Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reunion meals

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, February 13, 2010
Today is the eve of Chinese New Year. My church service was held last night instead. Anyway, went for reunion lunch at my mum-in-law's place. Had steamboat which is one of my favourite because its healthy! As usual, my mum-in-law would make her specialty- ngor hiang which I absolutely love!

It's so typical to have the whole table filled with food for reunion dinner. Its so unlike the western countries where they just have a few dishes but a lot of it. When I was in US and was invited for BBQ party, they just have like 4-5 dishes max, consisting of BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, macaroni and cheese as well as dessert, despite having about 15-20 people. I actually prefer the Western style as its more focused and it prevents me from overeating. It's like going to a buffet where there are lots of varieties and everything looks so good. So we tend to take a little of everything, which eventually adds up to A LOT!

Anyway, as usual, Caleb, Keelia and Danielle would be busy playing in the house. They would either be trying to climb the staircase, or running about, playing with sliding doors, curtains etc etc.

Once they reached home, they fell right asleep. They had to rest so that they will have enough energy for our next reunion meal at my mum's place.

After a good rest, Caleb was in the mood to sing while on the way to my parent's place. (Turn on your speakers to the MAX to hear him sing, "Heads & shoulders, knees and toes")

Had steamboat (chicken soup and spicy 'mala' soup) cum BBQ for dinner. Before that, we had 'Lo Hei', which my mum added pineapple. It was a nice touch to it! Loved it!

Here's the spread of food!

The whole night, I only focused on BBQ as I had enough of steamboat from lunch.

After dinner, Caleb and Danielle were playing on their vehicles. They loved it and wouldnt want to get out of it.

After Janine finished her meal, we all played with the sparklers together, including Danielle too!

Including CT...

The numerous boxes of sparklers which seemed like many initially, were all used up within a very short period of time. Had loads of fun!

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone and not forgetting, Happy Valentine's Day!


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