Monday, February 08, 2010

Big Brother

Posted by Dawn at Monday, February 08, 2010
Caleb has been a fairly good big brother to Danielle. Of course, there would be times they may fight over a toy or something (which I am well prepared of), but all in all, I am rather pleased with how Caleb often takes the role of a big brother.

There have been many occasions where he would want to push Danielle around. Here's one of the occasions just before his school as we went down to wait for Caleb's school bus to come.

Here's a video of how Caleb would play and push Danielle around.

I was able to send Caleb off to school as I was on MC. Had a bad flu consisting of sore throat and cough. Have been having flu and fever for the past 2-3 weeks as I would recover and then fall back sick the next week. It was so terrible that I almost fainted in the clinic and on my way home as I could only see bright spots all around me. I felt so weak...

For the last flu which hit me today, I had a terrible sore throat until I lost my voice for 2 and a half days. It was so inconvenient as I couldnt even open my mouth. People I do not usually meet, I met them out in the streets during such a time like this and I felt so embarassed for not being able to talk since I have not met them for sometime. CT had to be my spokesperson to explain that I have lost my voice.

I had to communicate with CT through whisper which he could hardly I either give up talking to him or I would message him on my handphone. Sigh..Its a good reminder how we should not take our voice for granted. It is just so important!

Anyway,enough of me. Back to my children...

During one of the afternoons, after their nap time, Caleb actually walked out of the room, holding on to Danielle's hands and leading her. I was rather amused when I viewed these few pictures as they look like pictures taken of famous actors and actresses by the paparazzi in the own home clothes walking out of the house as they hold hands with their boyfriend/girlfriend.

As this picture is when the shy girlfriend would try to hide her face from the camera. Haha.

Its quite cute and heartwarming to see how Caleb acts like a big brother by bringing Danielle to the play area and how Danielle, obediently and submissively followed

I recently bought a new school bag for Caleb as his old one was spoilt. He loved it so much that he wanted to wear it for the whole night, right after his dinner. Its a Mickey Mouse bag with the two legs dangling out of the bag. I loved it!

I just hope Caleb could control his emotions more as he cries and whines quite easily. But no matter what, he is still Danielle's big brother whom I believe will grow up to take good care of his little sister.


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