Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bad habit

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, February 20, 2010
Danielle loves to suck her two little fingers when she is tired. Initially, I didnt mind since I didnt have to waste money buying pacifiers and moreover, I felt that it wasnt aesthetically pleasing to the eye to see a baby sucking that.

Anyway, I think otherwise now that I see Danielle's fingers looking really horrible and wrinkled.

I have tried pulling out her fingers when she sucks them but she would whine and cry. Sigh...

Wonder when she will stop sucking her fingers.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,

I can understand how you feel. My 1yr old girl also loves to suck her thumb (usually the right thumb, but when she is trying to sleep, both thumbs go in).

And now she has learnt to suck labels (labels on toys) when she spots them, together with the thumbs.

I have also no idea how to stop them, other than pulling out when I can or distract her with other things. I have also tried to smack her on the thigh when she does that, to try to teach her a lesson not to do it, but I think at this young age, she doesn't understand, and only cried when I do that. Sigh


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