them but she would whine and cry. Sigh...

Wonder when she will stop sucking her fingers.

Weekend without CT

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When CT was away in US, I took the kids and Vicky out to the shopping centre as well as park. Coincidentally, there was a Lion Dance performance there as it was still the Chinese New Year Period. We sat down at the 3rd level and looked down. Much better view since we get to see everything from above.

The children were hungry. So we sat down on the floor to feed them. It was fun.

After that, I bought chicken rice for me and Vicky and brought the packets to a nearby park for us to eat there and allow the kids to roam freely since it was so spacious.

It was not only cooling due to the winds, but the scenery was also quite nice as we witnessed the sun set. Moreover, another plus point was that it wasnt too crowded.

Caleb and Danielle seemed to enjoy it there.

Cant wait to come back again!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day before CT leaves

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CT will be leaving for US tomorrow. But before that, we will be having lunch at my mum-in-law's place as well as dinner at my mum's house. Its like a farewell party for him as he will be going there for almost 3 weeks.

Here's what we had for lunch. I love popiah!

It's a healthy and straightforward dish.

After lunch, went my mum's place as my church cell group wanted to go my parents' place to visit. Caleb had fun playing with his friends.

We stayed at my parent's place till dinner time. Caleb had his afternoon nap after the guests left while me and my mum walked out to the nearby NTUC to buy some stuff.

After Caleb woke up, he wanted to play drums. So here's him in front of it. I realised that he has a better sense of rhythm now that he is slightly older.

Here's Danielle having some fun as we swing her up in the air.

Since we had the whole afternoon at my parent's place, the kids did have lots of fun together. Caleb loves playing with the car.

For dinner, my mum's relatives came over. Had a great time indulging once again.

Thank God for food! Its indeed a blessing to be able to eat.


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During the CNY season as I was going to different places for visitations, I also spent a great deal in the car since we get to travel a lot. I overheard Brian Richmond in Gold 90.5 FM radio station wishing all listeners "Peace and Joy to all of you, but most importantly, prosperity.."

I was quite puzzled as to why he said all those..How could he place having prosperity above having peace and joy? Is money all that important? Can money put all wars to an end and create happiness in people?

If money could do all that, then we wouldnt have wars. If money could give us joy, then why are the rich and famous suffering from depression and having to end up committing suicide?

But that is exactly what is happening- people love money. You can find lots of people queuing up to buy 4D, toto whenever there is a big draw and as they claim, they just want to try their luck.

In a recent article in the Straits Times where they featured how many sweepstakes winners all over the world ending up either killed or having to settle some court case as their loved ones will fight over with them over the money etc. Is it worth it? I feel if I were to win so much money, I would live in fear, rather than be happy and peaceful.

There was this wonderful book which I read recently entitled "Fearless" by Max Lucado which touched on money in one chapter. He was saying that "money is an untrustworthy foundation". The United States economy endured ten recessions between 1948 and 2001, resulting in the loss of billions of dollars. Every 5 years or so, the economy dumps its suitors and starts over. What would you think of a man who did the same with women? What word would you describe a husband who philandered his way through 9 different wives over fifty years? And what word would you use to describe wife number ten? Fool?

So isnt it the same with money? Those who trust money are foolish. They are just setting themselves up to be duped and dumped into a dystopia of unhappiness.

Another perspective that I learnt from this book was on how he sees this world as a game of monopoly. No matter how much money we earn in this world or how much properties we have or how big our house is, it will all go back in the box when the game is over.

Monday, February 15, 2010

2nd day of CNY

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It's carrot cake time! Has been like that every 2nd day of CNY when we go to our 'carrot cake' aunty's (whom we call her that for obvious reasons) house to indulge in lots of homemade carrot and yam cake. The texture is smooth and tasty.

We quickly changed the kids and made our way there.

This was the moment we've all been waiting for..since it only takes place once a year.

All the kids were hanging outside along the corridor and lift lobby.

Caleb was sticking around with Janine and David, while Danielle would aimlessly walk down the corridor all by herself..

As for Joyanne, she sits quietly all alone and after a while, she fell asleep.

When the ball was given to the kids, in my heart, it was dejavu. Last year, the kids were snatching and fighting over the ball. It was unpleasant as Caleb was crying quite badly. Now this year, I was 'looking forward' (yea, right) to see how they would react now with the ball since one year has passed. Would Caleb and Janine still fight over the ball? I wondered...

Result: Janine still hogs the ball. She did it on purpose as she just doesnt want to pass to Caleb. David was the middle person as Janine would pass to David and David would pass to Caleb and then Caleb would pass to David..

As for Danielle, she tried to participate but guess she couldnt keep up with the rest that she finally decided to be by herself once again.

Guess she has to wait for Joyanne to grow up before they can play together. Hope they will not have the same love-hate relationship as Caleb and Janine.

For dinner today, went my mum-in-law's place for her own family reunion, together with her sisters.

Did the traditional 'Lo Hei' (Chinese New Year Salad Toss) before dinner. I really love this dish as its healthy and tasty.

Here's what my mum-in-law prepared!

Always enjoy her dry mee siam, steamed potato flour cooked with leek, dried shrimps and garlic and ngor hiang! And not forgetting her chicken curry!

How I love CNY as I get to eat lots of delicious food, meal after meal and day after day. And I feel I appreciate it more because it happens only once a year. I cant imagine eating all the CNY goodies all year round. If that happens, I would probably not enjoy it as much as I do now.

Too much of anything is always not good and makes us less appreciative of what we have.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Whole day of visitations

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Every first day of CNY, we would be very tiring as there would be quite a number of places to visit. More so this year as I am not able to use pregnancy or my young infants as an 'excuse' anymore since they are now quite big.

The first place I went this year was to grandma's house. Took a family shot there since everyone was around.

Danielle and Caleb were dressed in clothes which my mum-in-law bought. Love Danielle's bubble dress. She enjoys carrying my bag. Typical girl.

I am pleased that Caleb seems to enjoy the company of his great grandmother.

Caleb also enjoyed company of his uncles and aunties (Ct's cousins) as they brought him down to the playground down at the block. Danielle was fast asleep in the bedroom with his grand uncle.

Stayed for lunch there before going my parent's place to 'bai nian'.

Offered tea to both my parents and stayed for a while there before we went to my mum-in-law's place where my father-in-law's side of relatives will come over. They always start off from my mum-in-law's place at Simei, then we would go house to house and visit. The host of the next house would leave about 5 mins earlier to prepare the house as the whole gang will slowly make our way to the next place. Our second stop is at Pasir Ris, the block which is so near my school.

Then after staying for a while, talking and eating, we then went to Chua Chu Kang. For the past few years, they actually came to my house to visit first where I would then stay home after that. But this year, we followed them through the night.

The house in Chua Chu Kang is a 3 storey semi-detached. Have to pass through the railway tracks.

Found out that CT's relative is actually represents Singapore in Air Rifle as we went upstairs and saw all the newspaper article, advertisements on her posing for the Sea Games and her medals.

Another interesting thing at this house was a fruit which I ate called "Shen Mi fruit" (Mysterious). Its red and very small with one seed inside. Its sourish. What's cool about this fruit is that after eating it, any food (even sour stuff) that you eat after that will taste very very sweet for quite a while.

After Choa Chu Kang, our last stop was for dinner at Yio Chu Kang. The stop I would look forward to the best pig's stomach soup I have ever tasted! Also enjoyed the huge fish pond.

The kids had so much fun feeding them and playing.

Here's our dinner. There were braised duck, prawns, veggies, steamed fish, chicken as well as THE soup which is so spicy because of the cracked peppercorns. So shiok!

Though we went back at 9 plus pm, tired from the whole day of visitations, it was fun and I truly enjoyed myself. I really dont mind doing this every year!

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